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snippet means, collectively, each Consent and Agreement (US Airways, Inc. Trust No. N U_), dated as of the date of the Lease, executed by the Seller and the Manufacturer, respectively, as the same may be amended, modified or supplemented from time to time in accordance with the applicable provisions thereof.","hash":"d155fbf9a7f948f421360c188b5b3587","id":2},{"snippetLinks":[{"key":"certain-consent","type":"clause","offset":[11,26]},{"key":"nw","type":"definition","offset":[42,44]},{"key":"dated-as- of","type":"definition","offset":[54,65]},{"key":"december","type":"clause","offset":[66,74]},{"key":"executed-by","type":"clause","offset":[85,96]},{"key":"the-manufacturer","type":"definition","offset":[97,113]},{"key":"amended","type":"clause","offset":[134,141]},{"key":"modified","type":"clause","offset":[143,151]},{"key":"in-accordance- with","type":"clause","offset":[186,204]},{"key":"applicable-provisions","type":"clause","offset":[209,230]}],"samples":[{"uri":"/contracts/hmzg0iJKiFR#consent-and-agreement","label":"Trust Agreement (Northwest Airlines Corp)","score":9},{"uri":"/contracts/g9sGFKXirLB#consent-and-agreement","label":"Participation Agreement (Northwest Airlines Corp)","score":9}],"size":12,"snippet":"means that certain Consent and Agreement [NW 1997 H], dated as of December 29, 1997, executed by the Manufacturer, as the same may be amended, modified or supplemented from time to time in accordance with the applicable provisions thereof.","hash":"5a25786411ca31882b07ab36f0dbc68c","id":3},
snippet means the Public Finance Management Act No. 1 of 1999 as amended.","samples":[{"score":6,"uri":" ,"label":""}],"snippetLinks":[{"type":"definition","key":"public","offset":[10,16]},{"type":"clause","key":"management","offset":[25,35]},
snippet. McKesson has received an original counterpart of the tolerance agreement, tolerance, performed by accentia and accent rx, and all previous conditions for the effectiveness of the tolerance agreement have been Loan credit agreement (Legacy Reserves Inc.) "," Score ": 21}, {" URI ":" / Contracts / K01J3x8RZQ # Tobrancance-Agreement "," Label ":" Credit agreement of the term loan (reserves Legacy Reserves Inc.) "," Score ": 21}]," Size ": 6," Snippet ":" subject to the terms and conditions of the present, the administrative agent and the majority withdrawal of the Areto Party accept supplies , during the period of tolerance, from the exercise of all rights or remedies within the term credit agreement of the loan and other loan documents and the applicable law (including, but not limited to, to start any procedure to collect l 'debt, startup or restinging or the start of a foreclosure of any guarantee), exclusively accordingly to the occurrence of the default tolerance settings. Active and after the date of termination of tolerance, the lender is free in its exclusive and absolute discretion to proceed to enforce any or all your rights based on loan documents and the applicable law, including, without limitations, (X ) The right to request immediate reimbursement of loans and other obligations of the borrower under the loan documents (obligations "") in full in accordance with the provisions of loan documents and (y) the right to take possession of the Warranty (as defined in the security agreement). "," Hash ":" a9a8791a976045d53aad05b59c8db1e0 "," id ": 6}, {" snippetlinks ": [{" button ":" The-Terms "," Type ":" Clause "," offset ": [21,30]}, {" key ":" Following "," Type ":" clause "," offset ": [51.60]}, {" Key ":" meanings " , "TYPE": "clause", "offset": [61.69]}], "samples": [{"URI": "/ contracts / gtsbavz4dv4 # tobreatance-agreement", "label": "revolving credit and SICUR agreement Xxxx and tolerance agreement (equipment for the integrated Holdings Corp) "," Score ": 21}, {" URI ":" / CONT RACTS / JEJWBL62QHS # TOBORANCE "," label "agreement:" Loan term and security agreement and tolerance agreement (integrated equity investments for equipment For drilling drilling Loan and security agreement and tolerance agreement (CORP integrated drilling equipment) "," Score ": 21}]," Size ": 4," Snippet ":" 3.01 As used herein, the underlying terms will have the following meanings : "," HASH ":" 58EB5D574463EAF75B9CCFE3EAF75B9CCFE3E68A8606 "," ID ": 7}, {" SnippetL...

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snippet. Each Borrower hereby irrevocably makes, constitutes and appoints Lender (and any officer of Lender or any person designated by Lender for that purpose) as such Borrower’s true and lawful proxy and attorney-in-fact (and agent-in-fact) in such Borrower’s name, place and stead, with full power of substitution, to (i) take such actions as are expressly permitted in this Agreement, (ii) execute such financing statements and other documents and to do such other acts as Lender may require to perfect and preserve Xxxxxx’s security interest in, and during the existence of an Event of Default hereunder, to enforce such interests in the Collateral, and (iii) during the existence of an Event of Default hereunder, carry out any remedy provided for in this Agreement, including endorsing such Borrower’s name to checks, drafts, instruments and other items of payment, and proceeds of the Collateral, executing change of address forms with the postmaster of the United States Post Office serving the address of such Borrower, changing the address of such Borrower to that of Lender, opening all envelopes addressed to such Borrower and applying any payments contained therein to the amounts due to Lender. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, so long as the Purchasers shall be entitled under this Section 4 to make collections in respect of the Collateral, the Agent shall have the right and power to receive, endorse and collect all checks made payable to the order of the Company representing any dividend, payment, or other distribution in respect of the Collateral or any part thereof and to give full discharge for the same.","size":493,"snippetLinks":[{"key":"rights-or-powers","type":"clause","offset":[21,37]},{"key":"granted-by","type":"definition","offset":[38,48]},{"key":"agreement-to","type":"clause","offset":[54,66]},{"key":"event-of- default-has-occurred-and-is-continuing","type":"definition","offset":[86,133]},{"key":"upon-the-occurrence-and-during","type":"clause","offset":[135,165]},{"key":"continuance","type":"clause","offset":[170,181]},{"key":"appointed","type":"definition","offset":[227,236]},{"key":"the-attorney","type":"clause","offset":[237,249]},
snippet means a legally binding agreement (made pursuant to the provisions of this Framework Agreement) for the provision of the Services made between a Contracting Body and the Supplier comprising of an Order Form and the Call-Off Terms;","size":74,"snippetLinks":[{"key":"legally-binding-agreement","type":"clause","offset":[8,33]},{"key":"the-provisions-of-this","type":"clause","offset":[52,74]},{"key":"framework- agreement","type":"definition","offset":[75,94]},{"key":"the-provision-of-the-services","type":"clause","offset":[100,129]},{"key":"contracting-body","type":"definition","offset":[145,161]},{"key":"the-supplier","type":"clause","offset":[166,178]},{"key":"order-form","type":"clause","offset":[196,206]},{"key":"off-terms","type":"clause","offset":
snippet means that certain Fourth Amended and Restated Shared Services Agreement by and between Acis LP and Highland dated March 17, 2017.","size":10,"snippetLinks":[{"key":"that-certain","type":"definition","offset":[6,18]},{"key":"fourth","type":"clause","offset":[19,25]},{"key":"amended-and-restated-shared- services-agreement","type":"definition","offset":[26,72]},{"key":"acis-lp","type":"definition","offset":[88,95]},{"key":"highland","type":"clause","offset":[100,108]},{"key":"dated","type":"clause","offset":[109,114]},{"key":"march","type":"clause","offset":[115,120]}],"hash":"1c49740fbe41667b5b541a5f0366c4d9","id":7},{"samples": [{"uri":"/contracts/lDyFcLsKEe7#shared-services-agreement","label":"Second Mezzanine Loan Agreement (Harrahs Entertainment Inc)","score":19},{"uri":"/contracts/kCCIsOjJ6q1#shared-services-agreement","label":"Sixth Mezzanine Loan Agreement (Harrahs Entertainment Inc)","score":19},{"uri":"/contracts/gkVIt71YizV#shared-services- agreement","label":"Ninth Mezzanine Loan Agreement (Harrahs Entertainment Inc)","score":19}],"snippet":"means that certain Second Amended and Restated Shared Services Agreement dated as of the date hereof among HOC, Holdings, Mortgage Borrower, Mezzanine Borrower, Operating Company and each Manager, as the same may be amended, restated, replaced, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time.","size":10,"snippetLinks":[{"key":"that-certain","type":"definition","offset":[6,18]},{"key":"amended-and-restated-shared-services-agreement","type":"definition","offset":[26,72]},{"key":"dated-as-of","type":"definition","offset":[73,84]},{"key":"date- hereof","type":"clause","offset":[89,100]},{"key":"hoc","type":"definition","offset":[107,110]},{"key":"holdings","type":"clause","offset":[112,120]},{"key":"mortgage-borrower","type":"clause","offset":[122,139]},{"key":"mezzanine-borrower","type":"clause","offset":[141,159]},{"key":"operating-company","type":"clause","offset":[161,178]},
snippet. No payment by Tenant or receipt by Landlord of a lesser amount than any payment of Fixed Rent or Additional Rent herein stipulated shall be deemed to be other than on account of the earliest stipulated Fixed Rent or Additional Rent due and payable hereunder, nor shall any endorsement or statement or any check or any letter accompanying any check or payment as Rent be deemed an accord and satisfaction. Landlord may accept such check or payment without prejudice to Landlord’s right to recover the balance of such Rent or pursue any other right or remedy provided for in this Lease, at law or in equity.","snippetLinks":[{"key":"payment-by-tenant","type":"clause","offset":[3,20]},{"key":"receipt-by-landlord","type":"clause","offset":[24,43]},{"key":"lesser- amount","type":"definition","offset":[49,62]},{"key":"payment-of-fixed-rent","type":"clause","offset":[72,93]},{"key":"additional-rent","type":"clause","offset":[97,112]},{"key":"stipulated","type":"clause","offset":[120,130]},{"key":"deemed","type":"definition","offset":[140,146]},{"key":"on-account-of","type":"definition","offset":[164,177]},{"key":"due-
snippet an introduction of an Article created by ArtikelPro, consisting of the title + the first 150 characters of an Article, an Article link, and possibly associated metadata, such as the title's name, page and position of the Article, and so on;
snippet means an agreement (including a lease) pursuant to which a Borrower obtains the exclusive right to manage the operations of any Person in","samples":[{"score":8,"uri":" ,"label":""}],"snippetLinks":[{"type":"clause","key":"agreement","offset":[9,18]},{"type":"clause","key":"lease","offset":[32,37]},{"type":"clause","key":"pursuant-to","offset":[39,50]},{"type":"definition","key":"a-borrower","offset":[57,67]},{"type":"clause","key":"exclusive-right-to- manage","offset":[80,105]},{"type":"clause","key":"operations-of","offset":[110,123]},{"type":"clause","key":"any-person","offset":[124,134]}],"id":3,"size":1},{"hash":"de4b12ff175bdbc4463fc828d409ca63","snippet":"means an agreement pursuant to which an Issuer obtains an exclusive right to manage and control a funeral home or cemetery business of any other Person for a term of not less than one (1) year.","samples":[{"score":15,"uri":"/contracts/52MsdzKcOZWqLgaPQdjHZ1/stonemor-partners-lp/amended-and-restated-note/2009-05-06#exclusive-management-agreement","label":"Amended and Restated Note (Stonemor Partners Lp)"}],"snippetLinks": [{"type":"clause","key":"agreement","offset":[9,18]},{"type":"clause","key":"pursuant-to","offset":[19,30]},{"type":"clause","key":"issuer","offset":[40,46]},{"type":"clause","key":"exclusive-right-to-manage","offset":[58,83]},{"type":"clause","key":"control","offset":[88,95]},{"type":"definition","key":"funeral-home","offset":[98,110]},
snippet means a written agreement that is authorized by the Committee and entered into between the Company and the Participant setting forth the terms and conditions pursuant to which a PAR Award is made under the Plan including, without limitation, the Fixed Determination Date selected by the Participant. A PAR Agreement, and the terms and conditions of any PAR Award, need not be uniform or consistent among all Participants.","samples":[{"score":0,"uri":"/contracts/766GubzqykGE56oroNKE67/alta-mesa-holdings-lp/0/2014-10-02#par- agreement","label":"Xxxx Xxxx Holdings, LP"}],"id":3,"definitionTitles":"[\"Committee\",\"A PAR\",\"Participants\",\"Plan\",\"Company\",\"Fixed Determination Date\",\"Agreement\",\"PAR Award\"]","size":1},{"hash":"858bd96b12c5f4dcc20681138156bedc","snippet":"means the Development and Commercialization Agreement by and between the Seller (f/k/a Advancis Pharmaceuticals) and Par Pharmaceutical, Inc., dated May 28, 2004, as amended.","samples":[{"score":15,"uri":"/contracts/5Yve06Ntvb9wMiboU84ki1/xxxxxxxxxxx-pharmaceuticals-inc/asset-purchase-agreement/2010-05-20#par- agreement","label":"Asset Purchase Agreement (XxxxxxXxxxx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)"}],"id":4,"definitionTitles":"[\"Seller\",\"Pharmaceuticals\",\"Development and Commercialization Agreement\"]","size":1}],"nextCurs":""}} id=pagination-first-page> Back to the blog Reply to Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx Exhibit 10.1 Execution Copy MASTER PAR/NEAR PAR PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT THIS MASTER PAR/NEAR PAR PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”) dated as of December 11, 2006, by and between KATONAH X CLO LTD. (the “Seller”) and KOHLBERG CAPITAL CORPORATION (the “Participant”). RECITALS A. The Participant has filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission a registration statement on Form N-2 in connection with an initial public offering shares of Participant’s common stock (the “Initial Public Offering”). B. On the date hereof, the Seller and the Participant will enter into an LSTA Par/Near Par Trade Confirmation (the “Trade Confirm”) pursuant to which the Seller will agree to sell to the Participant the Loans and Commitments (as each is defined below) as set forth on Exhibit A hereto (the “Transferred Assets”). C. During the period commencing on the Effective Date and ending on the first date when all of the Loans and Commitments have been assigned to Participant in accordance with Section 2.05 of this Agreement (such period, the “Interim Period”), the Seller wishes to grant to the...