Advertising and Promotional Materials Sample Clauses

Advertising and Promotional Materials. The Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that the Vendor shall have the right to use drawings, photographs, videos or other depictions of the interior and/or exterior of the Dwelling and/or the Subdivision or any components or features thereof in any promotional or advertising materials without notice to or consent from the Purchaser being required in any manner whatsoever.
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Advertising and Promotional Materials a. Licensee will not use the Licensed Marks or any reproduction of them, including without limitation, Photographs or Computer Art, as defined in Paragraph 10a, in any advertising, promotion, publicity or display materials (collectively "Promotional Materials") without receiving NFLP's prior written approval executed on a Promotional Approval Form supplied to Licensee by NFLP. Licensee may use such approved Promotional Materials only in conjunction with the Styles of Licensed Products that NFLP has approved. Licensee shall submit to NFLP all Promotional Materials at the following applicable stages appropriate to the medium used: (i) conceptual stage, pre-production art or rough cuts; (ii) layout, storyboard and script; (iii) finished materials; and (iv) at any other time as reasonably requested by NFLP. Licensee shall ensure that it submits all proposed Promotional Materials and any modifications to previously approved Promotional Materials to NFLP in a timely fashion that will ensure NFLP has adequate time to review such materials prior to the date of their proposed use by Licensee. NFLP shall use best efforts to evaluate all such Promotional Materials' submissions within ten (10) business days of their receipt by NFLP. NFLP shall execute a Promotional Approval Form for all Promotional Materials that it approves. Licensee shall notify its retailers and/or Third Party Distributors that NFLP must approve all Promotional Materials involving or using in any form or manner the Licensed Marks. Licensee shall use best efforts to ensure that its retailers and/or Third Party Distributors do not publish, display or otherwise distribute such Promotional Materials without NFLP's prior written approval.
Advertising and Promotional Materials. A. You may not advertise any Magneceutical Health products or services at a price LESS than the highest company published, established retail price plus shipping, handling and applicable taxes. No special enticement advertising is allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, offers of free Magneceutical Health businesses, free shipping, or other such offers that grant advantages beyond those available through the Company.
Advertising and Promotional Materials. A. Exhibitor grants to XXXX a fully paid perpetual merchandising license to use, display and reproduce Exhibitor's name, trade name, or product name in every advertising medium utilized for the Event.
Advertising and Promotional Materials. 6.1 Affiliate shall use its reasonable best efforts to promote the C-3D Service to the Subscribers of each System, with the aim of maximizing the number of Subscribers to the C-3D Service, and the total revenue from the C-3D Service.
Advertising and Promotional Materials. As between the Parties, Cubist will be responsible for the creation, preparation, production, reproduction and filing with the applicable Regulatory Authorities, of relevant written sales, promotion and advertising materials relating to Licensed Product (“Promotional Materials”) for use in the Territory. All such Promotional Materials will be compliant with all applicable Laws, and in the Profit Share Territory shall be consistent with the Commercialization Plan. Subject to any limitations imposed by applicable Law, all such Promotional Materials and all documentary information and oral presentations (where practicable) regarding the marketing and promotion of Licensed Product in the Field in the Territory shall (a) acknowledge the Parties’ license arrangement and collaboration on Licensed Product, and (b) in the Profit-Share Territory, shall display the Cubist and Alnylam names and logos with equal prominence. Copies of all Promotional Materials used in the Territory will be archived by Cubist in accordance with applicable Law. Upon Alnylam’s reasonable request, copies of the core Promotional Materials used by Cubist in the Profit-Share Territory shall be translated into English (where applicable) and provided to Alnylam, and the costs of such translations shall be Commercialization Costs. Upon Alnylam’s reasonable request and cost, copies of the core Promotional Materials used by Cubist in the Royalty Territory shall be translated into English (where applicable) and provided to Alnylam. Upon Cubist’s reasonable request and cost, copies of the core Promotional Materials for Licensed Product used by Alnylam or any of its Related Parties in the Field for Asia shall be translated into English (where applicable) and provided to Cubist.
Advertising and Promotional Materials. Company shall submit all sales, promotional and advertising materials to be used by Company in connection with products or services bearing Licensed Trademarks, including, but not limited to, web site content (including web site advertising), newspaper, and radio and television advertising, to Licensor for prior approval thereof, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. In the event Licensor's approval or rejection of such sales, promotional, or advertising materials is not received by Company within fifteen (15) days of submission of such materials to Licensor for approval, such materials shall be deemed approved by Licensor; provided, however, that Licensor may, at its discretion and upon written notice to Company, terminate this provision pursuant to which such materials are deemed approved if approval or rejection is not received by Company within fifteen (15) days of submission.
Advertising and Promotional Materials. Any and all descriptions of the Product or Enhanced Product to be used in Buyer’s marketing and promotional literature, or in the marketing and promotional literature used by Buyer’s distributors and authorized resellers of the Product or Enhanced Product, shall be subject to the prior written approval of Supplier and Distributor.
Advertising and Promotional Materials. Otsuka shall prepare and select all advertising and promotional materials used for the sales and marketing of Collaboration Product in each country in the Shared Territory, provided that there will be a single set of advertising and promotional materials used by the Otsuka sales force and, if approved by Acucela, the Acucela sales forces. All advertising and promotional materials shall be in full compliance with all applicable Laws. All such materials shall be subject to review and approval by Acucela for use by its sales force as will be more specifically set forth in the Co-Promotion Agreement. Otsuka shall own all right, title and interest in all such materials.
Advertising and Promotional Materials. (a) The Responsible Commercialization Party shall be responsible for designing and supplying all advertising and promotional materials for each Co-Promote Product. The Responsible Commercialization Party shall provide samples of such advertising and promotional materials to the JCC for its information.