Building Permits definition

Building Permits means those permits issued pursuant to the following chapters of the CMC as now exist or as may be hereafter amended: (A) Chapter 15.04, Building Codes; (B) Chapter 15.08, Flood Control; (C) Chapter 15.20, Mobile Homes.
Building Permits means permits for the construction of new dwelling units on a site, not including rebuilding, remodeling, renovating or enlarging existing units, moving an existing dwelling from one unincorporated site to another unincorporated site, or units exempted by “grandfathering.”
Building Permits means a single permit or set of permits required to construct an entire structure, which structure may include stand-alone surface parking, common areas, landscaping, or other areas. If a permit is issued for parking, landscaping or another related facility or amenity, but a building permit has not yet been issued for the structure that these facilities or amenities serve, such permits shall not be considered “Building Permits” for purposes of application of the Special Tax herein.

Examples of Building Permits in a sentence

  • The successful bidder shall be required to obtain, at its expense, all permits, licenses and other authorizations necessary for the performance of the services, except that the Owner shall obtain, at its expense, all Building Permits that are required for completion of the Project.

  • If a Pasco County Global Positioning System (GPS) network point is located within the boundary of the site or within 50 feet of the same, the point shall be re-established using GPS methods and "Blue Booked" prior to the issuance of any Building Permits or the recording of any plat.

  • No Building Permits for the site may be issued after December 31, 2019.

  • Building Permits shall expire 12 months after the date of issuance.

  • No construction or use may be commenced on the Property until the Municipality has issued any Development Permits, Building Permits and/or Occupancy Permits that may be required.

More Definitions of Building Permits

Building Permits means all Permits required to be obtained or maintained in order for Contractor to perform the design, engineering, procurement, site clearing, civil works and construction of the Facility on the Facility Site (including, without limitation, the provision of machinery, materials, labor and transportation services related thereto) or the performance of the Services related to similar activities, including without limitation all Permits required to allow Contractor to do business in the jurisdictions where the Project is to be performed; provided, that if any such required Permits need to be obtained in the name of Owner and not in the Contractor's or Subcontractor's name, Owner shall cooperate with Contractor as reasonably necessary to enable Contractor to obtain such Permits in the Owner's name. Building Permits shall not include Permits pertaining to (i) environmental regulation of the Facility Site (other than with respect to Contractor's activities thereon in its performance of the Services), (ii) land use or zoning matters affecting the Facility Site or (iii) environmental regulation of start-up, testing or operation of the Facility.
Building Permits means any building permits issued by the City for the Building, together with all amendments, modifications or replacements thereof, and all plans, drawings and specifications related thereto, which are approved by the City;
Building Permits. Where local building permits are required prior to commencing replacement of appliances, systems or components, Company will pay up to $250 per occurrence for such local building permits. Company will not be responsible for replacement service when permits cannot be obtained. HVAC Lifting Equipment: Company will cover fees associated with the use of cranes or other lifting equipment required to service heating or air conditioning units up to $250 per occurrence.
Building Permits mean all permits, licenses, easements, variances, exemptions, consents, certificates, authorizations, registrations, Orders and other approvals from Governmental Entities necessary for, or issued to, build, construct, maintain, demolish, remodel, refurbish and/or occupy any structures, buildings, infrastructure or utilities (or appurtenances thereto) relating to any Real Property.
Building Permits means the building permits granted to Seller in its current or previous name as follows: No. 242/2535, No. 54/2539, No. 153/2540, No. 4/2542 and No. 19/2544.
Building Permits means the permits for which Tenant shall apply to the City and other Governmental Authorities (if and as applicable) for authorization to construct the Improvements on the Property pursuant to approved Master Development Plan submitted by Xxxxxx.
Building Permits means all of the building permits to be issued by all Governmental Authorities that are required for the construction of the Improvements. “Building Permit” shall mean any one of the Building Permits.