Wastewater treatment system definition

Wastewater treatment system means any equipment, plants,
Wastewater treatment system means any equipment, plants, structures, machinery, apparatus, or land, or any combination thereof, acquired, used, constructed or operated by, or on behalf of, a local government unit for the storage, collection, reduction, recycling, reclamation, disposal, separation, or other treatment of wastewater or sewage sludge, or for the collection or treatment, or both, of stormwater runoff and wastewater, or for the final disposal of residues resulting from the treatment of wastewater, including, but not limited to, pumping and ventilating stations, treatment plants and works, connections, outfall sewers, interceptors, trunk lines, stormwater management systems, and other personal property and appurtenances necessary for their use or operation; "wastewater treatment system" shall include a stormwater management system or a combined sewer system;
Wastewater treatment system or "Wastewater System" means:

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  • Wastewater treatment system In 2012 and 2013, average heat value of incoming MSW to Xishan was about 4KJ/kg, considerably below design parameter that should be above 5 KJ/kg.

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Wastewater treatment system means treatment works and all related pipelines or conduits, pumping stations and force mains, and all other appurtenances and devices used for collecting, treating, conducting or discharging wastewater;
Wastewater treatment system means equipment, plants, structures,
Wastewater treatment system means any Wastewater Treatment Works, as defined in the Federal Act, that is publicly owned, and as further described in the Regulations.
Wastewater treatment system means devices, structures, and equipment used to treat, neutralize, stabilize, or dispose of wastewater and residuals;
Wastewater treatment system means the combination of a wastewater collection system and a wastewater treatment plant.
Wastewater treatment system means any devices, facilities, structures, equipment, or works owned or used by the District for the purpose of the transmission, storage, treatment, recycling, and reclamation of Domestic and Non-Domestic Waste, or necessary to recycle or reuse Water at the most economical cost over the estimated life of the Wastewater system, including but not limited to intercepting Sewers, outfall Sewers, sewage collection systems, pumping, power, and other equipment and their appurtenances, extensions, improvements, remodelling, additions, and alterations, including the J.A.M.E.S. Treatment Plant, 5959 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford.
Wastewater treatment system means the wastewater treatment system of the Participant, all facilities being used in conjunction therewith and all appurtenances and extensions thereto, including but not limited to the wastewater treatment system project which the Participant is financing under this Agreement.