Property Owners Sample Clauses

Property Owners. The property owner of a mixed-use property in excess of a total area of 6,000 square feet may arrange for a single or multiple commercial containers that will also serve the residential use of the property, if the Container(s) is (are) of sufficient size to accommodate the joint usage without spillover. Such owner shall be charged the commercial Container rate. Bulk Waste pickup shall be provided for the residential use only, which shall not exceed two (2) cubic yards monthly. Upon request to Contractor for the service, the service will be provided at the next regularly scheduled pickup.
Property Owners. Property Owner’s Signature Printed Name Date Property Owner’s Signature NOTARY Signature, Stamp or Seal: Printed Name Date
Property Owners. The County and the Park shall give due consideration to the interests of property owners and tenants wherever involved and shall conduct the work to be performed hereunder in a manner causing a minimum of inconvenience and injury to said property owners or tenants. The Park shall provide and maintain a safe condition at crossings of public roads, private roads, and entrances that may be open for the work hereunder to be performed. The Park shall provide and maintain work conditions that comply with the normal requirements and regulations involving the application of spray herbicides. The Parties will be expected to respect private property and adjacent public roadsides that have been adequately flagged or otherwise marked, as a “No Sprayzone.
Property Owners. The failure of the Borrowers, at any time during the term of the Credit Facility, to directly or indirectly own 100% of the Property Owners.
Property Owners. Lessees acknowledge that Property Owners have the right to peaceful enjoyment of their Lots. Lessees therefore agree that a strict written fly control program be submitted to RCRN for approval prior to the release of any cattle. The Lessee agrees to follow the submitted, approved program.
Property Owners. This Agreement is expressly conditioned upon the property owners’ acceptance of service by the municipality hereby assigned to serve it. Each party may require a covenant agreement or similar indenture or servitude by the property owners that requires adherence to the ordinances, rates, and other rules of the municipality providing service.
Property Owners. In the event the Customer (as such term is defined in the Rules and Regulations) is not the owner of record of the Property (the “Property Owner,” as defined in the Rules and Regulations), this Agreement shall be entered into between the District and Customer, as well as between the District and the Property Owner, prior to the Suspension of Services.

Related to Property Owners

  • Lands of Other Property Owners If any part of the Connecting Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities and/or System Upgrade Facilities and/or System Deliverability Upgrades is to be installed on property owned by persons other than Developer or Connecting Transmission Owner, the Connecting Transmission Owner shall at Developer’s expense use efforts, similar in nature and extent to those that it typically undertakes for its own or affiliated generation, including use of its eminent domain authority, and to the extent consistent with state law, to procure from such persons any rights of use, licenses, rights of way and easements that are necessary to construct, operate, maintain, test, inspect, replace or remove the Connecting Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities and/or System Upgrade Facilities and/or System Deliverability Upgrades upon such property.

  • Access to Property, Property’s Management, Property Lender, and Property Tenants Potential Investor agrees to not seek to gain access to any non-public areas of the Property or communicate with Property’s management employees, the holder of any financing encumbering the Property, the Property’s tenants, and the Owner’s partners in the ownership of the Property, without the prior consent of Owner or HFF, which consent may be withheld in the Owner’s sole discretion.

  • The Properties Attached hereto as Schedule I is the description of certain Land (the "Subject Property"). Effective upon the execution and delivery of this Lease Supplement by Lessor and Lessee, such Land, together with any Building and other improvements thereon or which thereafter may be constructed thereon shall be subject to the terms and provisions of the Lease and Lessor hereby grants, conveys, transfers and assigns to the Related Lessee those interests, rights, titles, estates, powers and privileges provided for in the Lease with respect to the Subject Property.

  • Partnership Property All property, real, personal, tangible, intangible, or mixed, acquired by or contributed to the Partnership shall be owned by the Partnership and titled in its name and such property shall not be owned individually by any Partner. Each Partner acknowledges and agrees that the System and all elements thereof, are the exclusive property of the Company and are not Partnership property. Each Partner acknowledges and agrees that the Proprietary Marks are the exclusive property of the Company and are not Partnership property. Each Partner acknowledges and agrees that the Partnership shall not acquire or own any land or buildings. Any land or buildings used in the Partnership business shall be acquired and owned by the Company or an Affiliate of the Company and leased to the Partnership at reasonable rates and terms, and such land and buildings shall not be Partnership property.

  • Property Manager Any entity that has been retained to perform and carry out property rental, leasing, operation and management services at one or more of the Properties, excluding persons, entities or independent contractors retained or hired to perform facility management or other services or tasks at a particular Property.

  • Real Property Matters The Company does not own any real property as of the date hereof and has not owned any real property during the three years preceding the date hereof.

  • Operating Leases Not permit the aggregate amount of all rental payments under Operating Leases made (or scheduled to be made) by the Loan Parties (on a consolidated basis) to exceed $1,000,000 in any Fiscal Year.

  • Property Use The Property shall be used only for multifamily apartments, and for no other use without the prior written consent of Lender, which consent may be withheld in Lender's discretion.

  • Real Property Interests Except for the ownership, leasehold or other interests set forth on Schedule 6.23, LTC and its Subsidiaries have, as of the LTC Closing Date, no ownership, leasehold or other interest in real property.