Contract administration definition

Contract administration means all functions, duties, and responsibilities
Contract administration. , for the purpose of this IP, shall mean contract award, contract implementation, un-authorized sub-contracting and contract handing/taking over.
Contract administration means all functions, duties, and responsibilities associated with managing, overseeing, and carrying out a contract between a procurement unit and a contractor, including:

Examples of Contract administration in a sentence

  • Method statements for each major activity whether directly undertaken or subcontracted to include; • General approach to management • Work breakdown structure and schedule • Liaison with TxDOT and its consultants • Resource allocation by task • Contract administration system and • Location of Work h.

  • These damages may include, but are not limited to delays in completion, use of the Project, and costs associated with Contract administration and use of temporary facilities.

  • All Contract administration cycle, in particular communication, decision-making, etc., shall be carried between the Principal and ESP, and in this respect ESP shall undertake full responsibility over activities of its Experts and the Sub- Contractors, and, to outline requirements set-forth in Clause 2.6, any activities undertaken by ESP shall be always coordinated between ESP and the Experts and Sub-Contractors.

  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Contract, administration, the difference shall be refunded by the Company to the Reinsurer.

  • As follows, the Principal shall be considered as sole Contract administration body to procure Service implementation under the Contract.

More Definitions of Contract administration

Contract administration means management of terms of procurement or asset disposal contracts made with contractors or suppliers after tender award by a procuring entity, for the purpose of assuring compliance with obligations such as timely delivery, quality and quantity inspection, acceptance, payment, claims, dispute resolution and completion, among other terms;
Contract administration means the management of all facets of a contract to assure that the contractor's total performance is in accordance with the contractual commitments and that the obligations of the purchase are fulfilled.
Contract administration means the post-award administration of the contract to ensure compliance with the terms of the contract by both the contractor and the procuring entity.
Contract administration means the preparing of or hav­ ing plans prepared for the project, acquiring right of way, letting of bids and construction supervision of a local roads improvement program project.
Contract administration means all functions related to a given Contract, including Amendments, between an Agency and a Contractor from:
Contract administration means all functions related to a given Contract between the District and a Contractor from the time the Contract is awarded until the Work is completed and accepted or the Contract is terminated, payment has been made, and disputes have been resolved.
Contract administration means the set of services which may include developing and monitoring schedules and construction costs; ensuring construction is completed in conformance with contracts and design intent; liaison with contractors and consultants throughout the course of construction; reviewing shop drawings and submissions from the contractor; reviewing and commenting on construction progress; monitoring move-in and furniture installation; and conducting required postoccupancy evaluations;