Account Control Agreement Sample Clauses

Account Control Agreement. The provisions of Sections 8.02 and 8.05 are subject to the terms of the Account Control Agreement.
Account Control Agreement. You are hereby notified that the Series 2022-1 Account Control Agreement dated as of January 25, 2022 (the “Agreement”), among Verizon Master Trust, a Delaware statutory trust, as grantor (the “Grantor”), U.S. Bank National Association, a national banking association, as Indenture Trustee for the benefit of the Noteholders (in this capacity, the “Secured Party”), and U.S. Bank National Association, a national banking association, in its capacity as both a “securities intermediary” as defined in Section 8-102 of the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”) and a “bank” as defined in Section 9-102 of the UCC (in such capacities, the “Financial Institution”) is terminated and you have no further obligations to the undersigned pursuant to the Agreement. Notwithstanding any previous instructions to you, you are hereby instructed, as Financial Institution, to accept all future directions with respect to the Collateral Accounts from the Grantor. This notice terminates any obligations you may have to the undersigned with respect to the Agreement; however, nothing contained in this notice shall alter any obligations which you may otherwise owe to U.S. Bank National Association pursuant to any other agreement. You are instructed to deliver a copy of this notice by electronic mail to the Grantor, c/o Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless, as administrator of the Verizon Master Trust at Very truly yours, U.S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, not in its individual capacity, but solely as Secured Party By: Name: Title:
Account Control Agreement. The Account Control Agreement, duly executed and delivered by each of the parties thereto;
Account Control Agreement. The Account Control Agreement, dated as of the Closing Date, among the Issuing Entity, the Indenture Trustee and the Account Holder.
Account Control Agreement. The Account Control Agreement, duly executed and delivered by Initial Borrower and the depository bank or securities intermediary, as applicable, with respect to its Collateral Account;
Account Control Agreement. On or before the date that is thirty (30) days after the Closing Date, the Borrower shall deliver to the Collateral Agent an Account Control Agreement for deposit account number 210247483 maintained by the Borrower with CNB.
Account Control Agreement. Pledgor shall enter into and shall cause Bank to enter into an Account Control Agreement in substantially the form of Exhibit A attached hereto.
Account Control Agreement. The term “Account Control Agreement” shall mean those certain Account Control Agreements between one or more Related Parties, Administrative Agent or Additional Collateral Agent, as applicable, and the banking institutions listed on Schedule A (or such other banking institutions at which a Related Party opens a deposit account from time to time in accordance with the terms hereof), pursuant to which the Administrative Agent or Additional Collateral Agent, as applicable, establishes “control” over the subject accounts therein of such Related Parties, in accordance with the UCC.
Account Control Agreement. The Borrowers shall maintain the Account Control Agreement and the Homewood Interest Reserve in full force and effect and shall not amend or modify the Account Control Agreement or the Homewood Interest Reserve or waive compliance with any provisions thereunder without the prior written consent of the Administrative Agent.
Account Control Agreement. The Cash Reserve Account shall be subject to the full dominion of the Collateral Agent and to the extent that the Collection Account or the Cash Reserve Account is not maintained with the Collateral Agent, such account shall be subject to the Account Control Agreement, and the Borrower shall not create or suffer to exist any Lien (other than Permitted Liens) with respect to the funds on deposit therein. The Borrower shall not maintain any accounts other than the Collection Account and the Cash Reserve Account and in connection with Permitted Investments.