Annual Leave Loading Sample Clauses

Annual Leave Loading. (a) In addition to their ordinary pay, an employee, other than a shiftworker, will be paid an annual leave loading of 17.5% of their ordinary pay on a maximum of 152 hours/four weeks annual leave per annum.
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Annual Leave Loading. During a period of annual leave an employee will receive a loading of 17.5 per cent calculated on the employee’s normal hourly rate of pay and the daily fares allowance if applicable. The loading will also apply to proportionate leave on lawful termination.
Annual Leave Loading. (a) Employees shall be entitled to annual leave loading of 17.5% on four weeks of the appropriate weekly rate of pay, or shift allowances and weekend penalties as set out in sub-clause (b) of this clause, whichever is the greater.
Annual Leave Loading. (a) In addition to their Annual Leave payment, an employee will be paid the higher of:
Annual Leave Loading. (1) An annual leave loading shall be included in the final payment of ordinary wages made in December of each year to employees who have become entitled to annual leave in accordance with this Agreement.
Annual Leave Loading. In addition to the payment prescribed in clause 7.1 hereof an eligible full time of part time employee shall receive during a period of annual leave a loading of 17.5% calculated on the employee’s rate of pay and the fare allowance prescribed in clause 14 of this agreement. The loading prescribed above shall not apply to proportionate leave on termination.
Annual Leave Loading. (i) Before an employee is given and takes an annual holiday, or where by agreement between the employer and the employee the annual holiday is given and taken in more than one separate period, then before each of such separate periods the employer shall pay the employee a loading determined in accordance with this clause.
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Annual Leave Loading. (a) An employee will be granted an annual leave loading equivalent to 17½% of four (4) weeks at the employee’s base rate of pay. The loading payable will not in any case exceed the loading on the maximum salary equivalent to that applicable to an employee working 35 hours per week whose position is classified at Level 9.
Annual Leave Loading. An employee other than a casual shall receive 17.5% annual leave loading paid on the all purpose rate on a pro-rata basis to employees who are retrenched, or who voluntarily terminate.
Annual Leave Loading. (a) In this clause the Annual Xxxxxxxx Xxx 0000 is referred to as "the Act".
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