WORKERS' COMPENSATION BENEFITS. In accordance with Section 142 of the State Finance Law, this contract shall be void and of no force and effect unless the Contractor shall provide and maintain coverage during the life of this contract for the benefit of such employees as are required to be covered by the provisions of the Workers' Compensation Law.
WORKERS' COMPENSATION BENEFITS. Payment under this provision shall not be cumulative with any benefit that the represented employee may receive under the California Labor Code as the result of the same injury/illness. If, after the sixty (60) working day period of City paid leave, the represented employee is still unable to work, the represented employee may supplement any benefits paid under the Labor Code with accumulated sick leave and vacation to the extent necessary to make up the difference between the amount of the award and the normal weekly base pay for each week of continuing disability.
WORKERS' COMPENSATION BENEFITS. The Board shall continue under the Kansas Workers Compensation Law to provide worker's compensation coverage for all employees. Employee benefits are defined in state statute and are subject to legislative and judicial changes. Current state statute will supersede any provisions contained in this agreement. Workers compensation covers injury and disease arising out of and in the course of one's employment. Benefits include medical expenses and disability payments when applicable. Job related accidents will be reported to the employee's supervisor, and both the Employee Report of Incident and Supervisor’s Report will be forwarded to the Employee Benefits and Insurance Management office immediately but no more than 24 hours after the occurrence. Compensation and charge to temporary leave procedures are as follows:
WORKERS' COMPENSATION BENEFITS. 1. All employees within the bargaining unit shall be covered under the provisions of the New York State Workers’ Compensation Law, and be entitled to any and all benefits contained therein.
WORKERS' COMPENSATION BENEFITS. 31.01 When an employee is unable to work as a result of an injury and/or illness incurred in the course of the employee's duties, the employee shall immediately inform the Employer so that a claim for Compensation benefits can be forwarded to the Workers Compensation Board. Any information required by the Workers Compensation Board from the Employer shall be provided immediately.
WORKERS' COMPENSATION BENEFITS. Any sickness or injury for which the Member is paid benefits, or may be paid benefits if claimed, if the Member is covered or could be covered by Workers' Compensation. In addition, if the Member enters into a settlement giving up rights to recover past or future medical benefits under a Workers’ Compensation law, AvMed will not cover past or future Health Care Services that are the subject of or related to that settlement. Furthermore, if the Member is covered by a Worker’s Compensation program that limits benefits if other than specified Health Care Providers are used and the Member receives care or services from a Health Care Provider not specified by the program, AvMed will not cover the balance of any costs remaining after the program has paid.
WORKERS' COMPENSATION BENEFITS. The Catastrophic Leave Donation Program does not cover time off due to job-related injury covered by workers’ compensation benefits.
WORKERS' COMPENSATION BENEFITS. 14.6.1 If employees are entitled to Workers' Compensation Benefits, the benefits will be paid directly to the College.
WORKERS' COMPENSATION BENEFITS. Any teacher who is absent during a school year because of an injury or disease compensated under the Michigan Workers' Disability Compensation Act, shall be entitled to draw from his/her accumulated sick leave the difference between the allowance under the Workers' Disability Compensation Act and his/her regular salary to the extent of the teacher's accumulated sick leave.
WORKERS' COMPENSATION BENEFITS. 465 The Employer will insure all Employees for on-the-job injuries in accordance with the Michigan Workers’ Compensation statutes.