Wastewater Sample Clauses

Wastewater i.e. wastewater and storm water collection, treatment and management systems.
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Wastewater. Developer shall install all required sewer lines and appurtenances. Prior to the issuance of any building permits for the Development, all sanitary sewer improvements shall be substantially completed as determined by the Town and all associated wastewater capacity fees shall be paid.
Wastewater. The land within the Project, including the Ag Lot, is subject to that certain Declaration of Restrictive Covenants (Wastewater Treatment and Disposal) dated March 17, 2016, recorded in the Bureau as Document No. A-59240459 and supplemented by that certain Supplemental Declaration of Restrictive Covenants (Wastewater Treatment and Disposal) dated April 17, 2017 and recorded in the Bureau as Document Nos. A-63180878A and B (collectively, the “Wastewater Declaration”). Pursuant to the Wastewater Declaration, (a) no domestic wastewater may be treated or discharged within the Project without review and specific approval of the Department of Health’s Environmental Management Division (Wastewater Branch), (b) except in limited circumstances not applicable to this Agreement, all accessory buildings in the Project must utilize an aerobic treatment unit with evapo-transpiration fields for disposal of treated effluent (also known as a “zero discharge system”), (c) the zero discharge system serving any accessory building in the Project must be designed by a licensed engineer in accordance with the applicable provisions of Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 11-62, and (d) any person installing a zero discharge system in the Project must enter into a proactive maintenance contract with a wastewater professional approved by the Wastewater Branch to assure regular inspection, service, repair and replacement of malfunctioning components and submission of repair logs and monitoring reports. The terms and conditions of the Wastewater Declaration are integrated herein by reference. For the avoidance of doubt, houses, dwellings, lodgings, and other residential structures or uses are not permitted on the Ag Lot.
Wastewater. Wastewater connection fees for residential units shall be capped at the existing City rate of $4,780 for condominium units, and $3,320 for multi-family units through and including July 1, 2024, which shall not be extended pursuant to any of the provisions that allow extensions or tolling. City shall investigate potential adjustments to water connection fees for smaller residential units to reflect a possibility of fewer residents residing within the unit and, therefore, lower wastewater use. . Sewer connection fees for non-residential development in the Project are to be paid at the rate then in effect when the fee is paid. Wastewater connection fees shall not be required by the City of Xxxxx if the Project is connected to the UC Davis wastewater treatment system and not the City system.
Wastewater. The Town will provide wastewater-collection and transmission service to the Project, transmitting Project wastewater to the Central Lake Community Development District (“CDD”) or another wastewater utility service provider with available capacity to treat and dispose the Project’s wastewater (“Wastewater Utility”). The Owner must obtain from the CDD or Wastewater Utility a contract right for the Project to receive treatment and disposal of its wastewater at such provider’s treatment and disposal facilities. The Owner shall construct, at no expense to the Town, all off-site wastewater-system facilities, lines, lift stations, pumps, valves, control structures, and appurtenances (other than wastewater-treatment plants and disposal facilities) necessary to serve the Project. The construction and route of off-site lines, lift stations, pumps, and other structures shall be done according to engineering plans prepared by the Owner and approved by the Town Manager.
Wastewater a. Does the facility produce any "process wastewater," meaning any wastewater that has come in contact with chemicals or other materials in process (essentially, any discharge of water other than from sinks and toilets)?
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Wastewater. The parties acknowledge and agree that the Owners have entered into that certain Agreement and Commitment for Utility Services, dated June 21, 2005 (the “Utilities Commitment”), with the CDD, the terms of which provide, in relevant part, that the Project will receive wastewater treatment and disposal service from the wastewater facilities of the CDD. The Owners acknowledge that (i) from time to time the Town may impose fees and charges and may issue wastewater-system regulations and policies that impose restrictions and requirements on its wastewater customers and benefiting property owners, such as the Owners, and (ii) the imposition of such fees and charges and the increase of such regulations are not prohibited by or otherwise a breach of this Agreement.
Wastewater. The City’s level of service standard for wastewater collection and treatment is 128 gpcd. These standards are in compliance with all standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Florida Department of Environmental Protection. (See the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Infrastructure Element, Policy 2.1G).
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