Rosters Sample Clauses

Rosters. (1) A roster of the working hours shall be exhibited in the office of each school/college and in such other place as it may be conveniently and readily seen by each employee concerned.
Rosters. On a monthly basis the Employer shall provide to the Union an electronic list of new employees, terminated employees, and employees moving into the bargaining units. The list will include the employee's name, appointing department, home department, job class, FTE status, employment date, mailstop and employee identification number. On a quarterly basis the Union will be provided with an electronic list of all bargaining unit employees. The list shall include the employee's name, employee identification number, appointing department, home department (unit or base), job class, FTE status, employment date and mail stop. On a quarterly basis, the Union will be provided a list of the home addresses of bargaining unit employees.
Rosters. Upon the signing of this Agreement, the Employer shall supply to the Union an alphabetical list of all employees covered by this Agreement. The list shall include the name, address, employee identification number, date of hire, rehire date (if applicable), shift, FTE, job classification, division cost center, unit, hourly rate of pay and monthly gross earnings. Each month, the Employer will provide a list of new hires and addresses, a list of employees who have transferred into or out of the bargaining unit and a list of all employees who have terminated during the month in Excel format. The new hire, transfer and termination lists shall include the same data as the monthly employee roster.
Rosters. The Employer shall provide the information contained in Appendix V entitled “Union Roster Reports Post Workday Implementation” in the manner specified in the Appendix.
Rosters. (a) The Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 section 6 (d) requires the employer to take all practical steps to prevent harm occurring to employees from the way work is organised.
Rosters. The Employer will provide copies of rosters to the Union by class and lesser units, if any, showing each employee's seniority and relative position on such rosters when these are prepared for use of and distribution to its employing departments.
Rosters. (i) The ordinary hours of work for each employee, other than the Director of Nursing and casual employees, shall be displayed on a roster in a place conveniently accessible to employees.
Rosters. Once per month, between the twentieth (20th) of the month and the end of the month, by an Excel spreadsheet attachment to an email, the Employer shall provide the Association with a list of those nurses covered by this Agreement. This list will contain each employee’s name, home address, employee identification number, home department, FTE, monthly rate of pay, adjusted hire date, job code, job classification and campus mailbox number. On January 1, 2018 or six (6) months after the “go-live” date for Workday, whichever is later, the parties agree that the current Article 5.4 “Rosters” will be amended in accordance with Appendix V.
Rosters. Shift rosters shall specify the commencing and finishing times of ordinary working hours of the respective shifts.