Written Instructions Sample Clauses

Written Instructions. Instructions may be transmitted in a writing that bears the manual signature of Authorized Persons.
Written Instructions. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement: (A) unless the terms of this Agreement, Written Procedures or other written agreement between the Fund and BNYM expressly provide, in the reasonable discretion of BNYM, all requisite details and directions for it to take a specific course of conduct, BNYM may, prior to engaging in a course of conduct on a particular matter, whether the course of conduct is proposed by or otherwise originates with BNYM or is directed by the Fund in a Fund Communication, require the Fund to provide it with Written Instructions with respect to the particular conduct, and (B) BNYM may also require Written Instructions with respect to conduct specified in a Fund Communication if it reasonably determines that the Agreement, Written Procedures or other written agreement between the Fund and BNYM provides for the Fund to furnish a Written Instruction in connection with the specified conduct.
Written Instructions. Any person you wish to authorize to instruct the Credit Union in writing with respect of your Accounts must be listed on the Credit Union’s form entitled Business Membership and Financial Services Agreement and must provide the Credit Union with a specimen signature. You may be required to use the Credit Union’s standard forms (which are available at Credit Union branches) when instructing it.
Written Instructions. As used in this Agreement, the term "Written Instructions" means written instructions delivered by hand, mail, tested telegram, cable, telex or facsimile sending device, and received by RSMC and signed by an Authorized Person.
Written Instructions. The term Written Instructions shall mean an authorization, instruction, approval, item or set of data, or information of any kind transmitted to the Custodian in original writing containing original signatures, or a copy of such document transmitted by telecopy, including transmission of such signature, or other mechanical or documentary means, at the request of a person or persons reasonably believed in good faith by the Custodian to be a person or persons authorized by a resolution of the Board to give Written Instructions on behalf of the Fund.
Written Instructions. Written Instructions as used throughout this Agreement mean a writing signed or initialed by one or more person or persons as the Board of Trustees shall have from time to time authorized. Each such writing shall set forth the specific transaction or type of transaction involved, including a specific statement of the purpose for which such action is requested.
Written Instructions. Each Paying Agent may, at any time, apply to the Trustee for written instructions with respect to any matter arising under this agreement and shall be fully protected in acting in accordance with such instructions.
Written Instructions a. NAFC or a Member may from time to time give the Contractor reasonable instructions, in writing or otherwise as to the dispatch, delivery or performance of the Services.
Written Instructions. Landlord has given or may give written instructions about the care and use of the appliances, equipment and other personal property on the Premises. Tenant must obey the instructions.
Written Instructions. “Written Instructions” shall mean written communications actually received by Bank from an Authorized Person or from a person reasonably believed by Bank to be an Authorized Person by letter, memorandum, telegram, cable, telex, telecopy facsimile, computer, video (CRT) terminal or other on-line system, or any other method reasonably acceptable to Bank and whereby Bank is able to verify with a reasonable degree of certainty the identity of the sender of such communications or which communications are transmitted with proper testing or authentication pursuant to terms and conditions which Bank may specify. (ii)