Field Operations Sample Clauses

Field Operations. Parties should create a separate document providing for field operation protocols. It may also include operational considerations such as protocols regarding 911 and fire operations.
Field Operations. Seller shall, within sixty (60) days from the Effective Date (but subject always to Article 8), cause to be conducted by or under the supervision of Seller (or its agents, employees or contractors) in accordance with and if required pursuant to generally accepted industry practices, operations and purchases of equipment necessary to install a submersible pump, cable and if needed a motor in Well 9 and, shall within thirty (30) days from the Effective Date (but subject always to Article 8), complete any tubing repairs that may be necessary in respect of Well 9-17. Buyer shall be solely responsible for all costs and expenses relating to such operations, provided that if the costs and expenses respecting Well 9 or Well 9-17 exceed $50,000, then Seller shall be solely responsible for all costs and expenses exceeding $50,000, provided further however, that if, due to wellbore integrity problems, equipment failures or sticking of equipment or tools in the wellbore or other problems beyond the anticipation or control of the Parties, the costs of operations respecting either or both Well 9 and Well 9-17 are anticipated to exceed $75,000 in the aggregate, then the Parties shall determine whether they wish to proceed and if so they shall jointly (each as to a 50% share) pay for any costs in excess of $75,000. If a party determines not to conduct the operations yielding such costs in excess of $75,000, then the other party shall be entitled to conduct the operations by itself in accordance with the Operating Procedure. Seller shall provide Buyer with information on a daily basis in respect of the foregoing operations and the status thereof, and shall provide evidence to Buyer of its timely compliance with the obligations set forth in this Section 4.3 by providing Buyer with invoices from any Third Party performing such work and/or providing equipment and materials evidencing the time and dates of the provision of such services and materials/equipment. Subject to the foregoing, Buyer shall pay any and all such invoices within 30 days of receipt of them, and upon such payment shall be deemed to have satisfied all of its obligations in this Section 4.3. Buyer shall deliver to Seller signed acknowledgments by all such Third Parties or other evidence that such invoices have been paid by Buyer. If Seller fails to complete the operations provided for in this Section 4.3 within 1 year of the Effective Date, Buyer shall be deemed to have no further obligations under this Sect...
Field Operations. The McKesson Customer Care Service Center shall provide Rite Aid support for day to day service requirements of individual stores, including without limitation, product information, process return and credit requests and delivery issues. McKesson shall provide dedicated Rite Aid Customer Service Representatives to insure consistent knowledge and understanding of their service needs and a dedicated national toll free telephone line for use only by Rite Aid stores for all hours that the McKesson Customer Care Service Center is open, but not less than 8:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., eastern time, Monday through Friday; McKesson will provide service for emergency orders from 8:00 p.m. through 11:59 p.m., pacific time.
Field Operations. The Borrower undertakes that it will:
Field Operations. At Closing, Buyer shall take over supervision of the field operations for the Ownership Interests. If Buyer is unable to take over such supervision, Buyer may request that Seller continue to supervise such activities. (h)
Field Operations. EXHIBIT A Selected PSC Products: Current and subsequent versions of the following: Versions 8 and 9 of 4GL and Progress data base Release 10 of OpenEdge DB Version 7 of PeerDirect** ** If chosen for the IMS (Identity Management Systems) project, PSC will provide support for Version 7 of PeerDirect only when combined with Release 10 of OpenEdge DB. PSC will not provide support for Version 7 of PeerDirect if combined with earlier releases of OpenEdge DB.
Field Operations. Subject to E-1 the Parties agree that Development Resources shall be the controlling operator for all exploration work to be contracted for on the Property at all times. Development Resources will submit to Nevada Gold all data for such exploration programs and costs on a reasonable timetable for such reports. All samples collected in the Phase One Exploration Program and Phase One Drill Program will be submitted to the ALS/Chemex Labs in Elko Nevada for qualified tests.
Field Operations. Our company has an obligation to conduct our field operations in a similar manner as our yard operations. The General Construction and Maintenance SOP is written to for adequate control and containment of both our field and our yard operations. As applicable also apply our other SOPs to our field operations SECTION 2: TRAINING Ensure that all employees and maintenance contractors know and understand the SOPs specifically written to manage the property. Maintenance contractors must use the stronger of their Company and LTSWMP SOPs. File all training records in Appendix C. SECTION 3: RECORDKEEPING Maintain records of operation activities in accordance with SOPs and forms in Appendix C. Mail a copy of the record to Riverton City Stormwater Division annually.