The Central Sample Clauses

The Central. Billing Party shall charge the costs associated with the performance of the Central Billing function. The charges shall be included in the Accounting Unit cost.
The Central. Billing Party shall be responsible for the preparation and submission of ROV annual budget, submission of billing, accounting and settlement of all amounts due from the Maintenance Authorities under this Agreement.
The Central. In the event that one member of the job sharing arrangement goes on any of the above leaves of absence exceeding the remaining partner has the option of covering all of the absent partner's shifts for the duration of the absence. If the employee is unable to cover the entire leave of absence she or he must inform the manager of her or his intentions to cover all of the absent partner's shifts at least two (2) weeks prior to the posting of each schedule. If the employee cannot cover for her or his partner, the vacancy will be offered to the mostsenior regular part time employee. Job sharers are not required to cover for their partner in the case of prolonged or extended absences. Where the job sharing arrangement arises out of the filling of a vacant full time position, both job sharing positionswill be posted and selection will be based on the criteria set out in the Agreement. An incumbent full time employee wishing to share her or his position, may do so without having her or his half of the position posted. The other half of the job sharing position will be posted and selection will be made on the criteria set out in the Agreement.
The Central. Maintenance Department grounds and maintenance responsibilities associated with spring and summer grass cutting, weed trimming will be supplemented at the discretion of the Service Director with youth based seasonal personnel either directly or through a public service organization or contracted out to provide efficient and timely mowing. The parties mutually agree that this work will be done by students and will not be performed by “professional for-profit contractors”. In the event that there is no interest or public service organizations are not available or a contract cannot be obtained both the City and the Union will meet in advance of the affected growing season to discuss seasonal grounds maintenance responsibilities. Further, it shall be known that this agreement does not preclude the City from contracting ongoing grass cutting or weed trimming on private property as part of its code enforcement responsibilities.

Related to The Central

  • Central Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, in the event the parties to this Agreement agree to negotiate for its renewal through the process of central bargaining, either party to this Agreement may give notice to the other party of its desire to bargain for amendments on local matters proposed for incorporation in the renewal of this Agreement and negotiations on local matters shall take place during the period from to days prior to the termination date of this Agreement. Negotiations on central matters shall take place during the period commencing forty-five days prior to the termination date of this Agreement. It is understood and agreed that "local matters" means, those matters which have been determined by mutual agreement between the central negotiating committees respectively representing each of the parties to this Agreement as being subjects for local bargaining directly between the parties to this Agreement. It is also agreed that local bargaining shall be subject to such procedures that may be determined by mutual agreements between the central negotiating committees referred to above. For such purposes, it is further understood that the central negotiating committees will meet during the sixth month prior to the month of termination of this Agreement to convey the intentions of their principals as to possible participation in central negotiations, if any, and the conditions for such central bargaining." Dated at Ontario, this of FOR THE LOCAL UNION FOR THE HOSPITAL Standard Provisions COMBINED WORK-LOAD REVIEW FORM to complete every section of Occurrence Date Form Submitted to Employer Type of Work Being Performed Number of Staff on Duty Usual Number of Staff on Duty the undersigned, believe that I were given an assignment that was excessive or inconsistent with quality patient care and/or created an unsafe working environment for the following reasons. (Provide brief description of below): To correct this problem, recommended: of Immediate Supervisor Notified of Notification Response Signature of Printed on Line Below: do not agree with the resolution of my concern.

  • xxx/OpenGovernment/LobbingAtOrangeCounty aspx A lobbying blackout period shall commence upon issuance of the solicitation until the Board selects the Contractor. For procurements that do not require Board approval, the blackout period commences upon solicitation issuance and concludes upon contract award. The County may void any contract where the County Mayor, one or more County Commissioners, or a County staff person has been lobbied in violation of the black-out period restrictions of Ordinance No. 2002-15. • Orange County Protest Procedures xxxx:// px Failure to file a protest with the Manager, Procurement Division by 5:00 PM on the fifth full business day after posting, shall constitute a waiver of bid protest proceedings.

  • Port A line card (or equivalent) and associated peripheral equipment on an End Office Switch that interconnects individual Loops or individual Customer trunks with the switching components of an End Office Switch and the associated switching functionality in that End Office Switch. Each Port is typically associated with one (or more) telephone number(s) that serves as the Customer's network address. The Port is part of the provision of unbundled Local Switching Element.

  • Washington A ten percent (10%) penalty per month shall be applied to refunds not paid or credited within thirty (30) days of receipt of returned service agreement. We may not cancel this Agreement without providing You with written notice at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the effective date of cancellation. Such notice shall include the effective date of cancellation and the reason for cancellation. You are not required to wait sixty (60) days before filing a claim directly with the insurer. ARBITRATION section is amended to add the following: The Insurance Commissioner of Washington is the Service Provider’s attorney to receive service of process in any action, suit or proceeding in any court, and the state of Washington has jurisdiction of any civil action in connection with this Agreement. Arbitration proceedings shall be held at a location in closest proximity to the service Agreement holder’s permanent residence. You may file a direct claim with the insurance company at any time. Wisconsin: ARBITRATION section of this Agreement is removed. CANCELLATION section is amended as follows: Claims paid or the cost of repairs performed shall not be deducted from the amount to be refunded upon cancellation of this Agreement. In the “WHAT IS NOT COVERED” section of this Agreement, exclusion (L) and the “unauthorized repairs and/or parts” exclusion is removed. THIS CONTRACT IS SUBJECT TO LIMITED REGULATION BY THE OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER. Proof of loss should be furnished by You to the Administrator as soon as reasonably possible and within one (1) year after the time required by this Agreement. Failure to furnish such notice or proof within the time required by this Agreement does not invalidate or reduce a claim. A ten percent (10%) penalty per month shall be applied to refunds not paid or credited within forty-five (45) days of receipt of returned Service Agreement. If Administrator fails to provide, or reimburse or pay for, a service that is covered under this Agreement within sixty-one (61) days after You provide proof of loss, or if the Administrator becomes insolvent or otherwise financially impaired, You may file a claim directly with the Insurer for reimbursement, payment, or provision of the service.

  • College has the sole right to control and direct the instructional activities of all instructors, including those who are SCHOOL DISTRICT employees.

  • Department of Agriculture United States Department of Agriculture at 0-000-000-0000, 000-000-0000, or xxxx:// to determine those specific project sites located in the quarantined area or for any regulated article used on this project originating in a quarantined county. Regulated Articles Include

  • Missouri CANCELLATION section is amended as follows: A ten percent (10%) penalty per month shall be applied to refunds not paid or credited within forty-five (45) days of receipt of returned Service Agreement.

  • Department Head A. Within ten (10) business days from his/her receipt of the decision resulting from the previous level, the employee may appeal to the Department Head using the original copy of the grievance.

  • Department Heads A. Department Heads shall not be required to act as the school disciplinarians.

  • Data Storage Where required by applicable law, Student Data shall be stored within the United States. Upon request of the LEA, Provider will provide a list of the locations where Student Data is stored.