Seaplane definition

Seaplane means an aeroplane capable normally of taking off from and alighting solely on water;
Seaplane means a fixed wing aircraft which is designed for taking off and landing on water and includes amphibians operated as seaplanes;
Seaplane means an aircraft that is capable of landing and taking off on the water.

Examples of Seaplane in a sentence

  • May 15, 2002.259.80h Seaplane base; takeoff and landing distance.Sec.

  • Seaplane Base–an area of water specifically designated for the landing and taking off of seaplanes.

  • Seaplane operations at water re- source development projects adminis- tered by the Chief of Engineers may in- volve hazards including, but not lim- ited to, conflicting recreational activi- ties, floating debris, and underwater hazards, which may be accentuated by the normal fluctutations of water lev- els.

  • Seaplane operations may be pro- hibited or restricted at such water re- source development projects, or por- tions thereof, for a variety of manage- ment reasons.

  • In the event that the Seaplane runs aground, sinks or if goods fall overboard in the area of the Dock, the Licensee must remove such forthwith.

More Definitions of Seaplane

Seaplane means an aircraft which is capable of landing and taking off on the water.
Seaplane means an aircraft on floats whether operated privately or commercially;
Seaplane means a management category of aquatic conveyances capable of landing on or taking off from water and required to register as an aircraft under RCW 47.68.250 or similar registration in a state other than Washington or a country other than the United States.
Seaplane means a management category of aquatic conveyances
Seaplane means an aircraft capable of taking off from and landing on water.
Seaplane means an aeroplane designed and constructed to take off from and land on water surfaces only;
Seaplane means any aircraft designed to maneuver on the