Placement Sample Clauses

Placement. Upon successful completion of his or her training period, the Hospital and the Union undertake to waive any restrictions which might otherwise apply, and the employee will be placed in the job identified in 9.11(a)(i). An employee subject to layoff who applies but later declines to accept a retraining offer or fails to complete the training will remain subject to layoff.
Placement. A. The EMPLOYER shall in good faith, use reasonable efforts to select its new hires or employees from among the qualified applicants referred by DOES. All hiring decisions are made by the EMPLOYER.
Placement. Notwithstanding other provisions of Article 31, the Union and the agency or agencies may agree, in writing, to place an employee to be laid off in an existing vacancy even if such vacancy would not normally be available for bumping. Such agreement shall take precedence over any other Section/Article of this Agreement. However, such placement shall not result in the promotion of the affected employee. All employees placed into existing vacancies under this Section shall retain recall rights pursuant to the provisions of this Article.
Placement. Licensee shall display the Technology Compliance Logo(s): (i) on external Product packaging, on the accompanying documentation and any media containing the Product (disk, CD-ROM, tape, etc.); (ii) on web pages featuring information about the Product, in GIF images that point to the current Oracle page on Java Technologies (xxxx:// via hypertext link; (iii) on splash screens appearing upon launch of the Product, the launch of the Java virtual machine and the start-up of Java technology-based applications and on general Product information screens (e.g., "About", "Help", "Info", and any menu for Java applications; (iv) on tangible marketing collateral featuring the Product including advertisements, direct mail, web pages, retail store displays, brochures and datasheets; and (v) v) on the front of the hardware or device or, for laptops, in the space below the keyboard .
Placement. All members of the unit shall be placed on the appropriate step in the salary schedule, taking into consideration the following:
Placement. A. The EMPLOYER will make all decisions on hiring new employees but will, in good faith, use reasonable efforts to select its new hires or employees from among the qualified persons referred by DOES.
Placement. All professional development teachers assigned to instructional or professional development schools whose daily duties include instruction and professional development activities beyond a regular teacher’s work day (i.e., 6.25 hours exclusive of lunch and seven hours inclusive of lunch) shall be placed in teacher positions with a value of 1.2, and their compensation for their regular hours of work shall be considered regular salary and pensionable under Article 36-4.1.
Placement. A. DOES will notify the EMPLOYER, prior to the anticipated hiring dates, of the number of applicants DOES will refer. DOES will make every reasonable effort to refer at least two qualified applicants for each job opening.
Placement. Charity may display the Seal in transient advertising and solicitations, including: newspaper advertisements, periodicals, billboards, social media, posters, direct mail appeals, flyers, television, and in annual reports, e-mail signatures, and letterhead. Charity may also install the Seal anywhere on Charity’s primary website, on websites where Charity advertises and in emails, provided the Seal clicks to Charity’s report on as described in Paragraph 5 below. The Seal may not be used in permanent handbooks and manuals, on promotional items, or in any other medium other than those specifically authorized by the Agreement.