IPPF definition

IPPF means the indigenous peoples planning framework for the Investment Program, including any update thereto, agreed between the Borrower and ADB and incorporated by reference in the FFA;
IPPF means the Borrower’s Indigenous Peoples Framework prepared by the Borrower, through SENER, approved by the Bank on June 28, 2010, and made available to the public on June 29, 2010, which sets out the measures to be taken (including the preparation and implementation of indigenous peoples plans) to ensure that indigenous peoples will not be harmed by the Project and to ensure their participation and involvement in the implementation and monitoring of the Project as it affects them.
IPPF means the indigenous peoples planning framework for the Project, including any update thereto, prepared and submitted by the Borrower through the Project Executing Agency and cleared by ADB;

Examples of IPPF in a sentence

  • Indigenous People Planning Framework (IPPF) is required to provide guidance and appropriate mitigation measures to the ethnic minority (advise).

  • The Indigenous Peoples Planning Framework (IPPF) for MPUSIP has been developed to manage and mitigate possible impacts to the indigenous people in the project area.

  • So preparation of Indigenous People Plan (IPP) document following IPPF will not be required.

  • A Board of Trustees governs the IPPF secretariat and provides leadership for the Federation.

  • The highest authority of the new governance structure is a General Assembly of IPPF Member Associations, convened once every three years.

More Definitions of IPPF

IPPF means the Borrower’s framework, acceptable to the Bank (included in the ESMF), dated November 16, 2010, setting forth the indigenous peoples policy framework applicable to all the activities to be carried out under the Project and the basis and procedures to prepare specific indigenous peoples’ plans or related instruments during Project implementation.
IPPF means the document to be adopted by the Recipient and disclosed by not later that February 25, 2011, giving details of a program of actions, measures and policies designed to be implemented for indigenous minorities in order to protect them and to ensure that members of said minorities be granted equal legal, financial and organizational opportunities under the Project.”
IPPF means the framework for preparation of Indigenous Peoples Plans by the relevant IPPF Entities as set forth in the Operational Manual.
IPPF means the framework prepared by the Borrower, dated July 3, 2009, and included in the Project Operational Manual, which includes, inter alia, the type of activities to be financed under the Project, the potential positive and adverse effects that such activities may have on indigenous peoples, an Indigenous Peoples plan, as well as a plan for carrying out social assessment for such activities.
IPPF means the Indigenous and Afro-Caribbean Peoples Planning Framework elaborated by the Recipient dated January 21, 2011 and published on February 1, 2011 in the web site of MOH (http://www.minsa.gob.ni/planificacion/MPPI/MPPI-Ene2011).
IPPF means the Borrower’s framework dated July 2010, acceptable to the Bank, as published and available to the public on September 2010, defining the guidelines and procedures for managing the impacts of the Project on indigenous peoples, as well as for the preparation and/or updating any Indigenous Peoples Plan (as the case may be).
IPPF means the indigenous peoples planning framework, dated March 12, 2012, and published on March 12, 2012, acceptable to the Bank, as referred to in Section I.E.2 of Schedule 2 to this Agreement.