Transmission Service definition

Transmission Service means Point-To-Point Transmission Service provided under Tariff, Part II on a firm and non-firm basis.
Transmission Service or “Service” shall mean a service provided by the TSO in accordance with this Agreement.
Transmission Service means Point-To-Point Transmission Service provided under Tariff, Part II on a firm and non-firm basis. Transmission Service Request:

Examples of Transmission Service in a sentence

  • Non-use of the reserved Transmission Service by the Transmission Customer for any reason or cause will not relieve the Transmission Customer of payment.

  • For any discount agreed upon for service on a path, from Point(s) of Receipt to Point(s) of Delivery, TVA will offer for the same time period the same discounted Non-Firm Point-To-Point Transmission Service rate to all Eligible Customers on all unconstrained transmission paths that go to the same Point(s) of Delivery on TVA’s Transmission System.

  • If Transmission Service is provided under an umbrella Service Agreement forShort-Term Firm Point-To-Point Transmission Service, only the information listed in subsections (A) through (D) will be required in the Application.

  • TVA shall have the right to require other information from the Eligible Customer for purposes of determining whether a request for Transmission Service is duplicative or mutually exclusive of other requests, whether there is Available Transfer Capability on the TVA Transmission System, whether there is a potential regional impact, or to remedy apparent deficiencies in the information initially received from the Eligible Customer.

  • The TransmissionCustomer may postpone service by paying a non-refundable annual reservation fee equal to one month's charge for firm Transmission Service for each year of extension or fraction thereof within 15 days of notifying TVA it intends to extend the commencement of service.

More Definitions of Transmission Service

Transmission Service means the provision of any transmission as defined in § 358.3(f).
Transmission Service means, if applicable, the transmission services pursuant to which the Transmission Provider transmits Output to the Point of Delivery, as applicable.
Transmission Service means services provided to the Transmission Customer by the Transmission Service Provider to move energy from a Point of Receipt to a Point of Delivery.**
Transmission Service means provision, supply or conveyance of electricity by means of cables and / or overhead lines, together with any step up and step-down transformers, switch-gear and other works used for the control of such cables or overhead lines, and such buildings or part thereof as may be required to accommodate such transformers, switchgear and other works and such other related services as may be provided by APTRANSCO from time to time.
Transmission Service means a service provided by a transmitter to a customer as specified in the transmitter’s Rate Order, and includes Network Service, Line Connection Service, Transformation Connection Service or such other transmission service as may be described in such Rate Order;
Transmission Service means the Long-Term Firm PTP Service or NT Service requested on Bonneville’s OASIS in accordance with Bonneville’s OATT.