More specifically Sample Clauses

More specifically. Canada and the GNWT should update population and other statistical data relevant to the funding formula; ⮚ Canada and the GNWT should accommodate the unique needs of smaller language communities by establishing a minimum base funding threshold that will sustain some level of activity; ⮚ the language communities should endeavour to develop community-based sources of ongoing financial and in-kind support as an expression of community ownership and responsibility; ⮚ governments and language communities should establish clear guidelines on the proportion of total funding that can be charged for administrative rather than program purposes; ⮚ Canada and GNWT should undertake to develop administrative capacity in communities where such is required for the purposes of Agreement funded activities. While recognizing and respecting the fact that each language community wishes to administer the Agreement funding in different ways, depending upon their own priorities, the GNWT (through the contribution agreements) should more fully recognize the inherent capacity limitations of some organizations and assist communities with financial accountability requirements and processes in order to facilitate timely distribution of funds and activity delivery; and ⮚ Canada and the GNWT should assess the feasibility of multi-year funding mechanisms, carry over provisions and reporting systems that satisfy standard accountability requirements while respecting the limited administrative capacity of some communities. A third challenge has to do with administrative processes that are not always timely or adequately responsive to community wishes and sensitivities, and with governmental processes that may not adequately include community representation. Stakeholders wished to be more fully engaged, for example, in the intergovernmental processes negotiating new cooperation agreements. Communities spoke also of unduly onerous administrative, reporting and accountability requirements that were not commensurate with the size of their funding allocations. Too much time, they said, was spent reporting rather than doing and – occasionally – duplicating work already done.
More specifically. (1) EXCELLENCE will evaluate:  Ambition. The applicants have to demonstrate to what extent that proposed product is beyond the State Of the Art and describe the innovative approach behind it (e.g. ground - breaking objectives, novel concepts and approaches, new products, services or business and organisational models).  Innovation: applicants should provide information about the level of innovation within their market and about the degree of differentiation that this experiment will bring.
More specifically sick leave shall accumulate as follows for all full-time employees:
More specifically. (a) We exclude all liability to you in any circumstances for indirect or consequential loss of any sort.
More specifically. 2.1. The data importer shall take and implement adequate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data against unauthorized or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure of, or access to personal data transmitted, stored, or otherwise processed.
More specifically. Canada and the GNWT should assist communities to define their priorities by updating the language plans setting out clear guidelines, objectives and expectations; ⮚ GNWT, in consultation with the language communities, should develop clear proposal and reporting guidelines that will streamline these processes and enable government to meet the needs of the Agreement parties in a timely fashion; ⮚ Canada and the GNWT should incorporate reasonable measures and indicators at the outset of the Agreement to facilitate monitoring and reporting; ⮚ GNWT should xxxxxx improved communications among all the language communities and government departments involved in the delivery of language activities, programs and supports; and ⮚ Canada and the GNWT should endeavour to reduce duplication through better communication and a more thorough sharing of information.
More specifically the goals of this partnership are to  Make it possible for students to be jointly admitted to both institutions;  Eliminate barriers for students in attaining their educational goals, improving student success and degree attainment at the associate and baccalaureate levels;  Reduce the time to degree for both associate and bachelor degree students;  Expand student options for college services;  Improve academic program articulation;  Expand financial aid resources to support students at both institutions;  Use resources at both institutions more efficiently and effectively; and  Plan, develop, and align instructional programs at the undergraduate level.
More specifically the parties recognise that: − strong domestic championships are vital for the on-going and healthy development of a large professional football sector in Europe; − continuing, full, and loyal participation of players and clubs in the main national league, association and UEFA club competitions is essential to support the existence of a large and healthy professional football sector in Europe; − national teams and clubs are the two complementary and indispensable elements of professional football; − football bodies should discuss and implement necessary measures to promote the training and development of players throughout Europe and to maintain competitive balance and contestability in the interests of the sport and the public; − professional football in Europe needs to maintain an efficient, consistent, and accountable system for cross-border movement of players with particular reference to contractual stability; − there is a need to protect the sporting values and traditions of football in light of the fact that professional sport is not only an economic activity; − professional football needs financial balance, and to promote fair competition, good economic practices, and appropriate control systems; − there is a need to find the right balance between labour legislation and the specific characteristics of football including respect for the principle of maintenance of contractual stability, and − disputes should be resolved within appropriately constituted football structures. 2 Objectives of Cooperation To protect and promote these common values and concerns the parties agree as follows:
More specifically sick leave may accumulate as follows:
More specifically. MBE Italy hereby expressly represents to keep Mr. Internò unharmed and indemnified against any present or future claim and/or demand and/or dispute which may involve Mr. Internò in his capacity as Managing Director/Chairman of the Board of Directors/legal representative/Executive of MBE Italy, save for any act and/or deed executed by Mr. Internò with gross negligence or willful misconduct and except for any illegal act committed by Mr. Internò in violation of Italian laws and/or US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and/or US Export Control Laws.