Annual Leave Loading Sample Clauses

Annual Leave Loading. Annual Leave Loading on the appropriate rate of pay will be paid on all accrued and pro-rata Annual Leave where applicable.
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Annual Leave Loading. 35.1An annual leave loading of 17.5% of 4 weeks ordinary time earnings will be paid to full-time Employees. 35.2Employees who are employed on a part-time basis and/or for less than a full calendar year are entitled topro-rata application of this clause.35.3The loading shall be paid in the first pay in December of each year, or such other date as may be determined by the Employer, in respect of the calendar year 1 December to 30 November.35.4Upon termination of employment with the Employer an Employee will be paid the annual leave loading on a pro rata basis.
Annual Leave Loading. Annual leave loading will be paid on all accrued and pro-rata leave entitlement up to the time of leaving the Employer’s service.
Annual Leave Loading. For the purposes of this clause:
Annual Leave Loading. Subject to the provisions of Clause 12, Seven Day Shift Roster - 12 Hour Shifts and Clause 13, Five Day Shifts and Rostered Callouts by Electrical Employees, during a period of annual leave an employee shall receive a 17.5% Annual Leave Loading calculated on the Weekly Base Rate.
Annual Leave Loading. Leave loading shall not apply but a sum equal to 1.3% of base annual salary shall be paid in the pre- Christmas pay period each year. For employees not working the entire season the payment will be pro rata for the number of days worked.
Annual Leave Loading. 17.5% annual leave loading shall be paid in respect to each period of approved annual leave taken by an employee.
Annual Leave Loading. 2.1 All Trades and Services Staff members shall be entitled to 17.5 per cent of the Trades and Services Staff member’s ordinary time earnings for the period of leave accrued, payable in the pay period in which 15 December occurs, with a maximum payment equal to the Australian Statistician's average weekly total earnings of all males (Australia) for the September quarter preceding the date of accrual. 2.2 Staff members may volunteer, in January each year, to receive three and one-half (3.5) days' leave in addition to annual leave. In return they will forfeit their entitlement to payment of annual leave loading in the year in which the leave is taken. These three and a half extra days’ leave will be taken in accordance with normal University leave processes, but are non-cumulative and must be taken prior to 31 December in any given year. Exit from the scheme is open only in January each year. The additional three and one-half (3.5) days’ leave granted will not attract penalty rates if staff work on any one of these days.
Annual Leave Loading. 24.0 This section applies only in relation to annual holidays to which employees become or have become entitled.
Annual Leave Loading. 8.1. This clause is to be read in conjunction with of Part A, clause 16.2. 8.2. The loading will normally be paid on the last pay day prior to the end of Term 4 or on the termination of employment by either party. 8.3. Leave loading will apply only to the leave described in 6.1 and is to be calculated using the following formula: 8.4. [Weekly salary x 4 x 17.5%] x term weeks worked by the employee in that preschool Year I Total term weeks in that preschool year.