Assignment Agreements Sample Clauses

Assignment Agreements. Each Bank may, from time to time, with the consent of the Borrower and Agent (which will not in any instance be unreasonably withheld), sell or assign to other banking institutions rated "B" or better by Thomxxxx Xxxk Watch Service a pro rata part of all of the indebtedness evidenced by the Notes then owed by it together with an equivalent proportion of its obligation to make Loans hereunder and the credit risk incidental to the Letters of Credit pursuant to an Assignment Agreement substantially in the form of Exhibit J attached hereto, executed by the assignor, the assignee and the Borrower, which agreements shall specify in each instance the portion of the indebtedness evidenced by the Notes which is to be assigned to each such assignor and the portion of the Commitments of the assignor and the credit risk incidental to the Letters of Credit (which portions shall be equivalent) to be assumed by it (the "Assignment Agreements"), provided that the Borrower may in its sole discretion withhold its consent to any assignment by a Bank to any assignee which has total capital and surplus of less than $200,000,000.00 or to any assignment by a Bank of less than all of its Commitments if as a result thereof the assignor will have Commitments hereunder of less than one half of its assigned Commitments or the assignee will have Commitments hereunder of less than $3,500,000.00 or, after giving effect thereto, there would be more than 10 Banks, further provided that nothing herein contained shall restrict, or be deemed to require any consent as a condition to, or require payment of any fee in connection with, any sale, discount or pledge by any Bank of any Note or other obligation hereunder to a Federal reserve bank. Upon the execution of each Assignment Agreement by the assignor, the assignee and the Borrower and consent thereto by the Agent (i) such assignee shall thereupon become a "Bank" for all purposes of this Agreement with a Commitment in the amount set forth in such Assignment Agreement and with all the rights, powers and obligations afforded a Bank hereunder, (ii) the assignor shall have no further liability for funding the portion of its Commitments assumed by such other Bank and (iii) the address for notices to such Bank shall be as specified in the Assignment Agreement, and the Borrower shall execute and deliver Notes to the assignee Bank in the amount of its Commitments and new Notes to the assignor Bank in the amount of its Commitments after giving effec...
Assignment Agreements. The following Assignment, Assumption and Recognition Agreements, each dated as of January 16, 2007, whereby certain Servicing Agreements solely with respect to the related Mortgage Loans were assigned to the Depositor for the benefit of the Certificateholders:
Assignment Agreements. To the extent permitted by applicable law, KOSAN shall require all persons, agents, contractors, and consultants employed or retained by KOSAN to work on the RESEARCH PROGRAM, prior to beginning such employment, to be bound in writing to (i) assign to KOSAN all rights, title and interest in and to any ideas, discoveries, improvements, inventions, KNOW-HOW, patents, patent applications, and the like which were made or conceived in performing the RESEARCH PROGRAM, and to sign all documents and give lawful assistance necessary for filing, and defending patents, and patent applications in all countries, whether such filing is by KOSAN, or designees or assignees thereof, and (ii) to be bound in writing to provisions of confidentiality substantially similar to those of Article 9 hereof.
Assignment Agreements. The CitiMortgage Assignment Agreement, the IndyMac Assignment Agreement, the PHH Assignment Agreement, the Wachovia Assignment Agreement and the Wilshire Servicing Agreement, which are attached hereto as Exhibits I-1, I-2, I-3, I-4 and I-5 respectively.
Assignment Agreements. Two originals of each Assignment Agreement to DLJMB, each duly executed by the applicable Morgans Parties, as assignors.
Assignment Agreements. Assignments made pursuant to the foregoing provision shall be effective as of the Assignment Effective Date. In connection with all assignments there shall be delivered to the Administrative Agent such forms, certificates or other evidence, if any, with respect to United States federal income tax withholding matters as the assignee under such Assignment Agreement may be required to deliver pursuant to Section 2.18(c), together with payment to the Administrative Agent of a registration and processing fee of $3,500 (except that no such registration and processing fee shall be payable (y) in connection with an assignment by or to Barclays or any Affiliate thereof or (z) in the case of an Eligible Assignee which is already a Lender or is an Affiliate or Related Fund of a Lender or a Person under common management with a Lender).
Assignment Agreements. Section 11.11. Notices.............................................. Section 11.12. Construction......................................... Section 11.13. Headings............................................. Section 11.14.
Assignment Agreements. By the Patent Assignment, the Copyright and Technology Assignment, the Trademark and Service Xxxx Assignment and the Domain Name Assignment, as of the Internal Contribution Date, ConocoPhillips, on behalf of itself and each of its Subsidiaries (including ConocoPhillips Company), assigns to Xxxxxxxx 66 Company any and all right, title and interest of ConocoPhillips and each of its Subsidiaries (including ConocoPhillips Company) in, to and under the Existing Xxxxxxxx 66 Group Patents, Xxxxxxxx 66 Group Trademarks, Xxxxxxxx 66 Group Software and Xxxxxxxx 66 Group Proprietary Information.
Assignment Agreements. Simultaneously with the execution of the documents with respect to each Loan provided in this Agreement, the Borrower shall assign its rights to the proceeds payable by a Buyer under the relevant Qualifying Export Agreement allocated to such Loan, by means of the execution of an assignment agreement substantially in the form of Exhibit D hereto by and among the Borrower and the Lender, the terms of which shall be expressly accepted by the Buyer under the assigned Qualifying Export Agreement (the “Assignment Agreement”). Together with the Assignment Agreement, the Borrower shall deliver to the Lender a copy of the relevant Qualifying Export Agreement. Each Assignment Agreement shall be entered into in consideration of each Loan granted by the Lender and to secure the full performance by the Borrower of all of its obligations hereunder.
Assignment Agreements. On or prior to the applicable Vehicle Funding Date, the Trustee shall have received executed counterparts of the Assignment Agreements related to the assignment of rights under each Manufacturer Program under which such Vehicles will be or have been purchased and are proposed to be leased under this Lease, dated as of the Initial Closing Date (or, if later, on or prior to such Vehicle Funding Date), duly executed by the applicable Lessee and/or the Lessor, as assignor, and the Master Collateral Agent, as assignee.