Safety Concerns Sample Clauses

Safety Concerns. Recipient agrees that it will inform Vivli within twenty-four (24) hours of any new information that might influence theevaluation of therisks of the product to which a Data Setpertains (collectively “Safety Concerns”) to permit Vivli to inform the relevant Data Contributor(s) of Safety Con- cernsidentified as part of the Analysis. Recipient agreesthatthe Data Contributor(s) may takeaction regarding such Safety Concerns, including informing regulatory authorities or healthcare providers, or otherwisemakingthe Safety Concernspublic, including in advance of publication of the Analysis by Recipient.
Safety Concerns. The parents of elementary school students expressed serious concerns about allowing their children to participate in afterschool, evening, or weekend activities if they could not personally accompany them. While none of the schools are in the city’s most crime-ridden neighborhoods, the issues of safety from older children and gangs, traffic, and the police (particularly for the boys) were foremost in parents’ thinking. I don’t let my children out alone.There’s too much going on. I really feel bad because when I was growing up I was able to go out and play because there wasn’t going on in the neighborhood what’s going on now. It’s a bad neighborhood. You hear gunshots and you don’t know. I have a friend who lost all three of her sons who were killed on the streets. Parent of intermediate student Lack of affordable or appropriate instructional opportunities ArtsConnection works in schools that tend to be deficient in arts programs and are located in commu- nities that are underserved by cultural institutions. Even in neighborhoods where affordable and appro- priate opportunities do exist, limited financial resources or lack of awareness regarding such pro- grams often keep students from participating. In the East Harlem, South Bronx, and Brooklyn neighbor- hoods in which the Young Talent Program schools are located, many free or low-cost arts programs in churches, boys and girls clubs, YMCAs, and settlement houses have been cut back or reconfigured as social service programs in recent years. Without the ArtsConnection program Simone would not have developed any of these talents. All the children in the program were blessed that this program came along. I could never afford to give her this kind of lessons. Parent of adult dancer Peer resentment and social stigma Negative peer pressure and social stigma for high achieving students increased as the students pro- gressed, apparently reaching a peak in intermediate school. In elementary school, the selection process for the advanced group led to some jealousies among certain students who were not in the advanced group Overall, however, the Young Talent students felt supported by their elementary school friends, and their accomplishments were a source of pride for the schools. In intermediate school, many of the students felt that they had to hide their artistic interests to be accepted. By high school, those who had maintained their artistic interests felt more comfortable demon- strating their talents and pursu...
Safety Concerns a. Landlord makes no representations or guarantees to Resident(s) concerning the security of the Premises or the Apartment Community. Landlord is under no obligation to Resident(s) to provide any security measure or take any action not required by statute. The presence of courtesy patrols, patrol cars, access gates, surveillance cameras or other deterrents do not guarantee that crime can or will be prevented. All such systems are subject to personnel absenteeism, human error, mechanical malfunctions and tampering. Resident(s) is responsible for planning and taking action with respect to the safety of Resident(s) and their property as if such systems and deterrents did not exist.
Safety Concerns. The Contractor must provide immediate notification to DCYF when they become aware of:
Safety Concerns. Where an unsafe condition is alleged to exist, the affected employee shall first notify his/her immediate supervisor who shall take whatever necessary corrective action the supervisor deems appropriate. Employees are encouraged to bring forth their safety concerns and are not subject to adverse actions for doing so. Where the matter is not resolved to the satisfaction of the employee, the matter will be submitted to the University’s Safety Officer for review. The Safety Officer will advise the employee of the results of his investigation and any corrective action taken or proposed to be taken within thirty (30) days of receiving notice of the employee’s concern or explain why additional time is needed. Nothing in this Article requires the Employer to take any specific corrective actions proposed by an employee. However, corrective actions shall be implemented in accordance with the judgment of the University.
Safety Concerns. Are there safety concerns that may require Emergency Removal of or Administrative Leave for a respondent? (This requires an individualized safety and risk analysis as to whether there is an immediate threat to the physical health or safety of a student or other individual.) □ No. □ Yes, please describe:
Safety Concerns. The Family Resource Center of Southwest Florida does not guarantee safety. However, every reasonable effort will be made to maintain a safe, child-friendly environment. The Family Resource Center of Southwest Florida Supervised Visitation Program reserves the right to decline or to accept any cases where the Family Resource Center of Southwest Florida cannot reasonably ensure the safety of the clients and staff. The Family Resource Center of Southwest Florida has the right, as a condition of furnishing services to request security services to:
Safety Concerns. We do not have concerns about the safety of the child(ren) with either parent. We agree to the following to keep our child(ren) safe: