Security Measure definition

Security Measure means a generic, implementation-independent form of security control that dictates what the solution should do to provide a secure environment. It describes security in a behavioral sense, not as a design decision.
Security Measure. , in relation to an aerodrome, means any measure taken for a purpose to which Part 2 applies (protection of aerodromes etc. against acts of violence) or otherwise for the purpose of preventing crime or preserving the peace at the aerodrome, but it does not include—
Security Measure means any measure taken in accordance with this Decision for purposes of controlling risks to security;

Examples of Security Measure in a sentence

  • The Insured preserved a contemporaneous record of the Verified Instruction and any Security Measure and furnishes both to the Insurer, along with a copy of the Insured’s written agreement with the Customer, in the Proof of Loss.

  • Security Measure 2 The vehicle must be housed in a locked building or in an open vehicle enclosure which is securely locked and/or guarded under constant surveillance.

  • Operation Environment Security Measure Policies Physical Protection [OE.PHYSICAL_PROTECTION] In accordance with the prerequisites, provide an operation environment with physical protection suitable for the value of the machine and its data.

  • The purposes for which lands are being used commonly have associated types of cover, whether they are forest, agricultural, residential, or industrial.Remote sensing image-forming devices do not record activity directly.

  • Fur­ thermore, the National Police Agency released the “Urgent Security Measure Program” and em­ phasized “Crimes Committed by Foreigners in Japan” as “a factor for the deterioration of crime situation” in 2003 (MPD website).In response to that government policy, not only did the immigration examination become more ruthless, but illegal overstay workers, who were actually overlooked until then, came to be exposed frequently.

More Definitions of Security Measure

Security Measure means a method of:
Security Measure means password, access code, encryption code or biometric information in the form of computer data and includes any means of limiting access to authorised persons or to secure recognition prior to granting access to communication data, a communication network, a computer system or computer data;
Security Measure means the evaluation, planning, design, purchase and installation of equipment and facilities intended to prevent unauthorized physical and electronic intrusion into, or willful damage of, sewage facilities, nonpoint source control or estuary management projects.
Security Measure. ’ means an action to increase the security of a chemical source, including employee training and background checks, perimeter and access controls, and cybersecurity.
Security Measure means the level of customer satisfaction with personal safety at stations at which the Passenger Services call and on trains providing the Passenger Services, as measured during the carrying out of any Customer Satisfaction Survey; CSS Threshold means, in relation to any CSS Measure and Survey Period, the lowest percentage specified in the Middle CSS Band that relates to that CSS Measure and Survey Period;
Security Measure means a measure made under subsection 4.72(1) or 4.73(1);
Security Measure means a way to manage a security risk, protect the Informational Resources and/or prevent any Security Event, whether such method is technological, physical, administrative, technical, procedural, legal or any other mean. A Security Measure can include, without limitation, a policy, procedure, standard, controls, hardware, software, firmware, organizational structure or any technological or physical tool.