Warrants Sample Clauses

Warrants. The Warrants included in the Units, when issued and delivered in the manner set forth in the Warrant Agreement against payment for the Offered Securities by the Underwriters pursuant to this Agreement, will be duly issued and delivered, and will constitute valid and binding obligations of the Company, enforceable against the Company in accordance with their terms, except as the enforceability thereof may be limited by bankruptcy, insolvency, or similar laws affecting creditorsrights generally from time to time in effect and by equitable principles of general applicability.
Warrants. On the Closing Date, the Company will issue and deliver the Warrants to the Subscribers. One Class A Warrant will be issued for every Share which would be issued on the Closing Date assuming the complete conversion of the Note on the Closing Date at the Conversion Price. The exercise price to acquire a Warrant Share upon exercise of a Class A Warrant shall be equal to $0.035, subject to reduction as described in the Class A Warrant. The Class A Warrants shall be exercisable until five years after the issue date of the Warrants.
Warrants. A warrant is a time-limited right to subscribe for shares, debentures, loan stock or government securities, and is exercisable against the original issuer of the securities. Warrants often involve a high degree of gearing, so that a relatively small movement in the price of the underlying security results in a disproportionately large movement, favourable or unfavourable in the price of the warrant. The prices of warrants can therefore be volatile. The Investment Adviser should not include warrants in the Investment Guidelines unless the Investment Adviser is prepared for a Portfolio to sustain a total loss of the money the Investment Adviser has invested plus any commission or other transaction charges. Some other instruments are also called warrants but are actually options (for example, a right to acquire securities which is exercisable against someone other than the original issuer of the securities, often called a “covered warrant”). If the Investment Adviser is considering including warrants in the Investment Guidelines, it is essential to understand that the right to subscribe which a warrant confers is invariably limited in time. Therefore, if the Investment Adviser fails to exercise this right within the pre-determined time scale, the investment becomes worthless.
Warrants. This certifies that or registered assigns is the registered owner of the above indicated number of Warrants, each Warrant entitling such owner [If Warrants are attached to Other Securities and are not immediately detachable —, subject to the registered owner qualifying as a “Holder” of this Warrant Certificate, as hereinafter defined)] to purchase, at any time [after [ ] p.m., [City] time, on and] on or before [ ] p.m., [City] time, on , $ principal amount of [Title of Warrant Debt Securities] (the “Warrant Debt Securities”), of Vical Incorporated (the “Company”), issued or to be issued under the Indenture (as hereinafter defined), on the following basis: during the period from , through and including , each Warrant shall entitle the Holder thereof, subject to the provisions of this Agreement, to purchase the principal amount of Warrant Debt Securities stated in the Warrant Certificate at the warrant price (the “Warrant Price”) of % of the principal amount thereof [plus accrued amortization, if any, of the original issue discount of the Warrant Debt Securities] [plus accrued interest, if any, from the most recent date from which interest shall have been paid on the Warrant Debt Securities or, if no interest shall have been paid on the Warrant Debt Securities, from the date of their original issuance]. [The original issue discount ($ for each $1,000 principal amount of Warrant Debt Securities) will be amortized at a % annual rate, computed on a[n] [semi-]annual basis [using a 360-day year consisting of twelve 30-day months]. The Holder may exercise the Warrants evidenced hereby by providing certain information set forth on the back hereof and by paying in full, in lawful money of the United States of America, [in cash or by certified check or official bank check in New York Clearing House funds] [by bank wire transfer in immediately available funds], the Warrant Price for each Warrant Debt Security with respect to which this Warrant is exercised to the Warrant Agent (as hereinafter defined) and by surrendering this Warrant Certificate, with the purchase form on the back hereof duly executed, at the corporate trust office of [name of Warrant Agent], or its successor as warrant agent (the “Warrant Agent”), which is, on the date hereof, at the address specified on the reverse hereof, and upon compliance with and subject to the conditions set forth herein and in the Warrant Agreement (as hereinafter defined).
Warrants. At the Effective Time, the Warrants will be assumed by Parent. Each Warrant so assumed by Parent under this Agreement will continue to have, and be subject to, the same terms and conditions set forth in the applicable warrant agreement immediately prior to the Effective Time (including, without limitation, any repurchase rights or vesting provisions), except that (i) each Warrant will be exercisable (or will become exercisable in accordance with its terms) for that number of whole shares of Parent Common Stock equal to the product of the number of shares of Company Common Stock that were issuable upon exercise of such Warrant immediately prior to the Effective Time multiplied by the Exchange Ratio, rounded to the nearest whole number of shares of Parent Common Stock and (ii) the per share exercise price for the share of Parent Common Stock issuable upon exercise of such assumed Warrant will be equal to the quotient determined by dividing the exercise price per share of Company Common Stock at which such Warrant was exercisable immediately prior to the Effective Time by the Exchange Ratio, rounded to the nearest whole cent. Company agrees to provide the holders of Company Warrants with any and all notices required as a result of the Merger and the transactions contemplated thereby.
Warrants. Upon the following terms and conditions and for no additional consideration, each of the Purchasers shall be issued Series A Warrants, in substantially the form attached hereto as Exhibit C (the “Series A Warrants” and/or the “Warrants”) to purchase up to one hundred percent (100%) of that number of shares of the Company’s Common Stock into which the Note issued to the applicable Purchaser would convert assuming that the principal sum of the Note were convertible at fifteen cents ($0.15) per share of Common Stock. Any shares of Common Stock issuable upon exercise of the Warrants (and such shares when issued) are herein referred to as the “Warrant Shares.” The Warrants shall expire on March 31, 2015 and shall have an initial exercise price equal to fifteen cents ($0.15) per share.
Warrants. Warrants to acquire the capital stock of Borrower, as summarized in Section 6(g) of Schedule A and as more fully set forth in a separate warrant agreement executed by Borrower contemporaneously with this Agreement.
Warrants. At the Effective Time, each warrant to purchase shares of Company Common Stock outstanding immediately prior to the Effective Date (each, a "Company Warrant") shall be assumed by Parent and converted into a warrant (each a "Parent Warrant") (in an amount equal to 400,000 Parent shares (200,000 shares priced at $1.00 per share and 200,000 shares priced at $1.50 per share) to acquire, on substantially the same terms and conditions, the number of whole shares of Parent Common Stock equal to the number of shares of Company Common Stock that were issuable upon exercise of such Company Warrant immediately prior to the Effective Time multiplied by the Exchange Ratio, as adjusted pursuant to Section 2.1(d) above (rounded down to the nearest whole number of shares of Parent Common Stock), and the per share exercise price of the shares of the Parent Common Stock issuable upon exercise of such Parent Warrant shall be One Dollar ($1.00) per share for the first 200,000 shares and One Dollar and Fifty Cents ($1.50) per share for the second 200,000 shares based upon a capitalization of 17,400,000 shares of common stock issued and outstanding on a fully diluted basis. Other than pursuant to the terms of existing commitments (all of which commitments are identified in Section 2.3 of the Company Disclosure Letter), the Company shall not take any action prior to the Effective Time that will extend the exercise period of any Company Warrant or otherwise amend the terms of outstanding Company Warrants.