The Bureau Sample Clauses

The Bureau. The Commission shall elect a Chairperson and two Vice-Chairpersons by a two-third majority. The three shall constitute the Bureau of the Commission which will operate in accordance with the terms of reference set out in the Rules of Procedure.
The Bureau. (1) The Bureau will aim to provide consistent Services across the nation. However, the parties acknowledge and accept that there may be circumstances based on hazard risk, population, climatological and other scientific factors that require the Bureau to vary the provision of Services for certain States or Territories, or to redirect its resources to address one or more particular Hazard Events.

Related to The Bureau

  • Agency The Manager shall act as agent of the Company in making, acquiring, financing and disposing of Investments, disbursing and collecting the Company’s funds, paying the debts and fulfilling the obligations of the Company, supervising the performance of professionals engaged by or on behalf of the Company and handling, prosecuting and settling any claims of or against the Company, the Board of Directors, holders of the Company’s securities or the Company’s representatives or properties.

  • Rating 26. (1) The State shall ensure that notwithstanding the provisions of any Act or anything done or purported to be done under any Act the valuation of all lands the subject of this Agreement (except the accommodation area and any other parts of the lands the subject of this Agreement on which accommodation units or housing for the Company’s workforce is erected or which is occupied in connection with such accommodation units or housing and except as to any part upon which there stands any improvements that are used in connection with a commercial undertaking not directly related to the mining activities carried out by the Company pursuant to approved proposals) shall for rating purposes under the Local Government Act 1960, be deemed to be on the unimproved value thereof and no such lands shall be subject to any discriminatory rate and further as regards the mining lease that the unimproved value thereof shall be calculated on the basis that the mining lease is a mining lease under the Mining Act and not as land held pursuant to an agreement made with the Crown in right of the State and scheduled to an Act approving the agreement.

  • Surveillance 23.1.1 Any surveillance must be undertaken and used in accordance with the University Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy guidelines and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chap. F.31 as amended.

  • Ratings No “nationally recognized statistical rating organization” as such term is defined for purposes of Rule 436(g)(2) (i) has imposed (or has informed the Company that it is considering imposing) any condition (financial or otherwise) on the Company’s retaining any rating assigned to the Company or any securities of the Company or (ii) has indicated to the Company that it is considering any of the actions described in Section 7(c)(ii) hereof.

  • Secondary Market Trading and Standard & Poor’s The Company will apply to be included in Standard & Poor’s Daily News and Corporation Records Corporate Descriptions for a period of five years from the consummation of a Business Combination. Promptly after the consummation of the Offering, the Company shall take such steps as may be necessary to obtain a secondary market trading exemption for the Company’s securities in the State of California. The Company shall also take such other action as may be reasonably requested by the Representative to obtain a secondary market trading exemption in such other states as may be requested by the Representative.

  • AGENCY RELATIONSHIPS If permitted by applicable law, the Owner hereby consents to the Agent acting as a dual agent for the Owner and any tenant(s) or buyer(s) resulting in a real estate transaction. The Owner understands that the Agent may have or obtain property management agreements on other properties and that potential tenants may consider, make offers on, or lease through the Agent property the same as or similar to the Property. The Owner consents to the Agent's representation of the other owners' properties before, during, and after the expiration of this Agreement.

  • Private Placement Number A Private Placement Number issued by Standard & Poor’s CUSIP Service Bureau (in cooperation with the SVO) shall have been obtained for the Notes.

  • Other Relationships No relationship created hereunder or under any other Loan Document shall in any way affect the ability of the Administrative Agent and each Lender to enter into or maintain business relationships with the Borrower or any of its Affiliates beyond the relationships specifically contemplated by this Agreement and the other Loan Documents.

  • Agency Fees Borrowers shall pay to the Administrative Agent an agency fee in such amounts and at such times as heretofore agreed upon by letter agreement among Parent, the Borrowers and the Administrative Agent. The agency fee is for the services to be performed by the Administrative Agent in acting as Administrative Agent and is fully earned on the date paid. The agency fee paid to the Administrative Agent is solely for its own account and is nonrefundable.

  • Monitoring In each case in which the Foreign Custody Manager maintains Foreign Assets with an Eligible Foreign Custodian selected by the Foreign Custody Manager, the Foreign Custody Manager shall establish a system to monitor (i) the appropriateness of maintaining the Foreign Assets with such Eligible Foreign Custodian and (ii) the contract governing the custody arrangements established by the Foreign Custody Manager with the Eligible Foreign Custodian. In the event the Foreign Custody Manager determines that the custody arrangements with an Eligible Foreign Custodian it has selected are no longer appropriate, the Foreign Custody Manager shall notify the Board in accordance with Section 3.2.5 hereunder.