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Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx. Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx (1873-1943), a Cleveland architect, apprenticed in the office of architect X. X. XxxXxxxxxx. He was later employed by Xxxxxx X. Xxxxx, Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx and other local architects before opening his own office in 1900. In 1916, he incorporated his business as Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx Company, a general architectural, building and real estate business. In addition to residences, Xxxxxx designed the Farmers & Merchants Bank, schools and churches. (Xxxxx vol. 2, pp. 267- 8)
Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx. Xxxxx X Xxxxxx (Oct 2, 2020 14:49 EDT) Date: 10/02/2020 Printed Name: Xxxxx X Xxxxxx Title: School Business Administrator DRUIDE INFORMATIQUE INC. Date: Sept. 25, 2020 Printed Name: Xxxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx Title: Vice-President Operations E XHIBIT “A” DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES Typing Pal, a web-based tool for students to learn typing and keyboarding skills; its three environment levels and customizable texts keep learning relevant to students' classes and skill levels. 1081011v1 E XHIBIT “B” SCHEDULE OF DATA Category of Data Elements Check if used by your system Application Technology Meta Data IP Addresses of users, Use of cookies etc. X Other application technology meta data-Please specify: X Application Use Statistics Meta data on user interaction with application X Assessment Standardized test scores Observation data Other assessment data-Please specify: Attendance Student school (daily) attendance data Student class attendance data Communications Online communications that are captured (emails, blog entries) Conduct Conduct or behavioral data Demographics Date of Birth Place of Birth Gender Ethnicity or race Language information (native, preferred or primary language spoken by student) Other demographic information-Please specify: Enrollment Student school enrollment X Student grade level Homeroom Guidance counselor Specific curriculum programs Year of graduation Other enrollment information-Please specify: Parent/Guardian Contact Information Address Email Phone Parent/Guardian ID Parent ID number (created to link parents to students) Parent/Guardian Name First and/or Last Schedule Student scheduled courses Teacher names Category of Data Elements Check if used by your system Special Indicator English language learner information Low income status Medical alerts Student disability information Specialized education services (IEP or 504) Living situations (homeless/xxxxxx care) Other indicator information- Please specify: Category of Data Elements Check if used by your system Student Contact Information Address Email X (optional) Phone Student Identifiers Local (School district) ID number State ID number Vendor/App assigned student ID number Student app username Student app passwords X * Student Name First and/or Last X Student In App Performance Program/application performance (typing program-student types 60 wpm, reading program- student reads below grade level) X Student Program Membership Academic or extracurricular activities a student may belong to or p...
Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx. By: Xxxxx X Xxxxxx (Mar 30, 2021 06:25 EDT) Date: 03/30/2021 Printed Name: Xxxxx X Xxxxxx Title/Position: School Business Administrator TRANSFINDER CORPORATION By: Date: 3/28/2021 _ Printed Name: Xxxxxxx Xxxxx STANDARD CLAUSES Version 1.0
Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx. In her essay, “Narrative Ethics, Character, and the Prose Tale of Job,”63 Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx applies two different models of narrative ethics to the didactic prose tale of Job, demonstrating that each model uncovers different aspects of the tale, thus underscoring the text’s ambiguity. The first model is generated by Booth and Xxxxxxxx, both of whom explore the moral imagination enacted in narrative by attending to the way in which it patterns desire and the kinds of desires it patterns. This model discerns what the aesthetic form of the narrative—its rhetorical and stylistic features—implies about the moral claims of the text. In the case of the prose tale of Job, its rhythmic language, clear 62 See also Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx and Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxx’x similar assertion that within Micah, “‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ as abstractions receive their definitions, not from moral philosophy, but from the stipulations of the covenant and the character of Yahweh” (Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx and Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxx: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary [AB 24E; New York: Doubleday, 2000], 352). 63 Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx, “Narrative Ethics, Character, and the Prose Tale of Job,” in Character and Scripture: Moral Formation, Community, and Biblical Interpretation (ed. Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxx; Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2002), 121-34. parallelism, embedded metaphors, and the qualities of its charactersspeech indicate a view of the moral world marked by completeness and wholeness. The speech of the śāṭān, however, is a destabilizing force that questions not only Job’s virtue, but the very coherency of the moral world. In this way, the tale presents a challenge to the fundamental goodness of the moral world—which is a challenge that Job as hero must withstand—and an answer to the question “how should one live?”64 While this model highlights the moral implications of the text’s propositional content, Xxxxxx argues that it fails to capture the dynamic of narrative as an unfolding event. For this perspective, she turns to the narrative ethics of Xxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx.65 His model focuses on the performative aspect of narrative, particularly the addressivity of the narrator in the act of storytelling. In this perspective, the narrator of the Job tale invites the reader to gaze on Job as a spectacle, an object to be observed rather than a person in all of his complexity. This model brings to light some of the more disturbing aspects of the narrative, particularly the way in which it is an obje...
Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx. XXXXX X. XXXXXX Notary Public, State of New York No. 00-0000000 Queens County Cert. Filed in New York County Term expires March 30, 1959 (SEAL) STATE OF NEW YORK ss.: COUNTY OF NEW YORK
Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx. Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx This document was acknowledged before me on December 18, 2014. [Notary Public Stamp] AMORTIZATION SCHEDULE Date Payment($) Principal Paid ($) Interest Paid($) Total Interest ($) Balance ($) Dec 19th, 2015 53,579.58 47,704.58 5,875.00 5,875.00 202,295.42 Dec 19th, 2016 53,579.58 48,825.64 4,753.94 10,628.94 153,469.78 Dec 19th, 2017 53,579.58 49,973.04 3,606.54 14,235.48 103,496.74 Dec 19th, 2018 53,579.58 51,147.41 2,432.17 16,667.66 52,349.34 Dec 19th, 2019 53,579.55 52,349.34 1,230.21 17,897.87 0.00
Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx is a teacher as defined in Ind. Code 20-18-2-22. In exchange for the Teacher’s services described below, the Corporation and the Teacher agree that:

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  • Xxxx Xxxxxx Name: Xxxx Xxxxxx Title: President 0 Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxxx Xxxx, XX 00000 AGGREGATE SUBSCRIPTION AMOUNT: Aggregate Principal Amount of Note: $16,500.00 Aggregate Purchase Price: $16,500.00

  • Xxxxx Xxxxxx Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, should a Party receive a certification for a Product pursuant to the Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act of 1984 (Public Law 98-417, known as the Xxxxx-Xxxxxx Act), as amended, or its equivalent in a country other than the US, then such Party shall immediately provide the other Party with a copy of such certification. MedImmune shall have [XXXXXXX] from date on which it receives or provides a copy of such certification to provide written notice to Inovio (“H-W Suit Notice”) whether MedImmune will bring suit, at its expense, within a [XXXXXXX] period from the date of such certification. Should such [XXXXXXX] period expire without MedImmune bringing suit or providing such H-W Suit Notice, then Inovio shall be free to immediately bring suit in its name.

  • Xxxxxx Xxxxx 2. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx

  • Xxxxx Xxxxx Associates is a specialist foreign direct investment practice, providing corporate establishment, business advisory, tax advisory and compliance, accounting, payroll, due diligence and financial review services to multinationals investing in emerging Asia. P.U. (A) 296 /1982 Signed: 27 April 1982 Effective Date: 1 January 1985 AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT OF MALAYSIA AND THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBLE TAXATION AND THE PREVENTION OF FISCAL EVASION WITH RESPECT TO TAXES ON INCOME The Government of Malaysia and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines desiring to conclude an Agreement for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income, have agreed as follows:

  • Xxxx-Xxxxx-Xxxxxx Notwithstanding any other provision in this Agreement, in the event the Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976, as amended (the “HSR Act”), is applicable to any Member by reason of the fact that any assets of the Company will be distributed to such Member in connection with the dissolution of the Company, the distribution of any assets of the Company shall not be consummated until such time as the applicable waiting periods (and extensions thereof) under the HSR Act have expired or otherwise been terminated with respect to each such Member.

  • Xxxx Xxxxxxx Xx the following road, Purchaser shall keep gates closed and locked except during periods of haul. All gates that remain open during haul must be locked or securely fastened in the open position. All gates must be closed at termination of use. Road Station L-Line 61+30 LC-2000 1+00 SECTION 8 – EROSION CONTROL

  • Xxxx Xxxxx Where the parties cannot agree on an arbitrator, one of the above named will be chosen at random.

  • Xxxxxx Xxxx The right-of-way, the roadway and all improvements constructed thereon connecting the airport to a public highway.

  • Xxxxxx Xxxxxx The term “

  • Xxxxx Xxxxxxx No breach of any obligation of a party to this Agreement will constitute an event of default or breach to the extent it arises out of a cause, existing or future, that is beyond the control and without negligence of the party otherwise chargeable with breach or default, including without limitation: work action or strike; lockout or other labor dispute; flood; war; riot; theft; earthquake or natural disaster. Either party desiring to rely upon any of the foregoing as an excuse for default or breach will, when the cause arises, give to the other party prompt notice of the facts which constitute such cause; and, when the cause ceases to exist, give prompt notice thereof to the other party.