With reasonable notice Sample Clauses

With reasonable notice a Contracting Party may allow representatives of the competent authority of the other Contracting Party to enter the territory of the first- mentioned Contracting Party for the purposes mentioned in paragraph 2.
With reasonable notice. Vendor agrees to allow SCP the right to enter into and inspect its premises and to obtain and audit its policies, procedures, interview staff and management, and examine Vendor’s books and records to the extent reasonably necessary to ensure that Vendor does not pose a risk or threat to Subscribers or Subscribers’ customers.
With reasonable notice. The Travelers shall have the right to conduct periodic audits at any time at the office of The Trust Administrator. The Travelers shall have the right of access to The Trust Administrator's premises during the normal business hours of The Trust Administrator's premises for the purpose of conducting periodic audits. If The Travelers chooses to conduct an audit at its own offices, The Trust Administrator shall upon request ship all necessary records (or true copies thereof) to the designated Travelers office, at the expense of The Travelers.
With reasonable notice and at a mutually agreed upon time, the University may make on-site visits to hazards, provides adequate protection and security of University property, and to maintain, repair, inspect, or retrieve University property.

Related to With reasonable notice

  • Reasonable Notice If any applicable provision of any law requires Secured Party to give reasonable notice of any sale or disposition or other action, Pledgor hereby agrees that ten days’ prior written notice shall constitute reasonable notice thereof. Such notice, in the case of public sale, shall state the time and place fixed for such sale and, in the case of private sale, the time after which such sale is to be made.

  • Irrevocable Notice Each Notice of Committed Borrowing shall be irrevocable and binding. In the case of any Committed Borrowing that the related Notice of Committed Borrowing specifies is to be composed of Eurodollar Rate Advances, the Borrower requesting such Committed Borrowing shall indemnify each Lender against any loss, cost or expense incurred by such Lender on account of any failure to fulfill on or before the date specified for such Committed Borrowing in such Notice of Committed Borrowing the applicable conditions set forth in Article 5, including, without limitation, any loss (but excluding loss of anticipated profits), cost or expense incurred by reason of the liquidation or reemployment of deposits or other funds acquired by such Lender to fund the Committed Advance to be made by such Lender as part of such Committed Borrowing when such Committed Advance, as a result of such failure, is not made on such date.

  • CAFA Notice Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1715, not later than ten (10) days after the Agreement is filed with the Court, the Settlement Administrator shall cause to be served upon the Attorneys General of each U.S. State in which Settlement Class members reside, the Attorney General of the United States, and other required government officials, notice of the proposed settlement as required by law, subject to Paragraph 5.1 below.

  • Termination Warning Notice 5.B The Secretary of State may serve a Termination Warning Notice where he considers that:

  • Legal Action Notice A prompt report of any legal actions pending or threatened in writing against Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries that could result in damages or costs to Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries of, individually or in the aggregate, One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000) or more; and

  • Dispute Notice If there is a dispute between the parties, then either party may give a notice to the other succinctly setting out the details of the dispute and stating that it is a dispute notice given under this clause 17.1.

  • Deemed Notice A notice or other communication is deemed given if:

  • Reasonable Best Efforts; Notification (a) Upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in this Agreement, each of the parties hereto shall use its reasonable best efforts to take, or cause to be taken, all actions, and to do, or cause to be done, and to assist and cooperate with the other parties in doing, all things necessary, proper or advisable to consummate and make effective, in the most expeditious manner reasonably practicable, the Merger and the transactions contemplated hereby, including (i) the obtaining of all necessary actions or nonactions, waivers, consents and approvals from Governmental Entities and the making of all necessary registrations and filings (including filings with Governmental Entities, if any) and the taking of all reasonable steps as may be necessary to obtain an approval or waiver from, or to avoid an action or proceeding by, any Governmental Entity, including under applicable Liquor Laws and SOB Laws, (ii) the obtaining of all necessary consents, approvals or waivers from third parties, (iii) making all necessary filings, and thereafter making any other required submissions, with respect to this Agreement and the Merger required under the HSR Act and any related governmental request thereunder and under any other applicable Law, (iv) the defending of any lawsuits or other legal proceedings, whether judicial or administrative, challenging this Agreement, the Merger or the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby, including seeking to have any stay or temporary restraining order entered by any court or other Governmental Entity vacated or reversed, and (v) the execution and delivery of any additional instruments necessary to consummate the transactions contemplated hereby and to fully carry out the purposes of this Agreement. The Company (acting through or in cooperation with the Special Committee), Parent, Purchaser and each Executive shall cooperate with each other in connection with the making of all such filings, including providing copies of all such documents to the non-filing party and its advisors prior to filing and, if requested, to accept all reasonable additions, deletions or changes suggested in connection therewith. The Company (acting through or in cooperation with the Special Committee), Parent, Purchaser and the Executives shall use their respective reasonable best efforts to furnish to each other all information required for any application or other filing to be made pursuant to the rules and regulations of any applicable Law (including all information required to be included in the Proxy Statement and the Schedule 13E-3) in connection with the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to require any party to agree to any substantial limitation on its operations or to dispose of any significant asset or collection of assets.

  • Notice Any notice required or permitted to be given by either party to the other shall be deemed sufficient if sent by registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, addressed by the party giving notice to the other party at the last address furnished by the other party to the party giving notice: if to the Issuer, at 00 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxxx, and if to Distributors, at 00 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  • Giving Notice All notices and other communications provided to any party hereto under this Agreement or any other Loan Document shall be in writing or by telex or by facsimile and addressed or delivered to such party at its address set forth below its signature hereto or at such other address (or to counsel for such party) as may be designated by such party in a notice to the other parties. Any notice, if mailed and properly addressed with postage prepaid, shall be deemed given when received; any notice, if transmitted by telex or facsimile, shall be deemed given when transmitted (answerback confirmed in the case of telexes).