Financing Statements and Other Documents Sample Clauses

Financing Statements and Other Documents. Owner shall at any time and from time to time take all actions and execute all documents required by Lender to attach, perfect and maintain Lender's security interest in the Collateral and establish and maintain Lender's right to receive the payment of the proceeds of the Collateral including, but not limited to, executing any financing statements, fixture filings, continuation statements, notices of security interest and other documents required by the Uniform Commercial Code, presently or as hereafter amended or replaced, and other applicable law. Owner shall pay the costs of filing such documents in all offices wherever filing or recording is deemed by Lender to be necessary or desirable. Owner authorizes Lender to execute and file any financing statements, as well as extensions, renewals and amendments of financing statements in such form as Lender may require to perfect and maintain perfection of any security interest granted in this Agreement.
Financing Statements and Other Documents. The Debtors agree to execute one or more Financing Statements as determined by Secured Party and in a form satisfactory to the Secured Party, and Secured Party is authorized to file Financing Statements in any location deemed necessary or advisable to perfect the Secured Party's security interest in the Collateral or proceeds. The Debtors expressly agree to sign such Financing Statements on request of the Secured Party. The Debtors also agree to cooperate fully with the Secured Party in executing additional instruments, documents, financing statements, amendments to financing statements, and the like as may be deemed necessary or advisable by the Secured Party in order to maintain and continue the security interest created by this Security Agreement. The Debtors agree that a carbon, photographic or other reproduction of a Financing Statement is sufficient as a financing statement under this Agreement.
Financing Statements and Other Documents. Obligors hereby authorize Lender or its agent to file any and all Financing Statements. Further, Obligors agree to execute and deliver any other documents, instruments, or agreements reasonably requested by Lender, to create, perfect or keep perfected any security interest under the Uniform Commercial Code as adopted in any state or province having jurisdiction over the Collateral, including, without limitation, any Financing Statements, continuation statements or termination statements and any other security instruments or agreements as Lender may reasonably require in connection with this Agreement and the other Loan Documents, including, without limitation, the Movable Hypothec. Borrowers hereby appoint Lender as Borrowers' attorneys-in-fact to execute and file in Borrowers' name all documents and instruments which Lender may deem necessary or appropriate to perfect and continue perfected the security interest in the Collateral created by this Agreement or any of the other Loan Documents.
Financing Statements and Other Documents. Assignor hereby agrees to permit Lender to file one or more financing or continuation statements, and any amendments thereto, all without Assignor’s signature, where permitted by law, to perfect the security interest granted herein. Assignor agrees to sign such financing statements and other documents if requested by Lender. Any filing fees associated with the security interest granted herein charged by a public officer shall be for Assignor’s account and, if paid by Lender, shall be payable by Assignor to Lender upon demand.
Financing Statements and Other Documents. Borrower authorizes Lender to file any financing statement with respect to the Collateral and to file any other financing statement or amendment in such offices as Lender in its sole discretion deems necessary or desirable to perfect or maintain the perfection and priority of Lender’s security interest in the Collateral. Borrower agrees that it will enter into, execute and/or deliver such other documents, and perform such other actions, that Lender reasonably requests to perfect or maintain the perfection and priority of Lender’s security interest in the Collateral.
Financing Statements and Other Documents. The Debtor hereby covenants and agrees to promptly execute and deliver to the Secured Party and to file and/or record such financing statements, certificates, notices, and other instruments and documents, and will give any notices to third parties, that may be necessary or reasonably desirable (in the judgment of the Secured Party or its counsel): (i) to create, preserve, validate, perfect or from time to time continue perfection of the security interest granted herein, including, without limitation, such financing statements, certificates, notices and other instruments and documents as may be necessary to perfect a security interest in any additional Collateral hereafter acquired by the Debtor or in any replacements or proceeds thereof; (ii) to protect the Collateral against the rights, claims or interests of third parties; or (iii) or to enable the Secured Party to exercise and enforce any of its rights with respect to the Collateral or the security interest granted herein.
Financing Statements and Other Documents. Until the Note has been repaid in full, the Obligors will:
Financing Statements and Other Documents. Buyer agrees that Company may, from time to time, file such financing statements and other documents, and take such actions that are necessary or desirable to perfect, continue the perfection of, and maintain the security interest granted Company herein or to evidence Company’s continuing ownership in the Equipment, as applicable. Buyer authorizes Company to execute and/or file such financing statements or amendments thereto to the fullest extent permitted by law, and to provide such notices to third parties, as are necessary to perfect the foregoing security interest or evidence such continuing ownership.
Financing Statements and Other Documents. At any time upon the request of Lender each Grantor shall execute and deliver to Lender, any and all financing statements, original financing statements in lieu of continuation statements, fixture filings, security agreements, pledges, assignments, assignments of Commercial Tort Claims, endorsements of certificates of title, and all other documents (collectively, the “Additional Documents”) that Lender may request, in form and substance satisfactory to Lender, to create, perfect, and continue perfected or to better perfect the Lender’s Security Interest in the assets of such Grantor (whether now owned or hereafter arising or acquired, tangible or intangible, real or personal), to create and perfect the Security Interest in favor of Lender in any real property acquired by any Grantor after the date hereof, and in order to fully consummate all of the transactions contemplated hereby and under the other Loan Documents. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, if any Grantor has not executed any Additional Document Lender is entitled to obtain hereunder after Lender has made an appropriate request therefor, each Grantor authorizes Lender to execute any such Additional Documents in such Grantor’s name and authorizes Lender to file such executed Additional Documents in any appropriate filing office. In addition, on such periodic basis as Lender shall require, each Grantor shall (i) provide Lender with a report of all new patents, trademarks, or copyrights (or applications therefor) acquired or generated by such Grantor during the prior period, (ii) cause all material patents, copyrights and trademarks acquired or generated by such Grantor that are not already the subject of a registration with the appropriate filing office (or an application therefor diligently prosecuted) to be registered with such appropriate filing office in a manner sufficient to impart constructive notice of such Grantor’s ownership thereof, and (iii) cause to be prepared, executed, and delivered to Lender supplemental schedules to the applicable Loan Documents to identify such patents, copyrights, and trademarks as being subject to the security interests created thereunder.
Financing Statements and Other Documents. The Borrowers shall join (and shall cause their Affiliates to join with the Bank in executing such financing statements, continuation statements and other agreements or instruments (in form satisfactory to the Bank) under the Uniform Commercial Code as the Bank may specify, and shall pay the cost of filing the same in such public offices as the Bank shall designate.