Rent Arrears Sample Clauses

Rent Arrears. With respect to any rent arrears arising under the Leases, Buyer shall pay to Seller any rent actually collected that is applicable to the period preceding the Closing Date, less reasonable collection charges actually incurred; provided, however, that it is hereby understood and agreed that all rent collected by Buyer shall be applied first to unpaid rent accruing after the Closing Date, and then, only after all such past due rent has been collected, to unpaid rent accruing prior to the Closing Date.
Rent Arrears. Any rent not paid on the due date shall, without prejudice to any of the rights of the Landlord arising from such breach, bear interest at the prime rate of interest charged by the Hongkong Bank of Canada on commercial loans to its most credit worthy customers in Canada plus five (5%) percent per annum from such due date until paid.
Rent Arrears. With respect to any arrears for periods of more than one (1) month (not including the month in which the Closing occurs), Seller shall assign or transfer such arrears to Buyer against Buyer's agreement to use reasonable diligence to collect such amounts on behalf of Seller and to pay such arrears to Seller as and when collected, less reasonable collection charges (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys' fees) not in excess of the local prevailing rates (which collection charges shall be prorated against other amounts collected by Buyer from such tenant). The provisions of this paragraph shall survive the Closing.
Rent Arrears. As to prior rent arrears, Purchaser shall receive the first rents from tenants in arrears as a trust fund for prompt remission to Seller in payment of such tenant's arrears. However, if a court of competent jurisdiction shall have finally determined that any tenant in arrears is entitled to a rent abatement with respect to any portion of prior rent arrears, the payment due to Seller pursuant to the immediately preceding sentence shall be appropriately adjusted. The provisions of this Article shall survive the Closing.
Rent Arrears. 2019/20£'000
Rent Arrears. The procedures set out in section 5.6 of this Policy apply when a rent payment is missed. The non- payment of rent is a breach of the Rent to Own Agreement and may result in termination of the agreement and the option to purchase. Should a Tennant have concerns with their ability to pay rent on time and in the amount required, it is highly recommended that the Tenant’s be proactive and schedule a meeting with the Housing Manager to discuss their options before a potential breach of the agreement occurs.
Rent Arrears. Rent is due on the first day of the month. The following procedures apply immediately after one rent payment has been missed.
Rent Arrears. Rent arrears for the year ended 31 March 2009 were £1,229,163 (£1,223,563 in 2007/08) and as a proportion of gross rent income have decreased from 4.47% in 2007/08 to 4.14% in 2008/09. At 31 March 2009 a provision for bad debts of £940,604 was held in the balance sheet (£917,661 at 31 March 2008).
Rent Arrears. Tenant acknowledges that, as of May 31, 2015, Tenant owes Landlord rent and additional rent totaling $1,638,133.28. Tenant shall pay Landlord the aforesaid rent and additional rent arrears as follows: (a) $250,000 on or before July 1, 2015; (b) $1,333,471.50, payable in seventeen (17) $78,439.50 installments on the first of each month from July 1, 2015 through and including November 1, 2016 and; (c) $54,661.78 on or before December 1, 2016. Tenant shall pay Landlord the June, 2015 Rent and Additional Rent due pursuant to this Amended Lease simultaneously with the execution of this Lease Amendment.
Rent Arrears. 2021/222020/21 £'000£'000Rent Arrears1,1611,065Bad Debt Provision1,005964Bad Debts Written Off6532