General Intangibles Sample Clauses

General Intangibles. Borrower represents and warrants that it owns, or is licensed to use, all General Intangibles necessary to conduct its business as currently conducted except where the failure of Borrower to own or license such General Intangibles could not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect.
General Intangibles. All of the Grantor's present and future general intangibles, choses in action, causes of action, and all other intangible personal property of every kind and nature including, without limitation, corporate, partnership and other business books and records, interests in partnerships and limited liability companies that do not constitute securities, inventions, designs, patents, patent applications, trademarks, service marks, trademark applications, service xxxx applications, trade names, trade secrets, goodwill, registrations, copyrights, licenses, franchises, customer lists, computer programs, software and other computer materials, tax refunds, tax refund claims, rights and claims against charters, carriers, shippers, franchisees, lessors, and lessees, and rights to indemnification, intercompany receivables, and any security documents executed in connection therewith, deposit accounts, proceeds of any letters of credit, indemnity, warranty or guaranty payable to the Grantor from time to time with respect to the foregoing or proceeds of any insurance policies on which the Grantor is named as beneficiary, claims against third parties for advances and other financial accommodations and any other obligations whatsoever owing to the Grantor, contract rights, customer and supplier contracts, rights in and to all security agreements, security interests or other security held by the Grantor to secure payment of the Grantor's accounts, all right, title and interest under leases, subleases, and concessions and other agreements relating to personal property (including, without limitation, all rents, issues and profits related thereto), rights in and under guarantees, instruments, securities, documents of title and other contracts securing, evidencing, supporting or otherwise relating to any of the foregoing, together with all rights in any goods, merchandise or Inventory (as defined below) which any of the foregoing may represent (collectively, "General Intangibles");
General Intangibles. All general intangibles and other personal property of the Company, now owned or hereinafter acquired, including, without limitation, the following: (a) permits, authorizations and approvals presently and hereafter issued by any federal, state, municipal or local governmental or regulatory authority in favor of the Company; (b) all plans, specifications, renderings and other similar materials presently owned or hereafter acquired by the Company; (c) all presently existing and hereafter created contracts, leases, licenses and agreements to which the Company is a party; (d) all presently and hereafter existing policies and agreements of insurance in favor of the Company; (e) all presently and hereafter existing equity contribution agreements and other equity financing arrangements in favor of the Company; (f) all copyrights, chattel paper, electronic chattel paper, licenses, money, insurance proceeds, contract rights, subscription lists, mailing lists, licensing agreements, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade styles, patents, patent applications, franchise agreements, blueprints, drawings, purchase orders, customer lists, route lists, infringements, claims, computer programs, computer discs, computer tapes, literature, reports, catalogs, design rights, income tax refunds, payments of insurance and rights to payment of any kinds, trade names, refundable, returnable or reimbursable fees, deposits or other funds or evidences of credit or indebtedness deposited by or on behalf of the Company with any governmental agencies, boards, corporations, providers of utility services, public or private; (g) all presently existing and hereafter acquired computer programs, computer software and other electronic systems and materials of any kind of the Company; (h) goodwill; and (i) all other presently existing and hereafter acquired documents, accounts, general intangibles and intangible personal property of any kind.
General Intangibles. All General Intangibles, whether now owned or existing or hereafter created, acquired or arising, or in which such Debtor now has or hereafter acquires any rights (the term "General Intangibles" means and includes all general intangibles, all patents, patent applications, patent licenses, trademarks, trademark registrations, trademark licenses, trade styles, trade names, copyrights, copyright registrations, copyright licenses and other licenses and similar intangibles, all customer, client and supplier lists (in whatever form maintained), all rights in leases and other agreements relating to real or personal property, all causes of action and tax refunds of every kind and nature, all privileges, franchises, immunities, licenses, permits and similar intangibles, and all other personal property (including things in action) not otherwise covered by this Agreement);
General Intangibles. The Debtor will apply for, and diligently pursue applications for, registration of its ownership of the General Intangibles constituting Collateral for which registration is appropriate, and will use such other measures as are appropriate to preserve its rights in its other General Intangibles constituting Collateral. The Debtor will, at the request of the Secured Party, retain off-site current copies of all materials created by or furnished to the Debtor on which is recorded then-current information about any computer programs or data bases that the Debtor has developed or otherwise has the right to use from time to time. Such materials shall include, without limitation, magnetic or other computer media on which object, source or other code is recorded and documentation of those computer programs or data bases, in the nature of listing printouts, narrative descriptions, flow diagrams and similar items. The Debtor will, at the request of the Secured Party, deliver a set of such copies to the Secured Party for safekeeping and retention or transfer in the event of foreclosure.
General Intangibles. All General Intangibles;
General Intangibles. All general intangibles relating to design, development, operation, management and use of the Real Property; all certificates of occupancy, zoning variances, building, use or other permits, approvals, authorizations, licenses and consents obtained from any governmental authority or other person in connection with the development, use, operation or management of the Real Property; all engineering reports, architectural drawings, plans and specifications relating to all or any portion of the Real Property, and all payment and performance bonds or warranties or guarantees relating to the Real Property; and all of Seller’s right, title and interest in and to any and all of the following to the extent assignable: trademarks, service marks, logos or other source and business identifiers, trademark registration and applications for registration used at or relating to the Real Property and any written agreement granting to Seller any right to use any trademark or trademark registration at or in connection with the Real Property.