Delivery Requirements Sample Clauses

Delivery Requirements. Contractor must ensure that delivery of goods and/or services will be made as required by this Master Contract, the Purchase Order used by Purchasers, or as otherwise mutually agreed in writing between the Purchaser and Contractor. The following apply to all deliveries:
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Delivery Requirements. On the Delivery Date of the Aircraft, each of the following will occur:
Delivery Requirements. For the purpose of Sections 4(a)(i) and (ii) of the Agreement, each party agrees to deliver the following documents:
Delivery Requirements. 22 7.3 Post-Delivery Requirements....................................23
Delivery Requirements. (a) With respect to any Certificated Securities included in the Collateral, each Grantor shall deliver to the Collateral Agent the Security Certificates evidencing such Certificated Securities duly indorsed by an effective indorsement (within the meaning of Section 8-107 of the UCC), or accompanied by share transfer powers or other instruments of transfer duly endorsed by such an effective endorsement, in each case, to the Collateral Agent or in blank. In addition, each Grantor shall cause any certificates evidencing any Pledged Equity Interests, including, without limitation, any Pledged Partnership Interests or Pledged LLC Interests, to be similarly delivered to the Collateral Agent regardless of whether such Pledged Equity Interests constitute Certificated Securities.
Delivery Requirements. For the purpose of Sections 3(d), 4(a)(i) and (ii) of the Agreement, each party agrees to deliver the following documents: Tax forms, documents or certificates to be delivered are: Each party agrees to complete (accurately and in a manner reasonably satisfactory to the other party), execute, and deliver to the other party, United States Internal Revenue Service Form W-9 or W-8 BEN, or any successor of such form(s): (i) before the first payment date under this agreement; (ii) promptly upon reasonable demand by the other party; and (iii) promptly upon learning that any such form(s) previously provided by the other party has become obsolete or incorrect. Other documents to be delivered:
Delivery Requirements. 7.1 The delivery of the Goods and/or Services shall be commenced, carried out and completed in accordance with the requirements stated in the Purchase Order. Where such requirements are not so stated, delivery/supply shall be in accordance with any programme agreed between Balfour Xxxxxx and the Supplier or, in the absence of such programme, in accordance with the reasonable directions of Balfour Xxxxxx. Time is of the essence in relation to the date and rate of supply of the Goods and/or Services.
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Delivery Requirements. At or prior to the Delivery Date, the Shipowner shall have:
Delivery Requirements. Parties mutually agree to meet and fulfill implementation requirements as specified and set forth as follows. To facilitate successful delivery of Services, eLuma shall be responsible for the following:
Delivery Requirements. The sodium chloride shall arrive at the delivery location in a free flowing and useable condition. All truck deliveries shall be dumped at a specific location, either inside or immediately outside a storage building, as directed by the on-site personnel. Deliveries of trucked salt shall be protected in transit by tight, waterproof coverings to avoid spillage and to prevent additional accumulation of moisture during transit to ensure the least possible moisture content upon delivery. Torn, ripped or permeable load covers or excess water running out of the delivery truck are unacceptable conditions and are likely to result in rejection of the load (ref. “Delivery Rejection” section below). The State of Maine requires that all deliveries of salt be made in complete compliance with existing state, national, provincial laws or regulations. Violation of any laws or regulations, including but not limited to weight limitations, shall be considered as grounds for disqualification of the supplier, hauler or both. Delivery: Orders for salt shall be delivered within five (5) working days of order notification to the contractor. Contractor will make every effort to have delivery vehicle arrival times spread out so as not to exceed the capacity of the equipment used to pile the salt at the delivery location. Should several vehicles arrive at the delivery point at the same time, some vehicles may be delayed before being allowed to dump their load.
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