Payment of Money Sample Clauses

Payment of Money. If the Fund on behalf of a Portfolio requires the Custodian to take any action with respect to securities, which action involves the payment of money or which action may, in the opinion of the Custodian, result in the Custodian or its nominee assigned to the Fund or the Portfolio being liable for the payment of money or incurring liability of some other form, the Fund on behalf of the Portfolio, as a prerequisite to requiring the Custodian to take such action, shall provide indemnity to the Custodian in an amount and form satisfactory to it.
Payment of Money. With respect to all sums deducted by the District for membership dues or agency fees, the District agrees to remit such moneys promptly to the Association accompanied by an alphabetical list of unit members for whom such deductions have been made, and indicating any changes in personnel from the list previously furnished.
Payment of Money. Any Amounts Payable to the Lessor under this Lease must be paid to the Lessor at the address of the Lessor referred to in the Lease or as otherwise directed by the Lessor by Notice from time to time.
Payment of Money. Buyer shall have paid the cash portion of the Purchase Price to the Sellers as provided in Section 4.03.
Payment of Money. This Clause 23 does not affect a Party's obligation to make a payment to the other Party.
Payment of Money. The Issuer covenants and agrees for the benefit of each series of Securities that it will duly and punctually pay or cause to be paid, upon exercise by a Holder of Securities of the series, redemption or repurchase, in each case in accordance with the terms of such Securities, the money payable by the Issuer upon such exercise, redemption or repurchase with respect to each of the Securities of such series so exercised, redeemed or repurchased (together with any additional amounts payable pursuant to the terms of such Securities) at the place or places, at the respective times and in the manner provided in such Securities and in this Indenture.
Payment of Money. In consideration of the services to be rendered under this Agreement as set forth above, the Company shall be entitled to compensation in the amount of $150,000.00 (One Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars), to be paid in equal installments of $37,500.00 (Thirty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Dollars) on January 1, 2008, April 1, 2008, July 1, 2008 and October 1, 2008. If Xxxx fails to make any payment when required by this Agreement, the Company shall have the option of canceling this Agreement following the passage of ten (10) days after having given Xxxx written notice of its default. While the Company shall have no further obligation to Xxxx following cancellation of the Agreement, Xxxx shall remain liable for all unpaid installments for the then current term of the Agreement, which installments shall be immediately due and payable.
Payment of Money. Buyer shall have paid the Deposit as provided in Section 4.01(a) and the cash portion of the Purchase Price to the Sellers as provided in Section 4.01(b).
Payment of Money. If the Security Holder so directs at any time when the Security Holder, Beneficiaries or the Enforcing Operator Parties are exercising or enforcing their rights under the Security, Shipper must pay all money due to Operator under the Transmission Contract to the Relevant Account. This clause 2.6 is not intended to create any Encumbrance.
Payment of Money.  The collection and disbursement of any monies by the Approved Service to the Educator, will be deemed to be performed by the Approved Service as agent of the Educator.  Despite the collection or disbursement of monies by the Approved Service, the Approved Service will not be liable to the Educator for any monies owing or outstanding from families and/or any government agencies that provide subsidies for Family Day Care. Money will be paid to Educators when they have been received by the Approved Service.  Where a family ceases care without notice, bond monies will be used to pay the sum or part thereof any debts incurred. Where an educator has opted to waive a bond, IFDC is not liable to pay educators for any income lost if the family cease care without notice. Where an educator has waived part thereof a families bond, IFDC will pay educators the total bond sum received if the family cease care without notice. Educator Initial  The Educator acknowledges that the fees specified in the Educator’s Fee Schedule are for both Approved Service levies and remuneration to the Educator for the Educators work associated with caring for young children in the Educator’s premises. SUSPENSION OF EDUCATOR INSPIRED FAMILY DAY CARE will suspend the Educator agreement when there is police or government investigation, breach of service agreement or occurrences posing a risk to children by the Educator. Suspension process is detailed in the service policies. An educator whose registration has been suspended or cancelled will not operate under the Inspired Family Day Care name and will remove this affiliation from any promotional material including Facebook pages. A de-registered educator will cease to receive benefits from their affiliation with Inspired EC, including discounts on resources and professional development.