Warrant Sample Clauses

Warrant. THIS CERTIFIES THAT, in consideration of funds duly paid by or on behalf of [__] (“Holder”), as registered owner of this Warrant, SMX (Security Matters) Public Limited Company, a public limited company incorporated under the laws of Ireland (the “Company”), Holder is entitled, at any time or from time to time beginning [__], 2023 (the “Commencement Date”), and at or before 5:00 p.m., Eastern time, [__]1, 2028 (the “Date”), but not thereafter, to subscribe for, purchase and receive, in whole or in part, up to [____]2 Ordinary Shares of the Company (the “Shares”), subject to adjustment as provided in Section 6 hereof. If the Expiration Date is a day on which banking institutions are authorized by law to close, then this Warrant may be exercised on the next succeeding day which is not such a day in accordance with the terms herein. During the period ending on the Expiration Date, the Company agrees not to take any action that would terminate this Warrant. This Warrant is initially exercisable at $[___]3 per Share; provided, however, that upon the occurrence of any of the events specified in Section 6 hereof, the rights granted by this Warrant, including the exercise price per Share and the number of Shares to be received upon such exercise, shall be adjusted as therein specified. The term “Exercise Price” shall mean the initial exercise price or the adjusted exercise price, depending on the context.
Warrant. The Warrant shall have been duly executed, delivered and issued to the Investor, and the Company shall not be in default in any material respect under any of the provisions thereof, provided that any refusal by or failure of the Company to issue and deliver Warrant Shares in respect of any exercise (in whole or in part) thereof shall be deemed to be material for the purposes of this Section 7.10.
Warrant. On the Initial Closing Date, the Company shall issue to the Purchaser a warrant certificate to purchase up to a number of shares of Common Stock equal to $300,000 divided by the average of the VWAPs during the five (5) Trading Days immediately prior to the Initial Closing Date (the "Warrant Base Price"). The Warrant shall have a term from its initial date of exercise of 3 years. The exercise price of the Warrant shall be 110% of the Warrant Base Price. The Common Stock underlying the Warrant will be registered in the Registration Statement referred to in Section 4.3 hereof. The Warrant shall be in the form of Exhibit E hereto.
Warrant. In consideration of Purchaser's commitment to purchase up to an aggregate principal amount of $453,200 of Common Stock from Company, Company shall issue a warrant to Purchaser in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A (the "Warrant").
Warrant. On or before the Closing Date, the Company shall issue a common stock purchase warrant to Buyer to purchase 1,736,111 shares of the Company’s common stock (the “Warrant”) upon the terms and subject to the limitations and conditions set forth in such Warrant.
Warrant. For every one dollar ($1.00) in original Principal Amount of this Note, the Borrower shall issue the Holder one (1) warrant, as further described and subject to the terms and conditions of the Warrant Agreement attached hereto as Exhibit B.