Utility Services Sample Clauses

Utility Services. The Owner represents that, to the best of its knowledge, all utility services required to construct and operate the Project (including, without limitation, public water, sewer and electricity) are currently available to the Property in the capacities required to operate the Project. No work need be performed by or on behalf of the Developer to make such utilities available to the Property for the construction or operation of the Project, except for the matters, if any, set forth on Exhibit "D". Copies of letters from the providers of such utility services confirming such availability are annexed hereto as Exhibit "G".
Utility Services. Tenant shall pay the cost of all utility services, including but not limited to initial connection charges, all charges for gas, water and electricity used on the demised premises, and for all electric lights, lamps and tubes.
Utility Services. The Airline agrees to pay the full cost and expense associated with its use of all utilities, including but not limited to, water, sanitary sewer, electric, storm drainage, and telecommunications and data services.
Utility Services. Commencing on the date on which Xxxxxxxx delivers possession of the Demised Premises to Tenant, Tenant shall make payments for the following utilities based upon or in connection with the Demised Premises. (Check all that apply) ☐ Water ☐ Gas ☐ Heat ☐ Light ☐ Other: ☐ Power ☐ Telephone ☐ Internet ☐ Sewage Disposal In turn, Xxxxxxxx will be responsible for making payments for the following utilities: ☐ Water ☐ Gas ☐ Heat ☐ Light ☐ Other: ☐ Power ☐ Telephone ☐ Internet ☐ Sewage Disposal
Utility Services. (a) Tenant shall make all arrangements for, and shall provide and pay all charges and deposits required by the provider for, water, sewer, gas, boiler water, electricity, telephone and any other utilities or services used or consumed on the Premises (collectively, “Utility Services”), whether called use charge, tax assessment, fee, or otherwise, as the same become due. As part of the Base Building Work, Landlord will (i) install Oncom BTU metered taps for reheat hot water from the main Building loop to the Premises (if additional taps from the main loop are required, Tenant shall install them at its own cost and expense, and any meters installed as part of such work shall be compatible with the Building equipment and the Building BMS system); (ii) provide space for a Tenant meter on the utility gas manifold so that Tenant can install (at its sole cost and expense) any gas service necessary to service the exclusive needs of Tenant’s Premises; and (iii) provide a connection to the Building potable water service to the Premises (Tenant shall provide and install a water meter at this connection with a remote reader to record Tenant’s use of domestic water within the Premises). Tenant shall install, as part of its electrical service switchgear, a CT cabinet with an electrical usage meter as required by the Utility Service Provider. If the Utility Service Provider will not allow individual direct metering for Tenant’s service, this meter shall be used to measure Tenant’s direct usage of electricity within the Premises, (including the electricity consumed in providing HVAC service to the Premises), for which Tenant shall reimburse Landlord at the direct billing rates charged to Landlord by the Utility Service Provider. Landlord shall xxxx Tenant monthly for such electrical consumption and hot water consumption as a recurring charge, and Tenant shall pay each such invoice, as Additional Rent, within thirty (30) days after receipt of an invoice therefor.
Utility Services. All utility services necessary for the use and operation of the Improvements for their intended purposes are available and servicing the Property, including water supply, storm and sanitary sewer, gas, electric power and telephone facilities.
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Utility Services. Provide whether the landlord or the tenant is responsible for payment of utility services such as electricity and gas. Step 9 – Fill In Conditions Precedent Information 15.
Utility Services. The Facility and the Facility Site have available all public utility services necessary for the use and operation of the Facility as currently being used and as contemplated by the Transaction Documents.
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