Documents of Sample Clauses

Documents of a disciplinary nature shall be removed from an employee’s personnel file after a period of:
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Related to Documents of

  • Documents and evidence In connection with any additional security provided in accordance with this clause 8.2, the Agent shall be entitled to receive (at the Borrowers’ expense) such evidence and documents of the kind referred to in schedule 3 as may in the Agent’s opinion be appropriate and such favourable legal opinions as the Agent shall in its absolute discretion require.

  • Documents The Warrant Agent shall be protected and shall incur no liability for or in respect of any action taken or omitted by it in reliance upon any Warrant Certificate, notice, direction, consent, certificate, affidavit, statement or other paper or document reasonably believed by it to be genuine and to have been presented or signed by the proper parties.

  • Agreements and Documents Parent shall have received the following agreements and documents, each of which shall be in full force and effect:

  • Other documents and evidence (a) Evidence that any process agent referred to in Clause 39.2 (Service of process) has accepted its appointment.

  • Documents and Records Seller shall deliver to Servicer, and Servicer shall hold in trust for Seller and the Purchasers in accordance with their respective interests, all documents, instruments and records (including, without limitation, computer tapes or disks) that evidence or relate to Pool Receivables.

  • Paper documents Any paper records must be protected by storing the records in a Secure Area which is only accessible to authorized personnel. When not in use, such records must be stored in a Secure Area.

  • Related Documents The words “Related Documents” mean all promissory notes, credit agreements, loan agreements, environmental agreements, guaranties, security agreements, mortgages, deeds of trust, security deeds, collateral mortgages, and all other instruments, agreements and documents, whether now or hereafter existing, executed in connection with the Loan.

  • Amendments of Constitutive Documents Amend, or permit any of its Subsidiaries to amend, its certificate of incorporation or bylaws or other constitutive documents other than amendments that could not be reasonably expected to have a Material Adverse Effect.

  • Related Agreements Any agreement related to this Plan shall be in writing and shall provide that: (i) such agreement may be terminated at any time, without payment of any penalty, by a vote of a majority of the Independent Trustees or by a vote of the holders of a “majority” (as defined in the 0000 Xxx) of the Fund's outstanding Class C voting shares; (ii) such termination shall be on not more than sixty days’ written notice to any other party to the agreement; (iii) such agreement shall automatically terminate in the event of its “assignment” (as defined in the 1940 Act); (iv) such agreement shall go into effect when approved by a vote of the Board and its Independent Trustees cast in person at a meeting called for the purpose of voting on such agreement; and (v) such agreement shall, unless terminated as herein provided, continue in effect from year to year only so long as such continuance is specifically approved at least annually by a vote of the Board and its Independent Trustees cast in person at a meeting called for the purpose of voting on such continuance.

  • Amendment Documents This Amendment and any other instrument, document or certificate required by the Administrative Agent to be executed or delivered by the Borrower or any other Person in connection with this Amendment, duly executed by such Persons (the “Amendment Documents”);