Registration Sample Clauses

Registration. Counterparty hereby agrees that if, in the good faith reasonable judgment of Dealer, the Shares (“Hedge Shares”) acquired by Dealer for the purpose of hedging its obligations pursuant to the Transaction cannot be sold in the public market by Dealer without registration under the Securities Act, Counterparty shall, at its election, either (i) in order to allow Dealer to sell the Hedge Shares in a registered offering, make available to Dealer an effective registration statement under the Securities Act and enter into an agreement, in form and substance satisfactory to Dealer, substantially in the form of an underwriting agreement for a registered secondary offering; provided, however, that if Dealer, in its sole reasonable discretion, is not satisfied with access to due diligence materials, the results of its due diligence investigation, or the procedures and documentation for the registered offering referred to above, then clause (ii) or clause (iii) of this paragraph shall apply at the election of Counterparty, (ii) in order to allow Dealer to sell the Hedge Shares in a private placement, enter into a private placement agreement substantially similar to private placement purchase agreements customary for private placements of equity securities, in form and substance satisfactory to Dealer (in which case, the Calculation Agent shall make any adjustments to the terms of the Transaction that are necessary, in its reasonable judgment, to compensate Dealer for any discount from the public market price of the Shares incurred on the sale of Hedge Shares in a private placement), or (iii) purchase the Hedge Shares from Dealer at the Relevant Price on such Exchange Business Days, and in the amounts, requested by Dealer.

Registration. The Company shall maintain books for the transfer and registration of the Warrant. Upon the initial issuance of this Warrant, the Company shall issue and register the Warrant in the name of the Warrantholder.

Registration. Any Restricted Stock may be evidenced in such manner as the Committee shall deem appropriate, including, without limitation, book-entry registration or issuance of a stock certificate or certificates. In the event any stock certificate is issued in respect of Restricted Stock granted under the Plan, such certificate shall be registered in the name of the Participant and shall bear an appropriate legend referring to the terms, conditions, and restrictions applicable to such Restricted Stock.

Registration. This Warrant Certificate, as well as all other warrant certificates representing Warrants shall be numbered and shall be registered in a register (the “Warrant Register”) maintained at the Company Offices as they are issued. The Warrant Register shall list the name, address and Social Security or other federal taxpayer identifying number, if any, of all Warrantholders. The Company shall be entitled to treat the Warrantholder as set forth in the Warrant Register as the owner in fact of the Warrants as set forth therein for all purposes and shall not be bound to recognize any equitable or other claim to or interest in such Warrants on the part of any other person, and shall not be liable for any registration of transfer of Warrants that are registered or to be registered in the name of a fiduciary or the nominee of a fiduciary unless made with the actual knowledge that a fiduciary or nominee is committing a breach of trust in requesting such registration of transfer, or with such knowledge of such facts that its participation therein amounts to bad faith.

Registration. The Company shall, on or prior to the Filing Deadline, prepare and file with the Commission a Registration Statement (the “Initial Registration Statement”) covering the Registrable Securities (assuming, for such purpose of the number of shares to be registered on such Initial Registration Statement, that the Notes are converted in full at the Conversion Price (as defined in the Notes) in effect on the Trading Day immediately prior to the date the Initial Registration Statement is initially filed with the Commission) or, if less, such number of Registrable Securities equal to 1/3 of the non-Affiliate public float of the Common Stock of the Company, for a selling stockholder resale offering to be made on a continuous basis pursuant to Rule 415. Each Registration Statement shall be on Form S-3 (except if the Company is not then eligible to register for resale the Registrable Securities on Form S-3, in which case such registration shall be on another appropriate form in accordance herewith). The Company shall use its commercially reasonable efforts to cause the Initial Registration Statement to be declared effective under the Securities Act as promptly as possible after the filing thereof, but in no event later than the Effectiveness Deadline, and to remain effective continuously throughout the Effectiveness Period. The Company shall promptly notify the Holders via facsimile or electronic mail of a “.pdf” format data file of the effectiveness of a Registration Statement within one (1) business day of the Effective Date. The Company shall, by 9:30 a.m. New York City time on the first business day after the Effective Date, file a final Prospectus with the Commission, as required by Rule 424(b) of the Securities Act. Notwithstanding the registration obligations set forth in this Article 2, in the event the Commission informs the Company that all of the Registrable Securities cannot, as a result of the application of Rule 415, be registered for resale on a single registration statement, the Company agrees to promptly (i) inform each of the Holders thereof, (ii) use its best efforts to file amendments to the Registration Statement as required by the Commission and/or (iii) withdraw the Registration Statement and file a new registration statement (a “New Registration Statement”), in either case covering the maximum number of Registrable Securities permitted to be registered by the Commission, on Form S-3 or such other form available to register for resale the ...

Registration. The terms “register,” “registered,” and “registration” refer to a registration effected by preparing and filing a registration statement in compliance with the Securities Act, and the declaration or ordering of effectiveness of such registration statement.

Registration. The Certificate Administrator shall be the initial Certificate Registrar in respect of the Certificates and the Certificate Registrar shall maintain books for the registration and for the transfer of Certificates (the “Certificate Register”). The Certificate Registrar may resign or be discharged or removed by the Certificate Administrator or the Certificateholders, and a new successor may be appointed, in accordance with the procedures and requirements set forth in Sections 7.6 and 7.7 hereof with respect to the resignation, discharge or removal of the Certificate Administrator and the appointment of a successor Certificate Administrator. The Certificate Registrar may appoint, by a written instrument delivered to the Holders and the Trustee, any trust company to act as co-registrar under such conditions as the Certificate Registrar may prescribe; provided that the Certificate Registrar shall not be relieved of any of its duties or responsibilities hereunder by reason of such appointment.

Registration. If the Company shall deem it necessary or desirable to register under the Securities Act or other applicable statutes any shares of Common Stock issued or to be issued pursuant to Awards granted under the Plan, or to qualify any such shares of Common Stock for exemption from the Securities Act or other applicable statutes, then the Company shall take such action at its own expense. The Company may require from each recipient of an Award, or each holder of shares of Common Stock acquired pursuant to the Plan, such information in writing for use in any registration statement, prospectus, preliminary prospectus or offering circular as is reasonably necessary for such purpose and may require reasonable indemnity to the Company and its officers and directors from such holder against all losses, claims, damage and liabilities arising from such use of the information so furnished and caused by any untrue statement of any material fact therein or caused by the omission to state a material fact required to be stated therein or necessary to make the statements therein not misleading in the light of the circumstances under which they were made.

Registration. The Common Stock is registered pursuant to Section 12(b) of the Exchange Act and is currently listed and quoted on the Principal Market under the trading symbol “AVB,” and the Common Shares have been listed on the Principal Market, subject to notice of issuance. The Company (i) meets the requirements for the use of Form S-3 under the Securities Act and the rules and regulations thereunder for the registration of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement and (ii) has been subject to the requirements of Section 12 ofthe Exchange Act and has timely filed all the material required to be filed pursuant to Section 13 and 14 of the Exchange Act for a period of more than 12 calendar months. The Company has filed with the Commission a registration statement on Form S-3 (File No. 333-179720; the “Original Registration Statement”), to be used in connection with, among other securities, the public offering and sale of Common Stock, including the Common Shares of the Company. Such registration statement (and any further registration statements that may be filed by the Company for the purpose of continuing the offering of the Common Shares upon expiration of the effectiveness of the Original Registration Statement after the third anniversary of its original effective date or for the purpose of registering additional Common Shares to be sold pursuant to this Agreement), and the prospectus constituting a part of such registration statement, together with the Prospectus Supplement (as defined in Section 5.01(k)) and any pricing supplement relating to a particular issuance of the Issuance Shares (each, an “Issuance Supplement”), including all documents incorporated or deemed to be incorporated therein by reference pursuant to Item 12 of Form S-3 under the Securities Act, in each case, as from time to time amended or supplemented, are referred to herein as the “Registration Statement” and the “Prospectus,” respectively, except that if any revised prospectus is provided to Sales Agent by the Company for use in connection with the offering of the Common Shares that is not required to be filed by the Company pursuant to Rule 424(b) promulgated by the Commission under the Securities Act, the term “Prospectus” shall refer to such revised prospectus from and after the time it is first provided to Sales Agent for such use. Promptly after the execution and delivery of this Agreement, the Company will prepare and file the Prospectus Supplement relating to the Issuance Shares ...

Registration. The Partnership meets the requirements for use of Form S-3 under the Act and has prepared and filed with the Commission an automatic shelf registration statement (file number 333-165959), as defined in Rule 405, on Form S-3, including a related basic prospectus, for registration under the Act of the offering and sale of the Units. Such Registration Statement, including any amendments thereto filed prior to the Execution Time, became effective upon filing. The Partnership may have filed with the Commission, as part of an amendment to the Registration Statement or pursuant to Rule 424(b), one or more Preliminary Final Prospectuses, each of which has previously been furnished to you. The Partnership will file with the Commission a final prospectus supplement relating to the Units in accordance with Rule 424(b). As filed, such final prospectus supplement shall contain all information required by the Act and the rules thereunder and, except to the extent the Representatives shall agree in writing to a modification, shall be in all substantive respects in the form furnished to you prior to the Execution Time or, to the extent not completed at the Execution Time, shall contain only such specific additional information and other changes (beyond that contained in any Preliminary Final Prospectus) as the Partnership has advised you, prior to the Execution Time, will be included or made therein.