Mortgaged Property definition

Mortgaged Property shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the recitals.
Mortgaged Property. The underlying property securing a Mortgage Loan, which, with respect to a Cooperative Loan, is the related Coop Shares and Proprietary Lease.
Mortgaged Property. The underlying property securing a Mortgage Loan.

Examples of Mortgaged Property in a sentence

  • The Mortgage Loan documents require the related Mortgagor to be qualified to do business in the jurisdiction in which the related Mortgaged Property is located.

  • The Seller or the originator of the Mortgage Loan inspected or caused to be inspected each related Mortgaged Property within six months of origination of the Mortgage Loan and within twelve months of the Cut-Off Date.

  • Each UCC-1 financing statement, if any, filed with respect to personal property constituting a part of the related Mortgaged Property and each UCC-3 assignment, if any, filed with respect to such financing statement was in suitable form for filing in the filing office in which such financing statement was filed.

  • To the Seller’s knowledge, except as set forth in the ESA, there is no Environmental Condition (as such term is defined in ASTM E1527-13 or its successor) at the related Mortgaged Property.

  • Each Title Policy contains no exclusion for, or affirmatively insures (except for any Mortgaged Property located in a jurisdiction where such affirmative insurance is not available in which case such exclusion may exist), that the Mortgaged Property shown on the survey is the same as the property legally described in the Mortgage.

More Definitions of Mortgaged Property

Mortgaged Property. The underlying property securing a Mortgage Loan, including any REO Property, consisting of an Estate in Real Property improved by a Residential Dwelling.
Mortgaged Property. The real property securing repayment of the debt evidenced by a Mortgage Note.
Mortgaged Property means any Property owned by the Borrower or any Guarantor which is subject to the Liens existing and to exist under the terms of the Security Instruments.
Mortgaged Property means all of Borrower’s present and future right, title and interest in and to all of the following:
Mortgaged Property means, initially, each parcel of real estate and the improvements thereto owned by a Credit Party and identified on Schedule 1.1(b) to the Original Credit Agreement, and includes each other parcel of real property and improvements thereto with respect to which a Mortgage is granted pursuant to Section 9.14.
Mortgaged Property. With respect to a Mortgage Loan that is not a Co-op Loan, the Mortgagor's real property securing repayment of a related Mortgage Note, consisting of an unsubordinated estate in fee simple or, with respect to real property located in jurisdictions in which the use of leasehold estates for residential properties is a widely-accepted practice, a leasehold estate, in a single parcel or multiple parcels of real property improved by a Residential Dwelling. With respect to a Co-op Loan, the stock allocated to a dwelling unit in the residential cooperative housing corporation that was pledged to secure such Co-op Loan and the related Co-op Lease.