Wetlands Sample Clauses

Wetlands. Wetlands are protected by the federal and state governments. Buyer may wish to hire an environmental engineer to investigate whether the Property is located in a wetlands area to determine if permits for plans to build, improve or develop the property would be affected or denied because of its location in a wetlands area.
Wetlands. Approval by the Township of the Plan shall not be construed as compliance with the provisions of federal or state laws or regulations regarding building, dredging or filling in areas which are or may be deemed to be wetlands within the jurisdiction of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, the United States Environmental Protection Agency or DEP.
Wetlands. Except as expressly identified in the survey delivered to the Lender, no part of the Property consists of or is classified as wetlands, tidelands or swamp and overflow lands.
Wetlands. When disposing of excess, spoil, or other construction materials on public or private property, Demolition Contractor shall not fill in or otherwise convert wetlands.
Wetlands. The Developer acknowledges its awareness that development of the property covered hereby may require approval by the United States Corp of Engineers and/or the State of Maryland or others with respect to portions of the development which may constitute “wetlands” as defined in Federal and/or State Law and Regulations. Any compliance therewith which may be lawfully required is the sole obligation and responsibility of the Developer.
Wetlands. The Recipient agrees to facilitate compliance, and assures that its Third Party Participants will facilitate compliance, with the protections for wetlands provided in Executive Order 11990, as amended, “Protection of Wetlands,” 42 U.S.C. § 4321 note,
Wetlands. No part of the Property consists of or is classified as wetlands, tidelands or swamp and overflow lands.
Wetlands. To the extent of Seller’s actual knowledge, there are no areas of the Land subject to wetlands regulation or the jurisdiction of any federal, state or county agency regulating and controlling wetlands, and no such agency has made a determination that any wetland exists on the Land.