The Covenant Sample Clauses

The Covenant. Macronix covenants on behalf of itself and its Subsidiaries that it shall not assert Macronix NVM Patents (including, but not limited to Macronix NROM Patents) and Confidential Information disclosed to Saifun or to Saifun's Subsidiary, against Saifun or its Subsidiary for the use, design, development, manufacture, importation, sale, offering to sell, or *** Omitted pursuant to a confidential treatment request. The confidential information has been filed separately with the SEC. other disposition or activity regarding the Saifun Products. Such non-suit covenant will equally apply to other third party companies for the use, importation, sale, disposition or other utilization permissible under this Agreement with regards with the Saifun Products. The covenant in accordance with this provision will be automatically revoked if and when Macronix and such a third party is involved in mutual litigation initiated by such a third party. In other cases where Macronix believes that the covenant presents a significant commercial threat to Macronix against a harmful competitor the Parties will discuss potential courses of action and conduct good faith negotiations.
The Covenant. (d) The Sharing Agreement.
The Covenant. Not-to-Compete shall not (i) apply in the State of Wisconsin, (ii) apply to any direct or indirect subsidiary of a Seller which is not wholly-owned or (iii) prevent a Seller from:
The Covenant. 2.1 Subject to clause 3 the Covenantors hereby severally (limited to the due proportions received by the individual Covenantor in respect of the sale of the Shares to the Purchaser) agree with the Purchaser to pay to the Purchaser an amount equal to:-

Related to The Covenant

  • Restrictive Covenant (a) The Executive hereby acknowledges and recognizes that, during the Employment Period, the Executive will be privy to trade secrets and confidential proprietary information critical to the Company's business and the Executive further acknowledges and recognizes that the Company would find it extremely difficult or impossible to replace the Executive and, accordingly, the Executive agrees that, in consideration of the benefits to be received by the Executive hereunder, the Executive will not, from and after the date hereof until the first anniversary of the termination of the Employment Period (or six months after the termination of the Employment Period if such termination is as a result of a termination for Good Reason following a Change in Control), (i) directly or indirectly engage in the development, production, marketing or sale of products that compete (or, upon commercialization, would compete) with products of the Company or any subsidiary being developed (so long as such development has not been abandoned), marketed or sold at the time of the Executive's termination (such business or activity being hereinafter called a "Competing Business") whether such engagement shall be as an officer, director, owner, employee, partner, affiliate or other participant in any Competing Business, (ii) assist others in engaging in any Competing Business in the manner described in the foregoing clause (i), or (iii) induce other employees of the Company or any subsidiary thereof to terminate their employment with the Company or any subsidiary thereof or engage in any Competing Business. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the term "Competing Business" shall not include any business or activity that was not conducted by the Company or an subsidiary prior to the effective date of a Change in Control.

  • Covenant The Transfer Agent and the Customer agree that they will not, at any time during the term of this Agreement or after its termination, reveal, divulge, or make known to any person, firm, corporation or other business organization, any customers' lists, trade secrets, cost figures and projections, profit figures and projections, or any other secret or confidential information whatsoever, whether of the Transfer Agent or of the Customer, used or gained by the Transfer Agent or the Customer during performance under this Agreement. The Customer and the Transfer Agent further covenant and agree to retain all such knowledge and information acquired during and after the term of this Agreement respecting such lists, trade secrets, or any secret or confidential information whatsoever in trust for the sole benefit of the Transfer Agent or the Customer and their successors and assigns. The above prohibition of disclosure shall not apply to the extent that the Transfer Agent must disclose such data to its sub-contractor or agent for purposes of providing services under this Agreement.

  • NEGATIVE COVENANTS Until the Commitments have expired or terminated and the principal of and interest on each Loan and all fees payable hereunder have been paid in full and all Letters of Credit have expired or terminated and all LC Disbursements shall have been reimbursed, the Borrower covenants and agrees with the Lenders that: