City System definition

City System means the City-owned Wastewater treatment facility and any sewer that conveys wastewater to the treatment facility, pipes, sewers or other conveyances or facilities providing Wastewater collection, transportation or treatment. City System shall not include any Local Sewer System.
City System means all facilities necessary to enable City to collect and transport Sewage to the WWTP, including Interconnects.
City System means the Edmond Electric municipal electrical distribution system.

Examples of City System in a sentence

  • Off the Shelf / Configurable by the City System limits schedule actions to 32, however multiple schedules can be configured.

  • City shall be responsible for operating, maintaining, repairing the City System, including the Master Meters.

  • Recognizing however, that City's undertaking to provide and maintain the services of the City System is an obligation, failure in the performance of which cannot be adequately compensated in money damages alone, City agrees, in the event of any default on its part, that Customer shall have available to it the equitable remedies of mandamus and specific performance in addition to any other legal or equitable remedies (other than termination of this Agreement) that may also be available.

  • City shall be solely responsible for regulatory compliance associated with the City System, and Customer shall be solely responsible for regulatory compliance associated with the Customer System.

  • City owns and operates water supply, storage, treatment, transmission and distribution facilities which have been designed to serve the needs of its customers in Harris County, Texas (collectively, the "City System").

More Definitions of City System

City System means the Boise city employee's retirement system and any policeman's retirement system established and operated by virtue of any city ordinance, charter, or pursuant to the provisions of chapter 15, title 50, Idaho Code.
City System. The City System shall include all: (i) potable water xxxxx, raw water lines, potable water treatment plants and distribution lines to the extent such distribution lines are designed to service customers outside of the limits of the Property, and all other potable water system improvements located outside of the limits of the Property; (ii) wastewater treatment plants (wherever located) and all wastewater collection lines and lift/pump stations and all other wastewater system improvements to the extent such collection lines, lift/pump stations and improvements are located outside the limits of the Property; and (iii) wastewater treatment plants and facilities necessary to provide reuse capacity and service to the Property and all distribution lines necessary to provide treated effluent to the boundary of the Property and those reuse improvements to be constructed by City as identified in Section 3(c) below. Except as otherwise provided for herein, the City System shall also ultimately include the On-Site System and other improvements constructed by Developer, or its successors or assigns, necessary to provide Utility Service to the Development, after acceptance of dedication by City.
City System means the City’s electric utility.
City System means the system of Sanitary Sewer Collection Lines and appurtenances connected thereto that are owned and operated by the City, which shall include those Sanitary Sewer Collection Lines and appurtenances existing as of the Effective Date of this Annexation Agreement and those installed, constructed, modified, improved, or replaced thereafter.
City System means the water and wastewater system owned by the City and any expansions, improvements, enlargements, additions and replacements thereto (including the Wastewater Treatment Plant).
City System means the Water transmission system cons1stmg of the Watermains, metering facilities, pumps, and associated piping, connections, equipment and works owned and/or operated by the City extending up to but excluding the Point of Delivery;
City System means the facilities owned and operated by City, together with all extensions, expansions, improvements, enlargements, betterments and replacements to provide retail or wholesale water services to City's customers in the City Service Area. The City System shall include the Delivery Point Improvements, but shall not include the Customer System. "City Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan" means, collectively, the City Water Conservation Plan and the City Drought Contingency Plan, as may be amended by the from time to time.