EG definition

EG means the Enforcement Guide;
EG means for example: follow with a comma and one or more examples. ‘i.e.’ means ‘that is’: follow with a comma and a restatement or clarification. It is often better style to avoid such abbreviations and to write out ‘for example’ and ‘that is’ in full.

Examples of EG in a sentence

  • STRIEGL R.G., DORNBLASER M.M., MCDONALD C.P., ROVER J.R., STETS E.G. Carbon dioxide and methane emissions from the Yukon River system.

  • STSF offers research and de- velopment engineers a means of measurement and calculation which yields a complete description of the sound field within a given solid angle subtended at the noise source.[1]B& K PUBLICATION: "SpatialTransformation of Sound Fields using Application Package BZ 7007", Product Data Sheet [2] MAYNARD, J.D., WILLIAM- S, E.G., & LEE,Y.: uNearfield acoustic holography: Theory of generalised holography and the de- velopment of NAH", J.

  • Sometimes this requires a duration, E.G. summoning a flame to use as a torch; sometimes this can be instant but permanent, like summoning a pile of dirt to bury something or creating drinking water.

  • Optional CostsTotal Cost USDOptional Training: Other: MASTER SERVICE AGREEMENT This Master Services Agreement (this “Agreement”) is agreed to between Michigan State University (the “University”) and [INSERT COMPANY NAME] (“Supplier”), a [INSERT STATE & ENTITY STATUS, E.G., A MICHIGAN CORPORATION OR A TEXAS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY].

  • Jones AC, Antillon KS, Jenkins SM, Janos SN, Overton HN, Shoshan DS, Fischer EG, Trujillo KA and Bisoffi M: Prostate field cancerization: Deregulated expression of macrophage inhibitory cytokine 1 (MIC-1) and platelet derived growth factor A (PDGF-A) in tumor adjacent tissue.

More Definitions of EG

EG means electroplating, which is the process of applying zinc or alloy coatings to sheet steel by an electrolytic plating process.
EG means the Enforcement Guide part of the Handbook;
EG means the Enforcement Guide.
EG means the Enforcement Guide, applying with effect from 28 August 2007;
EG means the Enforcement Guide
EG means the FSA’s Enforcement Guide;
EG means EG Group Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 09826582;