Collection Accounts definition

Collection Accounts. As defined in Section 3.10(a).
Collection Accounts. The accounts established and maintained by a Servicer in accordance with Section 3.05.
Collection Accounts have the meanings specified therefor in Section 8.01(a).

Examples of Collection Accounts in a sentence

  • The Servicing Agreement shall provide that the Master Servicer shall establish and maintain the Collection Account or Collection Accounts, as applicable.

  • The Issuer shall cause to be established the Collection Accounts in the name of the Trustee in accordance with the Indenture.

  • On the Put Date, the Department shall pay to the Conduit Administrator on behalf of the Conduit the Put Price by electronic transfer in funds available on such Business Day to the applicable Collection Accounts.

  • If any of your Collection Accounts are frozen, suspended or closed, we may immediately suspend the DBS MAX Service.

  • The Collection Accounts (including any sub accounts thereof) are the only accounts to which Collections are sent.

More Definitions of Collection Accounts

Collection Accounts means, collectively, the U.S. Collection Accounts and the Canadian Collection Accounts.
Collection Accounts. The trust accounts so designated and established pursuant to Section 10.2(a) hereof.
Collection Accounts shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.14(g) hereof.
Collection Accounts means the accounts established and maintained by the Company in accordance with the Collection Account Agreements and into which Collections shall be deposited.
Collection Accounts means the Interest Collection Account and the Principal Collection Account.
Collection Accounts means, as the context requires, all or any one of the Canadian Collection Accounts, Dutch Collection Accounts, French Collection Accounts, German Collection Accounts, Hungarian Collection Accounts, Italian Collection Accounts, Portuguese Collection Accounts, Spanish Collection Accounts or U.S. Collection Accounts.
Collection Accounts has the meaning set forth in Section 2.8(a).