Collateral shall definition

Collateral shall have the meaning given in the Security Agreement.
Collateral shall mean the following types or items of personal property, whether now owned or hereafter acquired by the Borrower, wherever located: (a) the Receivables, the General Intangibles, the Inventory, the Equipment, the Payments and all other items of personal property; (b) all of the Borrower's rights, title and interest in and to all goods and other property represented by or securing any of the foregoing, including all goods that may be reclaimed or repossessed from or returned by Account Debtors; (c) all of the Borrower's rights as an unpaid seller, including stoppage in transit, detinue and reclamation; (d) all additional amounts due the Borrower from any Account Debtor, irrespective of whether such additional amounts have been specifically assigned to the Lender; (e) all guarantees and other agreements and property securing or relating to any of the items referred to above or acquired for the purpose of securing or enforcing such items; (f) all books of account and records, ledger sheets, files, documents, customer lists and other documents containing the names, addresses and other information regarding the Borrower's customers; computer tapes, programs, discs and other material, media or documents relating to the recording, billing or analyzing of any of the above; all computers, word processors, printers, switches, interfaces, source codes, mask works, software, instructional material, and connectors, and all parts, accessories, additions, substitutions, or options together with all property or equipment used in connection with any of the above or which are used to operate or cause to operate any features, special applications, format controls, options or software of any or all of the above-mentioned items; (g) all policies of insurance on the foregoing property and the proceeds of such insurance; (h) all rebates received or due from manufacturers and others; (i) all post office boxes; and (j) all proceeds and products of any of the foregoing in whatever form, including cash, negotiable instruments and other evidences of indebtedness, chattel paper, security agreements and other documents.

Examples of Collateral shall in a sentence

  • If any notice of a proposed sale or other disposition of Collateral shall be required by law, such notice shall be deemed reasonable and proper if given at least 10 days before such sale or other disposition.

  • The Collateral Agent shall not be obligated to make any sale of any Collateral if it shall determine not to do so, regardless of the fact that notice of sale of such Collateral shall have been given.

  • All risk of loss, damage or destruction of the Collateral shall be borne by Borrower.

  • If this Agreement is terminated, Bank’s Lien in the Collateral shall continue until the Obligations (other than inchoate indemnity obligations) are repaid in full in cash.

  • Cash Collateral shall be maintained in blocked, non-interest bearing deposit accounts at Bank of America.

More Definitions of Collateral shall

Collateral shall mean the Life Insurance Collateral, the UCC Collateral, and the Real Property.
Collateral shall have the meaning given in Section 1.3
Collateral shall mean the Personal Property and the benefits payable pursuant to an assignment of Life Insurance Policy.
Collateral shall mean the assets of the Borrower in which the Bank has been granted a first priority security interest. ELIGIBLE INVENTORY shall mean Inventory owned by the Borrower consisting of finished goods and raw materials but excluding work-in-process, stale goods, and dated finished goods, valued (net of reserves), at the lower of market value or the Borrower's cost, on a first-in, first-out basis which is: initially and at all times until sold, in first-class condition, merchantable and saleable through normal trade channels; at a location directly leased or owned by Borrower (and, if applicable, as to which Bank shall have received, if required in its reasonable discretion, a landlord's waiver in a form acceptable to the Bank); covered by insurance naming Bank as loss payee in accordance with the Security Agreement; subject to a perfected first-priority security interest in favor of Bank; owned by the Borrower free and clear of any lien except in favor of Bank or as permitted under this Agreement and not subject to any judgment, order or decree which restricts or prevents the Borrower from selling the same; and which has not been designated by Bank in its reasonable discretion as unacceptable for any reason; provided, further, that Inventory shall be excluded for purposes of determining the Borrowing Base if such items are located at a third party manufacturer or distributor and not in the immediate possession of the Borrower.
Collateral shall mean the Property which Borrower and any other Obligor has pledged, mortgaged, or granted Lender a security interest in, wherever located and whether now ended or hereafter acquired, together with all replacements, substitutions, proceeds and products thereof.
Collateral shall mean the "Collateral" as that term is defined in the Loan Agreement.
Collateral shall have the meaning specified in Section 2. ---------- Collateral Access Agreement shall mean any landlord waiver, mortgagee --------------------------- waiver, bailee letter, or similar acknowledgement of any warehouseman or processor in possession of any Collateral.