First Date definition

First Date means the date on which the first of the following occurs: (i) the FCC Consent is obtained or (ii) the Registration Statement referred to in clause (i) of the definition of Registration Statement, which includes a joint proxy statement of Scripps and Journal, is declared effective by the SEC; but in no event shall the First Date be earlier than the sixty-first (61st) day following the date of this Agreement.
First Date has the meaning specified in Section 8.22(b)(ii)(A).
First Date means the date referred to in Article 6.4.

Examples of First Date in a sentence

  • The Executive shall be treated as having suffered a “Disability” if the Executive is prevented from performing his duties hereunder by reason of illness or injury for a period of either (A) six or more consecutive months from the First Date of Disability (as defined below) or (B) eight months in the aggregate during any 12-month period.

  • First Date Available” or “FDA” means the last day of the month coincident with or next following the date that is six (6) months after the date of the Participant’s or Former Participant’s Termination.

  • Effective Date of Delivery of Issuance Notice (determined pursuant to Section 2.03(b)): Number of Days in Selling Period: First Date of Selling Period: Last Date of Selling Period: Settlement Date(s): Issuance Shares: Selling Commission: % Floor Price Limitation (Adjustable by Company during the Selling Period, and in no event less than $1.00 per share): $ per share Comments: BRANDYWINE REALTY TRUST By: Name: Xxxxxx X.

  • On the day following the First Date of Sale and thereafter:出售首日翌日及之後:First come First served.

  • Element 12 — Start Date — SOI (not required) Element 13 — First Date of Treatment — SOI (not required) Element 14 — Diagnosis — Secondary Code and DescriptionEnter the appropriate secondary ICD-9-CM diagnosis code and description relevant to the service/procedure requested, if applicable.

  • Element 12 — Start Date — SOI (not required)Element 13 — First Date of Treatment — SOI (not required) Element 14 — Diagnosis — Secondary Code and DescriptionEnter the appropriate secondary ICD-9-CM diagnosis code and description relevant to the service/procedure requested, if applicable.

  • EPA’s regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR) §§ 261.20 through 261.24 definecharacteristic wastes.

  • As a single life annuity commencing on the First Date Available, or any Actuarially Equivalent “life annuity,” as described in Treasury Regulation 1.409A-2(b)(ii) and as available as an annuity option under the Retirement Plan, but excluding any pop-up feature or level income option under the Retirement Plan.

  • A combination of a 50% monthly annuity and a 50% lump sum distribution, payable beginning on the First Date Available.

  • In ten (10) annual installments commencing as of the First Date Available.

More Definitions of First Date

First Date has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(b).
First Date shall have the meaning given in Section 11.1(e).
First Date has the meaning set forth in Section 7.1(h).
First Date shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9.1(f). [REDACTED]

Related to First Date

  • Current Date means any day during the 20-day period ending on the date of the Closing.

  • Applicable Anniversary of the Commencement Date means the fifth (5th) anniversary of the Commencement Date.

  • EBO Date Means the date set forth on Schedule 1 to the Lease as the "EBO Date".

  • First Distribution Date November 18, 1998 Cut-Off Date: October 11, 1998 Aggregate Initial Notional Amount of the Scheduled Final Distribution Class X Certificates: $1,861,517,825 Date: October 2028 CUSIP: 36228C CM 3 Initial Notional Amount of this Certificate: $[_________] ISIN: US36228CCM38 Common Code: 9198318 No.: [_______] This certifies that [_________________________] is the registered owner of a beneficial ownership interest in a Trust Fund, including the distributions to be made with respect to the Class X Certificates. The Trust Fund, described more fully below, consists primarily of a pool of Mortgage Loans secured by first liens on commercial properties and held in trust by the Trustee and serviced by the Master Servicer. The Trust Fund was created, and the Mortgage Loans are to be serviced, pursuant to the Pooling Agreement (as defined below). The Holder of this Certificate, by virtue of the acceptance hereof, assents to the terms, provisions and conditions of the Pooling Agreement and is bound thereby. Also issued under the Pooling Agreement are the Class A-1, Class A-2, Class A-3, Class B, Class C, Class D, Class E, Class F, Class G, Class H, Class J, Class K, Class Q, Class R and Class LR Certificates (together with the Class X Certificates, the "Certificates"; the Holders of Certificates are collectively referred to herein as "Certificateholders"). This Certificate is issued pursuant to, and in accordance with, the terms of a Pooling and Servicing Agreement dated as of October 11, 1998 (the "Pooling Agreement"), by and among GS Mortgage Securities Corporation II, as Seller, Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Mortgage Company, as a Responsible Party, Falcon Financial, LLC, as a Responsible Party, AMRESCO Capital Limited, Inc., as a Responsible Party, AMRESCO Commercial Mortgage Funding, L.P., as a Responsible Party, GMAC Commercial Mortgage Corporation, as Master Servicer and Special Servicer, LaSalle National Bank, as Trustee, and ABN AMRO Bank N.V., as Fiscal Agent. To the extent not defined herein, capitalized terms used herein shall have the meanings assigned thereto in the Pooling Agreement. This Certificate represents a pro rata undivided beneficial interest in a "regular interest" in a "real estate mortgage investment conduit," as those terms are defined, respectively, in Sections 860G(a)(1) and 860D of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. The Trustee makes no representation or warranty as to any of the statements contained herein or the validity or sufficiency of the Certificates or the Mortgage Loans and has executed this Certificate in its limited capacity as Trustee under the Pooling Agreement. Pursuant to the terms of the Pooling Agreement, the Trustee, or the Paying Agent on behalf of the Trustee, will distribute (other than the final distribution on any Certificate), on the 18th day of each month (or, if such 18th day is not a Business Day, the next succeeding Business Day), commencing on November 18, 1998 (each such date, a "Distribution Date"), to the Person in whose name this Certificate is registered as of the related Record Date, an amount equal to such Person's pro rata share (based on the Percentage Interest represented by this Certificate) of that portion of the aggregate amount of interest then distributable, if any, allocable to the Class X Certificates for such Distribution Date, all as more fully described in the Pooling Agreement. Holders of this Certificate may be entitled to Yield Maintenance Charges, as provided in the Pooling Agreement.

  • IPO Date means the date of the underwriting agreement between the Company and the underwriter(s) managing the initial public offering of the Common Stock, pursuant to which the Common Stock is priced for the initial public offering.

  • Anticipated Termination Date Any Distribution Date on which it is anticipated that the Trust Fund will be terminated pursuant to Section 9.01(c) of this Agreement.

  • Exit Date means the date on which the insurance cover of the Scheme Member ceases due to occurrence of any of the following events:

  • Start Date for Term Calculation Purposes Only: Regardless of actual award/effective date of Contract, for Agreement “term” calculation purposes only, the Agreement “start date” is the last day of the month that Award Notifications are anticipated as published in the Solicitation. Example: If the anticipated award date published in the Solicitation is August 27, 2020 but extended negotiations delay award until September 24, 2020 the end date of the resulting initial “two-year” term Agreement, (which is subject to an extension(s)) will still be August 31, 2022 in this example

  • Restatement Date means the date on which the conditions specified in Section 4.01 are satisfied (or waived in accordance with Section 9.02).

  • First Call Date means the date falling 36 months after the Issue Date or, to the extent such day is not a Business Day, the Business Day following from an application of the Business Day Convention.

  • Base Date means a date 30 day prior to the submission of tenders.

  • Offer Commencement Date means the date on which Purchaser commences the Offer, within the meaning of Rule 14d-2 under the Exchange Act.

  • Exit Management Date means each of the following:

  • Purchase Termination Date means the date upon which the Transferor shall cease, for any reason whatsoever, to make purchases of Receivables from the Seller under the Receivables Purchase Agreement or the Receivables Purchase Agreement shall terminate for any reason whatsoever.

  • Anticipated Closing Date means the anticipated closing date of any proposed Qualified Sale Transaction, as determined in good faith by the Board of Directors on the Applicable Date.

  • Distribution Commencement Date means the Issue Date or such other date as may be specified as the Distribution Commencement Date on the face of such Perpetual Security;

  • Amendment Date means the date on which the Required Filings are filed with the Registrar in accordance with the terms of the Amendment;

  • Term Commencement Date shall be the earlier of (a) the Estimated Term Commencement Date and (b) the day the work described in the Work Letter (the “Tenant Improvements”) is Substantially Complete and Tenant begins occupancy of the Premises for the Permitted Use (subject to extension of the Term Commencement Date due to Landlord Delay). Tenant and Landlord shall execute and deliver to the other written acknowledgment of the actual Term Commencement Date and the Term Expiration Date within ten (10) days after Tenant takes occupancy of the Premises, in the form attached as Exhibit C hereto. Failure to execute and deliver such acknowledgment, however, shall not affect the Term Commencement Date or Landlord’s or Tenant’s liability hereunder. Failure by Tenant to obtain validation by any medical

  • ZERO DATE means the date of issue of LETTER OF INTENT (LOI) or issue of WORK ORDER, whichever is earlier.

  • Merger Date means the closing date of a Merger Event or, where a closing date cannot be determined under the local law applicable to such Merger Event, such other date as determined by the Calculation Agent.

  • Acquisition Date With respect to any REO Property, the first day on which such REO Property is considered to be acquired by the Trust Fund within the meaning of Treasury Regulations Section 1.856-6(b)(1), which is the first day on which the Trust Fund is treated as the owner of such REO Property for federal income tax purposes.

  • Activation Date means the date upon which MLBFS shall cause the WCMA Line of Credit to be fully activated under MLPF&S' computer system as part of the WCMA Program.

  • Accumulation Commencement Date means January 1, 2021, or such later date as the Calculation Agent on behalf of the Issuer determines in accordance with Section 2.11 hereof.

  • Current Distribution Date means a Distribution Date specified as a reference date for calculating the Expected Distributions with respect to the Certificates of any Trust as of such Distribution Date.

  • Increase Effective Date has the meaning specified in Section 2.14(d).

  • Benefit Commencement Date means, for any Participant or beneficiary, the date as of which the first benefit payment, including a single sum, from the Participant’s Account is due, other than pursuant to a withdrawal under Article VIII.