Credentialing Sample Clauses

Credentialing. The Provider will maintain written documentation confirming that each individual providing services under this agreement has and maintains the requisite credentials. Any change in status regarding any credentialing requirements must be reported in writing, by the Provider to the Department's Credentialing Contracted Agent, within thirty days.
Credentialing. Firm shall be required to access Citizens’ online vendor credentialing system (“CAIS”) to input, update and maintain certain information about Firm and the persons who will perform work related to this Agreement (“Staff”), as provided below and in Exhibit B attached hereto.
Credentialing. The Company supports continuing professional education. If you hold a professional license or certification, you acknowledge that you understand the obligations and the specific code of professional ethics associated with this license or certificate and agree to perform your duties in accordance with these standards. In addition, you acknowledge your responsibility to maintain any job-related licenses or certificates in accordance with the requirements issued by the applicable regulatory body or bodies. The Company agrees to reimburse you for the fees you incur during your employment with the Company in maintaining such licenses or certificates applicable to your position. You must submit your fees within 60 days after the date they are incurred. The Company will generally reimburse such fees within 60 days of the date they are submitted, but in no event will they be reimbursed later than December 31st of the year following the year in which the fee was incurred.
Credentialing. If CONTRACTOR is performing Medi-Cal billable services under this Agreement, CONTRACTOR may be subject to the COUNTY’s credentialing process which includes, but is not limited to:  Curriculum vitae  Malpractice Insurance Certificate  Copy of Current licensure This process is required to be completed prior to reimbursement for Medi-Cal eligible services. The CONTRACTOR is responsible to notify the COUNTY of all treating providers and subcontracted providers performing under this Agreement and assisting in the credentialing process as needed. Once initial credentialing is completed, a re-credentialing process will occur no less than every three (3) years.
Credentialing. The Contractor shall maintain written policies and procedures for the Credentialing and Re-Credentialing of network Providers, using standards established by National Committee Quality Assurance (NCQA), Joint Commission on Accreditation Healthcare Organization (JCAHO), or American Accreditation Healthcare Commission/URAC. At a minimum, the Contractor shall require that each Provider be credentialed in accordance with State law. The Contractor may impose more stringent Credentialing criteria than the State requires. The Contractor shall Credential all completed applications packets within 120 calendar days of receipt.
Credentialing. The Contractor’s determination as to the qualifications and ascribed privileges of a specific Provider to render specific Health Care services. Critical Access Hospital (CAH): Critical access hospital means a hospital that meets the requirements of the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to be designated as a critical access hospital and that is recognized by the Department of Community Health as a critical access hospital for purposes of Medicaid.
Credentialing. Credentialing is the process for verifying that entities are legitimate and their purpose for the use of the Personal Information is authorized.
Credentialing. Practice shall cooperate, and shall ensure that Participating Physicians cooperate, with the credentialing process implemented by HMHP or any Payor with which HMHP contracts (“Credentialing”). Practice and each Participating Physician understands that HMHP and Payors will rely on the Credentialing forms Practice completes, including but not limited to the location where Covered Services may be offered, and Practice agrees to notify HMHP or the Payor immediately of any material change in any information provided in a Credentialing form. Practice acknowledges that any material misstatement or omission on the Credentialing forms may constitute cause for a Participating Physician’s termination from participation under this Agreement by HMHP.
Credentialing a) Licensure The Contractor shall ensure, in accordance with Article 44 of the Public Health Law, that persons and entities providing care and services for the Contractor in the capacity of physician, dentist, physician's assistant, registered nurse, other medical professional or paraprofessional, or other such person or entity satisfy all applicable licensing, certification, or qualification requirements under New York law and that the functions and responsibilities of such persons and entities in providing Benefit Package services under this Agreement do not exceed those permissible under New York law.
Credentialing. All Providers must meet the Credentialing Criteria. Subject to Laws and Program Requirements, (a) Health Plan conducts credentialing of providers before they begin providing Covered Services and re-credentialing from time to time thereafter as required for Health Plan’s compliance with Laws, Program Requirements and accreditation standards, and Providers shall consent to and cooperate with such credentialing/re-credentialing, which may include site reviews, and (b) until successful completion of credentialing of a provider by Health Plan, (i) the provider shall not be added as a Participating Provider under this Agreement, and (ii) the provision of, and payment for, Health Plan authorized Covered Services to Members by the provider shall be subject to Health Plan’s policies and procedures for non-participating providers.