Transfer In definition

Transfer In means the procedure to transfer administration of a Domain Name from another service to the Service.
Transfer In means in relation to your ISA, a transfer into your Platform Product ISA of cash or investments from another ISA, as permitted by the ISA Regulations. In relation to your GIA, a transfer into your Platform Product of cash or investments either from you personally or from another dealing account.
Transfer In has the meaning set out in Condition 6(a)(i) of the Prime Trading Terms.

Examples of Transfer In in a sentence

  • Emergency Cash Transfer In the event of theft, loss or emergency, our Administrator can assist you to obtain cash which will be charged to your TD Credit Card.

  • Involuntary Transfer: In cases where the administrative needs of the department requires the involuntary transfer of an employee from one work site to another, the department shall first consider requests for voluntary transfer already received.

  • Involuntary Transfer: In cases where the administrative needs of the department require the involuntary transfer of an employee from one work site to another, the department shall first consider requests for voluntary transfer already received.

  • License Transfer In case a necessity to transfer a license to a third party arises, the Customer must send a written request to Code Mage stating (a) the account email from which the transfer is requested; (b) the list of Software licenses to be transferred, including the Order ID associated with each license and the date the order was completed; (c) the reason for the transfer; (d) the account email to which the transfer is requested.

  • Date of Transfer Amount of Transfer In July, by Aug 15 60% of total expenditures in Adopted Budget/Revised Budget In Feb, by Mar 15 90% of total expenditures in 2nd Interim budget less amount transferred in July or August By June 30 Balance of transfer to bring total to final actual expenditures (100% of actuals less amount July/Aug.

  • Seniority for other purposes shall be calculated from the date of transfer, Temporary Transfer: In the event a Full-time Fire Fighter performs the work of a Civilian Dispatcher on a temporary basis, the Fire Fighter shall not be subject to the terms and conditions of this addendum.

  • The Executive hereby acknowledges and confirms that: (i) he was advised by the Company to consult with an attorney of his own selection regarding the terms of this Release; (ii) he was given a period of not fewer than twenty-one (21) days to consider the terms of this Release and to consult with an attorney of his own selection with respect thereto, although he was free to sign this Release at any time during this period; and (iii) he knowingly and voluntarily accepts the terms of this Release.

  • Patient Transfer: In the event that, upon medical examination or treatment, the attending physician advises that continued specialized treatment is required in a hospital or urgent care setting, I hereby consent and agree to such transfer.

  • Method Used To Make The Wire Transfer In connection with the Business’s use of this service, the Credit Union notifies the Business of the following: • The Credit Union may use Fedwire when acting upon Business’s Request.

  • We will need to transfer $99,712 from the FY11 General Fund appropriations - Other Financing Use - Transfer Out (to Debt Service Fund) to Public Works, reduce the Debt Service Fund - Other Financing Source - Transfer In by $99,712, and reduce the Debt Service Fund appropriation for General Government/Administration by $99,712.

More Definitions of Transfer In

Transfer In means the ability to move a Cash ISA held with another financial institution to AIB (NI).
Transfer In means the ability to move a Cash ISA held with another financial institution to First Trust Bank.
Transfer In means the full transfer of an ISA from another provider.

Related to Transfer In

  • Transfer Vehicle means any vehicle that operates in space and transfers Payloads or persons or both between two different space objects, between two different locations on the same space object, or between a space object and the surface of a celestial body. A Transfer Vehicle also includes a vehicle that departs from and returns to the same location on a space object.

  • Transfer Account means the account established hereunder to which amounts transferred to this Plan from a direct plan-to-plan transfer in accordance with Section 4.7 are allocated.

  • transfer day means Monday – Friday, to 7:00 p.m., Central Time. Holidays are not included.

  • Transfer student A student who enters a participating college or university after earning college-level credit at another college or university. Transfer: The process by which a student moves from one postsecondary institution to another. Also refers to the mechanics of credit, course and curriculum exchange between institutions. Advanced Coursework: Courses with advanced depth of content knowledge in the field of study and carry the expectation of more complex competencies identified in the expected student learning outcomes is referred to as advanced coursework. These courses often have prerequisites and are usually beyond the “Introduction to…” or “Foundation of…” level.

  • Transfer Any direct or indirect transfer or sale of any Ownership Interest in a Residual Certificate.

  • Transfer facility means any transportation related facility including loading docks, parking areas, storage areas and other similar areas where shipments of hazardous waste are held during the normal course of transportation.

  • Type II transfer means that phrase as defined under Section 3 of the Executive Organization Act of 1965, 1965 PA 380, MCL 16.103.

  • transfer value means the value of a transferred vote calculated in accordance with rules STV47.4 or STV47.7. 42. Arrangements for counting of the votes 42.1 The returning officer is to make arrangements for counting the votes as soon as is practicable after the close of the poll. 42.2 The returning officer may make arrangements for any votes to be counted using vote counting software where:

  • Transfer Form means a standardized form prescribed by the Management Company to be duly filed by the investor to transfer Units and will be stated in this Offering Document.

  • Transfer Scheme means a transfer scheme made by the Secretary of State under Section 12 and Schedule 2 of the Railways Act 2005 (or equivalent statutory provision) pursuant to paragraph 3.1 of Schedule 15.4 (Provisions Applying on and after Termination), being substantially in the form of Appendix 1 (Form of Transfer Scheme) to Schedule 15.4 (Provisions Applying on and after Termination), but subject to such amendments as the Secretary of State may make thereto as a result of any change of Law affecting such transfer scheme or other change of circumstances between the date of the Franchise Agreement and the date on which such scheme is made;

  • Transfer Application means an application and agreement for transfer of Units in the form set forth on the back of a Certificate or in a form substantially to the same effect in a separate instrument.

  • Deportation or forcible transfer of population means forced displacement of the persons concerned by expulsion or other coercive acts from the area in which they are lawfully present, without grounds permitted under international law;

  • Transfer Passenger means passenger arriving and departing on a different aircraft, or on the same aircraft bearing different flight numbers;