All Advances Sample Clauses

All Advances. As of the time of the making of each extension of credit (including the initial extension of credit) hereunder:
All Advances. The obligations of each Bank to make any Advance under this Loan Agreement (including the initial Advance) shall be subject to the following conditions precedent:
All Advances. As of the time of the making of each Loan (including the initial Loan) hereunder:
All Advances. The obligation of each Lender to make any Loan (including the initial Loans) and the obligation of the L/C Issuer to make any L/C Credit Extension (including the initial L/C Credit Extension) is subject to the following additional conditions precedent:
All Advances. The making of each Advance (including the initial Advance) is subject to the condition that the Effective Date shall have occurred and to the following further conditions precedent that:
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All Advances. All repayments of principal under this Section 2.03 shall be made together with interest accrued to the date of such repayment on the principal amount repaid.
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