Post Office Sample Clauses

Post Office. If the Credit Union attempts to locate you, the Credit Union may impose a service fee as included in the Rate and Fee Schedule.
Post Office. If the Credit Union attempts to locate you, the Credit Union may access a fee as per the Fee Schedule. Statements The Credit Union will mail statements quarterly is share savings only or monthly if other products are added., (checking and or loans) If e-statements are requested via online banking, you will receive notification by email that your statement is available to view through online banking platform. The member is expected to examine the statements carefully and reconcile the account. If there are any discrepancies, the Credit Union should be notified immediately, as the statement is considered correct unless the Credit Union is notified within sixty (60) days of the member receiving the statement of any errors. If you fail to receive a periodic statement, you agree to notify us within fourteen (14) days of the time you regularly receive a statement.
Post Office. If the person to receive the notice (or a copy thereof) for the Company is Executive, then notice to the Company shall be sent to the Chief Executive Officer of the Company at the above address rather than to the officer previously named.
Post Office. A United States Post Office is located on the Main Base. The address is Wallops Island, VA 23337 USA.
Post Office. Nothing further to report.
Post Office. The Post Office revenue is as stated in the current shop accounts. There is potential for this to increase, but no provision is made for this in the plan.
Post Office. If the Credit Union attempts to locate you, we may impose a service fee as set forth in the Rate and Fee Schedule. b.
Post Office. The mailboxes are yellow and have this sign on it: Letters:Normal letter (up to 20 g, ca. 6 pages) / Postcards within Germany/to member countries of the European Union are € 0.70 / € 0.45. The fastest way to send a letter overseas is to choose „Luftpost“. For more information about other letters (different sizes) and packets, ask in the post office. You can also find price information brochures in post office (“Gebührenübersicht”) or online ( To mail a packet you need to go to the counter inside the post office. If you need to look up the postal code of a city or certain area, there is a postal code book (“Postleitzahlenbuch”) available. You can also use the internet to find out postal codes.Main Post Office Altmarkt 10,Phone: 0 1802 3333M – F 09.00 am – 6.00 pm S 09.00 am – 12.00 am Post Office (near university)Inside of the grocery store “EDEKA-Market” across the street of the campus (next to ALDI). International Telephone Code for Germany: 0049 / +49, followed by the area code without the ‘0’, e. g. Schmalkalden: +49 3683