Warrant Sample Clauses

Warrant. The Warrant shall have been duly executed, delivered and issued to the Investor, and the Company shall not be in default in any material respect under any of the provisions thereof, provided that any refusal by or failure of the Company to issue and deliver Warrant Shares in respect of any exercise (in whole or in part) thereof shall be deemed to be material for the purposes of this Section 7.10.
Warrant. On the Initial Closing Date, the Company shall issue to the Purchaser a warrant certificate to purchase up to a number of shares of Common Stock equal to $300,000 divided by the average of the VWAPs during the five (5) Trading Days immediately prior to the Initial Closing Date (the "Warrant Base Price"). The Warrant shall have a term from its initial date of exercise of 3 years. The exercise price of the Warrant shall be 110% of the Warrant Base Price. The Common Stock underlying the Warrant will be registered in the Registration Statement referred to in Section 4.3 hereof. The Warrant shall be in the form of Exhibit E hereto.
Warrant. The form of the Warrant attached as Exhibit E to the Agreement is hereby amended to restate the proviso at the end of Section 2(b)(ii) as follows: “provided that upon the earliest date on which (x) at least 50% of the aggregate principal amount of the Outstanding Convertible Notes are converted into shares of Common Stock in accordance with the terms of the Existing Convertible Note Indenture or the New Convertible Note Indenture, as applicable, or (y) all of the Outstanding Convertible Notes are no longer outstanding (whether by conversion, redemption, payment in full at the final maturity date or otherwise), then all remaining Warrant Shares shall vest and become immediately exercisable; provided, further, that Warrant Shares that vest in accordance with this Section 2(b)(ii) shall vest pro rata among all holders of warrants issued concurrently with this Warrant, including the Holder, based upon the proportion that the number of Warrant Shares then vesting bears to the total number of unvested remaining Warrant Shares at the time of such vesting event, as determined in good faith by the Company and as promptly notified to each such holder.”