Other Claims definition

Other Claims has the meaning provided in Section 5.4.
Other Claims is defined in Section 5.5.
Other Claims means any claim the Transferor or an Originator has against the Borrower, other than a Mortgage Receivable, which is secured by the same Mortgage and/or Borrower Pledge.

Examples of Other Claims in a sentence

  • If you choose to file, be very careful to file on time.Discrimination and Other Claims: Judicial ActionIf you do not request EEOC to review this final decision on your discrimination claims, you may file a civil action against the agency on both your discrimination claims and your other claims in an appropriate United States district court.

  • All Other Claims: If a dispute, disagreement, or controversy of any kind, other than those covered in the Unanticipated Circumstances section of this Contract, arises from or is related to the Contract, shall be resolved under the Disputes section in the Contract.

  • Any excess credit must be claimed as a refund using Form 8849, Claim for Refund of Excise Taxes, and Schedule 6 (Form 8849), Other Claims.

  • Payment of Taxes and Other Claims.......................................................

  • XI (Other Claims for Damages) shall apply in respect of claims of damages.

More Definitions of Other Claims

Other Claims means any and all Claims against any of the Debtors other than any First Lien Notes Claims or Second Lien Notes Claims.
Other Claims means any “claims” (as such term is defined in section 101(5) of the Bankruptcy Code) against the Company and/or any of its undersigned subsidiaries other than First Lien Credit Agreement Claims, Second Lien Credit Agreement Claims, Luxor Claims, ARC Note Claims and RCAP Note Claims.
Other Claims means all rights claims or obligations of any kind whatsoever now or at any time owed to the Company capable of being satisfied by the payment of money, which are not effectively charged by way of fixed charge by any other provision of this Debenture
Other Claims means, collectively, all Claims against a Debtor held by any Person or Entity, other than Claims in Classes 2, 4 and 3A.
Other Claims means any and all Claims against any of the Debtors other than any Senior Notes Claims, Credit Facility Claims or MDL Facility Claims.
Other Claims have the meaning set forth under Paragraph 8.6(a).
Other Claims means Patent claims other than Platform Claims and Product Claims.