Assignment of Contracts Sample Clauses

Assignment of Contracts. Anything in this Agreement to the contrary notwithstanding, this Agreement shall not constitute an agreement or attempted agreement to transfer, sublease or assign any contract, license, lease, sales order, purchase order, commitment or other agreement or any claim or right or any benefit arising thereunder or resulting therefrom or any permit or operating authority if an attempted transfer, sublease or assignment thereof, without the consent of any other party thereto, would constitute a breach thereof or in any way adversely affect the rights of Buyer or Seller thereunder. Seller will use its best efforts to obtain the consent of such other party to the assignment or transfer thereof to Buyer in all cases in which such consent is required for assignment or transfer. If such consent is not obtained, Seller will cooperate with Buyer in any arrangements necessary or desirable to provide for Buyer the benefits thereunder, including, without limitation, enforcement for the benefit of Buyer of any and all rights of Seller against the other party thereto arising out of the cancellation by such other party or otherwise. Nothing contained in this Section 1.3 will affect the liability, if any, of Seller pursuant to this Agreement for failing to disclose the need for such consent or approval or any termination rights of Buyer hereunder if consent is not obtained.
Assignment of Contracts. To the extent the assignment of any insurance policy, Contract, Lease, Permit, commitment or other asset to be assigned by Sellers to Buyers pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement shall require the consent of any other person, this Agreement shall not constitute a contract to assign the same if an attempted assignment would constitute a breach thereof or give rise to any right of acceleration or termination. If any such consent is not obtained prior to Closing, Sellers shall cooperate with Buyers at their request in endeavoring to obtain such consent promptly, and if any such consent is unobtainable, to use its reasonable efforts to secure to Buyers the benefits thereof in some other manner, including enforcement of any and all rights of Sellers against the other party thereto arising out of breach or cancellation thereof by such other party or otherwise (including, to the extent permissible, through a sub-contracting, sub-licensing, sub-participation or sub-leasing arrangement, or an arrangement under which Sellers would enforce such insurance policy, Contract, Lease, Permit, commitment or other asset for the benefit of Buyers, with Buyers, to the extent permissible, assuming Sellers’ executory obligations and any and all rights of Sellers against the other party thereto); provided that nothing herein shall relieve Sellers of their respective obligations under Section 5.2.
Assignment of Contracts. On the Initial Borrowing Date, the Borrower shall have duly authorized, executed and delivered a valid and effective assignment by way of security in favor of the Collateral Agent of all of the Borrower’s present and future interests in and benefits under (x) the Construction Contract, (y) each Refund Guarantee and (z) the Construction Risk Insurance (it being understood that the Borrower will use commercially reasonable efforts to have the underwriters of the Construction Risk Insurance accept and endorse on such insurance policy a loss payable clause substantially in the form set forth in Part 3 of Schedule 2 to the Assignment of Contracts (as defined below), and it being further understood that certain of the Refund Guarantee and none of the Construction Risk Insurances will have been issued on the Initial Borrowing Date), which assignment shall be substantially in the form of Exhibit J hereto or otherwise reasonably acceptable to the Lead Arrangers and the Borrower and customary for transactions of this type, along with appropriate notices and consents relating thereto (to the extent incorporated into or required pursuant to such Exhibit or otherwise agreed by the Borrower and the Facility Agent), including, without limitation, those acknowledgments, notices and consents listed on Schedule 5.07 (as modified, supplemented or amended from time to time, the “Assignment of Contracts”).
Assignment of Contracts. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, nothing in this Agreement or any related document shall be construed as an attempt to assign (i) any contract which, as a matter of law or by its terms, is nonassignable without the consent of the other parties thereto unless such consent has been given, or (ii) any contract or claims as to which all of the remedies for the enforcement thereof enjoyed by a Z-KAT would not, as a matter of law or by its terms, pass to Company as an incident of the transfers and assignments to be made under this Agreement. In order, however, that the full value of every contract and claim of the character described in clauses (i) and (ii) above and all claims and demands on such contracts may be realized for the benefit of Company, Z-KAT, at the request and expense and under the direction of Company, shall for a period of three (3) years after the Contribution Date, take all such reasonable action and do or cause to be done all such things as, in the opinion of Company, will be necessary or proper in order that the obligations of Z-KAT under such contracts may be performed in such manner that the value of such contract will be preserved and will inure to the benefit of Company, and for, and to facilitate, the collection of the monies due and payable and to become due and payable thereunder to Company in and under every such contract and claim incurred after the Contribution. Z-KAT shall promptly pay over to Company all monies collected by or paid to it in respect of every such contract, claim or demand to the extent such monies are earned by the Company on or after the Contribution Date. Nothing in this Section 8 shall relieve Z-KAT of its obligation to use its best efforts to obtain any consents required for the transfer of the Assets (and all rights thereunder) and the license and sublicense of the Necessary IP Rights to Company.
Assignment of Contracts. On or before the Effective Date, Seller shall have delivered to Buyer all of the Contracts presently in force and shall have effected a valid assignment of all of Seller's rights and obligations thereunder.
Assignment of Contracts. The Seller shall use its reasonable efforts to provide any required notice to any third party and obtain any third party consent, authorization or waiver which is required to effect the valid assignment of the Contracts to the Buyer, including those listed on Schedule 9(f). In the event that prior notice to or consent or authorization from a third party is required to effect the assignment of a Contract, and such notice is not given or such consent or authorization is not obtained prior to the Closing, the Seller shall give any necessary notices to any third party and shall use its best efforts in consultation with the Buyer to obtain any required third party consent or authorization subsequent to the Closing. The Buyer shall, if requested by the Seller, take such steps reasonably requested by the Seller to assist in obtaining the required consents and authorizations. To the extent that any Contract to be assigned to Buyer pursuant to this Agreement is not capable of being assigned without the consent, approval or waiver of a third person or entity, this Agreement shall not constitute a sale, assignment, transfer, or setover or an attempted sale, assignment, transfer or setover thereof. In those cases where a required consent to the transfer and assignment to Buyer of any particular Contract has not been obtained prior to the Closing Date, then subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Seller and PDI, as applicable, shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide the Buyer with the benefits and burdens of such Contract (including, without limitation, permitting the Buyer to enforce any rights of the Seller or PDI, as applicable, arising under such Contract and agreeing to pay over to Buyer any amounts received by the Seller on account of services provided by Buyer), and the Buyer shall, to the extent the Buyer is provided with the benefits of such Contract, perform and in due course pay and discharge all debts, obligations and liabilities of the Seller or PDI, as applicable, under such Contract, and where necessary or appropriate, the Buyer shall be deemed to be the agent of the Seller or PDI, as applicable, for the purpose of completing, fulfilling and discharging all of the Seller or PDI's rights and liabilities arising after the Closing Date under such Contract.
Assignment of Contracts. If an event which is or may become (with the passage of time or the giving of notice or both) an Event of Default has occurred and is continuing; upon the Agent’s request make its best endeavours to have assigned the rights and obligations under contracts pertaining to the Rigs (with members of the Group as well as ultimate charterers) or any of them to one or several parties nominated by the Agent.
Assignment of Contracts. Two (2) originals of an assignment of the Approved Contracts, duly executed and acknowledged by Seller and to the extent required under the terms of any Approved Contract, consented to by the other party to such Contract in the form of Exhibit G attached hereto (the “Assignment of Contracts”).
Assignment of Contracts. (a) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth herein, to the extent that any of the Assigned Contracts or Acquired Authorizations that constitute an Acquired Asset are not assignable or transferable without the consent of the issuer thereof or the other party thereto or any third party including, without limitation, a Governmental Authority (the "Nonassignable Assets"), this Agreement shall not constitute an assignment or transfer of the Nonassignable Assets if such assignment or transfer or attempted assignment or transfer would constitute a breach thereof or a violation of any Law. Seller shall use reasonable efforts, at reasonable cost to Seller, to obtain any consents or waivers necessary to any such assignment. To the extent that such consents or waivers are not obtained by Seller on or before the Closing, Seller agrees to cooperate with Purchaser and to take such reasonable actions, at reasonable cost to Seller, as Purchaser may reasonably request in order to secure any arrangement designed to provide for Purchaser the benefits of such Nonassignable Assets. Seller shall further assign and deliver to Purchaser any net proceeds or net receivables by Seller pursuant to the Nonassignable Assets except and to the extent that Seller has previously provided Purchaser with the benefits of such proceeds or receivables or to the extent the assignment is not permitted under the Nonassignable Assets. In connection therewith, Seller shall enforce, for the benefit of Purchaser, any and all material rights of Seller against such issuer or such other party or parties, to the extent reasonably permitted.
Assignment of Contracts. Effective as of the Closing, Assignor hereby assigns, transfers and sets over to Assignee all of Assignor’s right, title and interest, in, to and under the contracts and agreements listed or described on Exhibit “A,” attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference (the “Assumed Contracts”).