Definition of Servicing Rights

Servicing Rights means rights of any Person, to administer, service or subservice, the Purchased Assets or to possess related Servicing Records.

Servicing Rights means the rights and obligations to administer and service a Mortgage Loan, including, without limitation, the rights and obligations to: ensure the taxes and insurance are paid, provide foreclosure services, provide full escrow administration and perform any other obligations required by any owner of a Mortgage Loan, collect the payments for the reduction of principal and application of interest, and manage and remit collected payments..

Examples of Servicing Rights in a sentence

The information in the Schedule of Mortgage Loans pertaining to the Mortgage Loans and the Mortgage Servicing Rights will be true and correct in all material respects as of the date specified.
Each agreement or arrangement that Seller enters into to purchase Mortgage Servicing Rights shall be entered into on an arms length contractual basis in the ordinary course of business and shall have market terms applicable for the type of Mortgage Servicing Rights to be acquired thereby.
Any termination of the activities of the Master Servicer hereunder will simultaneously result in the termination of the Master Servicer's duties as a subservicer pursuant to the Servicing Rights Transfer and Subservicing Agreement.
If Seller intends to assign, transfer or sell any of its Mortgage Servicing Rights to a replacement servicer, to the extent permitted by applicable law, (a) Seller shall consult with Purchaser and Purchaser shall participate in the assignment, transfer and sale of such Mortgage Servicing Rights, and (b) Seller shall obtain the written consent of Purchaser, granted by the Purchaser in its sole discretion, prior to any assignment, transfer or sale thereof.
Servicing Rights Transfer and Subservicing Agreement: The servicing rights transfer and subservicing agreement, dated as of November 26, 2002, by and between First Horizon Home Loan Corporation, as transferor and subservicer, and First Tennessee Mortgage Services, Inc., as transferee and servicer.